Splinter Cell Movie Is Happening, Tom Hardy Starring As Sam Fisher

Assassin's Creed isn't the only movie that Ubisoft wants to get to the silver screen as soon as possible.

Rumors from earlier this year that Ubisoft was looking at making a Splinter Cell movie appear to have been well-founded, according to Variety. And what's more, the movie's got a star.

British actor Tom Hardy is reportedly on board to star as Sam Fisher, operative extraordinaire. Hardy most recently took to the silver screen as masked villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises earlier this year. He also featured in Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and the sadly disappointing Star Trek: Nemesis.

The Splinter Cell game franchise dates back to 2002. The last was 2010's Conviction; the next is 2013's Blacklist.

Tom Hardy game for 'Splinter Cell' movie [Variety]


    Joke - Bane born in dark Sam Fischer just adopted the dark.

    *puts on Southern Moonshiner voice* alright then... *wipes blood from knuckle dusters*

    (Seriously people, go watch Lawless).

      Also Bronson. And his work in The Warrior was good too!

      Last edited 15/11/12 10:12 am

        The Warrior was indeed a good watch

          Isn't that "Warriors"? Or is it another movie? Because Warriors was ficken' awesome!!

            Different movie. The Warrior is about MMA fighting and features Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (Nolte's acting in this movie is absolutely amazing, assuming a large portion of it comes from his personal life experiences dealing with alcohol and so on).

            Last edited 15/11/12 3:44 pm

    This is bloody good casting. Hardy has proven he's very versatile, he was fantastic as Bane, even in that romcom with Chris Pine he was the highlight of that movie (tho the movie was a turd), 'This is war' I think it was called? It had a great paintball scene where he *destroyed* a group of kids with a paintball gun lol. Warrior he was fantastic in and Bronson he was stunning. Two great actors cast in two potentially good roles in the last week. Hardy and Fassbender. Lets hope this is the start of a good series of videogame movies.

    Next up? James Gandolfini cast as mario! ;) lol

      What was Fassbender cast in?

        Assassins Creed

          Wow! I can totally see how that fits!...

        He's also set to lead in Flashman. You kids don't know who Flashman is but if it's made right you'll love it.

    Good choice. The guy is badass and can act. So glad they didn't go the pretty boy route and get someone like Hemsworth.

    Bah. Nothing against Tom Hardy, but the key interesting thing about Sam Fischer as a protagonist was that he was a seasoned old veteran.

    It's a very interesting part of his character that they seem to erode game after game, seemingly making him younger, and younger as the series progresses. I was hoping a movie would follow in the same footsteps.

    Why the hell not use Michael Ironside - the original voice of Sam Fisher, who was already an accomplished actor? Tom Hardy lol please.

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