Stevie Wonder's 'Skeletons' Is A Perfect Song For Grand Theft Auto V

The tune you hear not one of those Stevie Wonder songs that everyone knows like "My Cherie Amour." It's not a song-of-its-moment like "Jungle Fever" either. But "Skeletons" is an ideal match for the newest glimpse of Rockstar's next big game.

Just glance at the lyrics:

Skeletons in your closet

Itchin' to come outside

Messin' with your conscience

In a way your face can't hide

So, it's gettin' ready to blow

It's gettin' ready to show

Somebody shot off at the mouth and

We're gettin' ready to know

Crevices in your pantry

Now what do we have in here

Havin' a daytime nightmare

Has always been your biggest fear

From what we can see in the trailer, the game's characters all have a public face they want people to take as their true nature. But the arguments, drama and violence in other parts of the clip show another side of their lives. This jibes thematically with the first GTA V trailer where Michael talks about leaving his past life but still feeling the pull of what he's left behind.

I love Stevie Wonder — to almost a religious degree, people — so it's great to have his music get some exposure like this. But, more than that, it's another example of Rockstar pairing music to the themes and worldbuilding in their games. Now, please do something with MF Doom, okay?


    I loved this song growing up, my parents had the album on cassette and I istened to it almost non-stop. The same album had a duet with Michael Jackson on it.
    Of course this comment has nothing to do with games, other than the fact it's always cool when you're playing a game with music on in the background and you suddenly realise the lyrics suit the game perfectly.

    Last edited 15/11/12 4:38 pm

      Yeah I remember this song from the 80s cuz it came out in 87 which was the same year I got really interested in music (I was 10 at the time)

      That MJ duet is "Get It" which IMO isn't as good as the Stevie Wonder duet that appears on Michael Jackson's album "Just Good Friends"

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