This Is What The Wii U's Online Store Looks Like

Here's your first look at Nintendo's eShop. Or at least, the Japanese version. You might think it looks a little bulky, but remember, this console has a touch-screen controller, meaning the whole thing is going to be about a million times faster to get around than Microsoft or Sony's offerings.

eShop [Nintendo]


    Australian version: Exactly the same as the US store, but there's only half as many games and they cost 50% more than the US offerrings!

    And if the 3DS online store is anything to go by, this will be a slow and cumbersome system that works significantly slower than PSN or XBLA. Wii was terrible, 3DS was terrible, why will this be any different?

    If it doesn't need to wait 3 minutes to load after click each link like 3ds then yes it will be good. Nice looking UI sleek and simple

    Wait a minute... PS Vita has touch screen online store too!

      Ermagawd, so does iOS and Android! I'm so blown away right now I need to sit down. /s

    Lukes 'articles' are always 90% opinion so yeah, cant wait untill I can actually read some NEWS about the online service o.O

    I get the feeling there's a bunch of info in that link that needs to be translated.

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