What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend for me was a complete gaming wasteland, hopefully the next two days will be a little better, I'm really keen to knock off Halo 4's single player, maybe play some multiplayer and polish off the last level of Dishonored. What are you playing this weekend?

There's also the matter of Hitman: Absolution, which I'm keen to at least give some attention to. I sort of want to get some stuff off my plate so I can get ready for the Wii U onslaught next week — not to mention Far Cry 3, which I'm really excited about.

This Christmas period has become way more stacked than I anticipated actually...


    I *might* play a little bit of Hitman.. taking it slowly with that game. I'm still hoping that Timber and Stone developer will release the beta in the next day or two.. and still having a ball playing Towns.. so might keep things simple and stick to the indie games this weekend (Towns, FTL, Don't Starve, 3079 etc)..

    I'm most likely gonna be plastered to the guild 2 rennaisance. I'm just a sucker for that kind of game

    It's Dragon Dogma for me! Maybe some COD: MW 3 Online as well. Yes, I play COD, sue me.

    GW2 and iRL. Getting some much needed cookies pack on Sunday so hopefully the buff last all week. In a bit of a grind atm. Looking forward to holiday events.

    Assassin's Creed 3 for me. And I've got about twenty more hours to resist the Walking Dead deal, so we'll see if that makes it onto the list :|

      WHY RESIST? It's $12.50 and one of the best games of the year!

        I want the disc edition, because reasons.

        Reasons: my laptop isn't up to the challenge. And I don't have a steam account. And I like console gaming, prefer to keep my laptop for work. And ... embarrassingly... achievements.

          I would have liked to have this on the Xbox but when that wasn't going to happen because it wasn't released locally (and I don't want to wait for a disc version that I can import), I bit the bullet and jumped in.

          I'm frankly amazed that anyone would wait this long.

          It has achievements on steam!!!! It's 12.50 on steam atm and making an account is free!!!! Its low low low requirement and you can use an xbox controller with it too! SILLY RABBIT! You're gonna miss out!

    L.A. Noire - gota get that 100%! Also probably Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio. And have slowly been making my way though Anna - until "that's not gonna work" & "what are you thinking" drills my brain...

      I loved LA Noire. The interviewing didn't work that great but the period ambience and crime theme really carried it for me. Damn I wish it had been more successful for a more likely sequel....

        Fairly certain rockstar (or taketwo?) owns the rights to the series now. They said they were also interested in doing a sequel in the future so no doubt they will put in the usual polish to make it reach the full potential (I too was let down by the interviewing but decent otherwise).

    I bought The Witcher and Dead Island in the steam sale so far, and I think it unlikely I'll buy anything else (unless The Witcher 2 has a second price drop). Those should keep me occupied for awhile. I know Witcher has it's flaws and most people thought Dead Island was shit, but I've wanted to check out Witcher for awhile and my wife wanted to check out Dead Island, so I guess we're even.

    I might play some Halo 4 this weekend, but I'm really not that fussed about gonig back to it.

    There is that Borderlands 2 DLC but I'm really disappointed they made another arena battle thing, which just feels like a massive step backwards.

    May as well get it though, we already bought the season pass. :/

      I enjoyed Dead Island quite a bit and I know others who did too. I think saying "most people" is maybe a little harsh....

        I've probably been given the opinions of around 30 people I know who've played it (not counting people who reviewed it as part of their job), from folks here in Australia to friends I know online. I know it's not the biggest sample group, but out of this 30 people: 15 people regretted their decision and if the option was available, returned it. Another 5 said it was bad/uninteresting but didn't feel strongly about it. Another 5 kind of liked it as a fun thing to do with friends. The last 5, which now includes you, said "I enjoyed it quite a bit". No one has given it a glowing endorsement of "this is really good" to offset the lukewarm or negative endorsements, and I feel fully justified in my conclusion that "most people" thought it was shit. Playable shit is still shit. The best review I had was from a guy I know in Texas who told his friends "you should get this when it's on sale so we can play it together". When his friends did finally buy it, he had already traded in his copy towards something else, because it failed to hold his attention.

        To the surprise of no-one, his friends hated it.

        Last edited 23/11/12 12:38 pm

          Your answer isn't justifiable. 'Most people thought it was shit' implies most people out there. Wrong. Most people you asked is more accurate. Most people *I* know, which is around the same number? We love the hell out of it and played it to death multiplayer. A few disliked it and some returned it but the clear majority of us would gather online regularly to play it. So no, sorry, 'most people thought it was shit' is definitely not justifiable as a comment.

            This is like saying that the outcome of a criminal trial isn't justifiable because "only 12 people" returned a verdict compared to a population of 7 billion on the planet.

            The majority of a largely random sample of the population was observed by me to return a negative review of the game. Congratulations, you increased the ratio of good reviews to bad reviews, so I can now observe that it's now closer to 37% positive reviews instead of 33%.

            Since I can only comment on my own observations, what other conclusion would you like me to draw? Or do I need to spell out every little thing?

              What conclusion should you draw? "Most people I know didn't like it."

              Talk about ignorance.

                So... I need to spell out every little thing. Got it.

              You should be clearer. You made a blanket statement. Be specific.

                It's my statement. I don't see what that has to do with anyone else.

                  *rolls eyes* Dude, now you're just being flat out childish.

      Having played both witcher games, the first is so much more horrible than the second.

      The brewing of potions is overly complicated, too many numbers that have little significance are all over the place.

      The way sword fights proceed is also subpar compared to the second, as its basically just continual clicking at an enemy.

      However, it does help establish the plot of the second; I started playing the second one first, and soon realised I had no context to understand the state of the world and situation. Helps you better understand the Squirells, key characters, relationship between humans and non-humans; kind of similar to dragon age, but more dark.

        See, yeah, I'm really only interested in Witcher 2, but for $2.50 I figure I might as well understand the setting and characters a bit better. Even if the game is kind bad, I'll still give Witcher 2 a go in the next sale, unless the entire premise just bores the hell out of me.

      Witcher 2 is worth the price even on the first,
      Really it is the best mature game this gen. I still look back and wish I was experiencing my first play through.

    Giving AC: Revelations a rest as I'm a bit burnt out by the series so will pick it up again later. Going to try and finish Spec Ops: The Line this weekend and I bought both KOTOR games for $5 in the Steam sales so might give the first one a go and see what it's like.

    I'll be playing Assassin's Creed Revelations to catch up before playing Liberation over the holidays. Checking out the PS+ freebies Chronovolt and Mutant Blobs Attack on my Vita :-)

    Try to knock off a little more of NFS: Most Wanted before I trade it towards Far Cry 3 next week. Been very disappointed by Most Wanted after absolutely loving Hot Pursuit. It's not a bad game, but just nowhere near a great one, and I expect greatness from Criterion.

    Other than that, the usual suspects... a bit of Battlefield 3, a bit of PES 2013, a bit of XCOM.

    Going to finish off The Walking Dead (2 more episodes to go) and finish off Halo 4 on Legendary difficultly. I actually near the end now and I looking forward to seeing the secret ending (without being tempted on youtube)

    Also so more Borderlands 2 since the new DLC is out.

    Finishing my uni exams Friday so I've got a pile of games to get through. Hitman, AC3, new walking dead episode. By the time I get through that FarCry 3 is going to be on my plate as well. Also want to continue my X-COM ironman save.

    Will try and get around to finishing the Borderlands 2 DLC, plus the new one.

    Otherwise will continue to press on in ACIII and Okami HD.

    Though, I'll probably be tempted to give Hitman a try.

    Also, hopefully the patch for AssLib is finished and it can restore my corrupted save file!

    Dark souls. beat great wolf sif for the first time last night so i an motivated now!

    Might try and get through some more of the Black Ops II campaign. Other than that, been playing a bit of Hotline Miami, which is such a blast. Haven't gotten this kind of enjoyment out of a game since Super Meat Boy.

    Been getting back into Skyrim with some of the awesome mods that I didn't get to play on my first play through. Also grabbed that new Giana Sisters game, I remember playing Giana Sisters on my C64 years ago, looks really cool!

    Might mess around with Scribblenauts Unlimited during the periods of non-work. Or perhaps work on BL2 (Maya isn't as fun to play as Lillith was ><)... or maybe start on ACIII. I WOULD be playing Hitman Absolution... if only it still wasn't locked on Steam in Japan (with not a release date in sight... despite getting it from the AU store...)

    Just finished Hitman, great game haven't given the contracts mode a go yet. Can't wait for FarCry 3 and gotta start Halo 4's campaign.

    I'll be having my usual weekly BL2 session with friends, finishing HyperDimension Neptunia (hopefully) and slotting in some Persona 3 and maybe XCOM. I'll also be checking out the Epic Mickey 2 and DMC demos and trying to pick off some of the smaller Steam games I've accrued due to other sales.

    resisting steam sales and playing ac3 after a fee early prob got it working on pc

    I softmodded my Original Xbox the other week and imported a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X, I'll probably that for a while, it's quite awesome :). Also, Hitman.

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