What Skyrim Looks Like When You're Running 100 Mods At Once

My copy of Skyrim would usually fall over once I started running more than, say, 8-10 mods at once. So I've got no idea how modder Unreal has managed to get around 100 mods running at once. I'm just going to assume sorcery.

His site catalogues the adventures his rig is taking running that much stuff at once, showcasing not only which mods he's got running (and why), but also some of the most impossibly beautiful screenshots I've ever seen for the game.

Seriously, the fact these are screens taken from a version of the game that's even remotely playable blows my mind. That grass (the one thing that does seriously hamper fps) looks like it travelled back in time from video games, circa 2017.

For the full rundown of the mods used (and the specs running them), visit the link below.



    I'm curious if, even with higher FPS, would it still look as pretty in motion?

    What! no Blackreach?

    Does someone actually know all the mods he has? if you're willing please, please tell me what they are

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