While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! It's been a long week for us in the Kotaku office, with the US site being completely down, things have been difficult. But we're still trucking! Here's what happened last night while you were sleeping!

Halo 4 reviews came out. You can find ours here. Long story short — it's awesome. It may be the best Halo since the first one.

This is interesting news: the PS3 has finally become certified in China. Does this mean there's no more console ban in that country? Maybe.

This nifty Wikipad Android controller has been delayed, this is the cutest stormtrooper ever, and this is the weirdest excuse for not having female characters in your game.

In Short Halo 4: The Kotaku Review The PS3 Gets Certified In China Which Might Mean No More Console Ban The Cutest Stormtrooper Halloween Has Ever Seen Wikipad Android Controller Delayed Well, This Is A Weird Excuse For Not Having Women In Your Video Game


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