While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. If you like news wraps and pictures of babies sleeping for no goddamn reason we've got you covered.

What if you started getting achievement points for watching TV? How would that work for you? Surely it would subvert any meaning achievement points have or had at some point? Then again, suffering through Coles ads with Curtis 'Coles Fresh' Stone? I should get some reward for that. Not sure that achievement points are going to cut it though.

I know it's not really game related, but I really enjoy hearing what the latest Japanese memes are. This week it appears it's all about levitating and studying way too hard!

I love Notch's Golden PS1. Very perty.

Finally, a couple of Halo related posts. First, a music video that catapults you into a spartan firefight and, secondly, some really gorgeous Halo: Reach art. Lovely.

In Short Notch's Golden PS1 Is Really, Really Pretty Halo Music Video Catapults You Into The Middle Of A Spartan Firefight New Japanese Photo Meme Is From Studying Way Too Damn Much Halo: Reach Sure Was Pretty Before The Covenant Blew Everything Up Microsoft Thinking About Giving You Achievements For Watching TV


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