According To These Confessions, Some People Are Still Ashamed To Like Video Games. In 2012. Twenty Twelve, People.

According To These Confessions, Some People Are Still Ashamed To Like Video Games. In 2012. Twenty Twelve, People.

When I originally put together the gaming-related confessions people made on Twitter before the ‘end of the world,’ I left out something curious: there were a ton of confessions about liking video games. Like it’s such a big reveal — the world is ending! What dirty secret can I get off my chest? Oh, I like video games.

Check it out:

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Granted, it’s not just video game shame. It’s about being a ‘nerd,’ period. I don’t get it, but I do get it at the same time.

I empathise inasmuch as I’ve also talked about feeling conflicted about liking games, so I’m not outright crucifying anyone here. I do think it’s interesting, if not sad, that hobbies which sometimes define us are things to hide though.


    • Bingo! Cultural fraud. Can’t find out who you are, what you like, and where you fit it? Never fear! Just glom onto someone else’s identity and you’ll soon be on your way!

  • This is actually lifted straight from her blog. I get it’s xmas and writers have families, but this is a total dud.
    A collection of random posts, from random people. Most of whom appear to just be on the ‘lolXDbein a nerd iz cool!!!11’ bandwagon, a bandwagon I abhor. This post and that entire ‘bandwagon’ if nothing else validate the opinion that those who play video games are some sort of underground mutant race, separate from normal humans.
    Nerd is a dirty word, used for years to segregate those with uncommon interest, now persons who believe themselves to be above ‘nerds’ wave the title as a badge of honour because they play a bit of COD or whatever. My dad occasionally plays a bit of COD with me, he’s not a ‘nerd’. He is someone who occasionally plays COD.
    Playing games =/= Nerd. Nerd is a ridiculous self label anyway, no fan of games would exclaim their ‘nerd’ credentials, because it’s stupid, real people who play a lot games identify as just that. Maybe their MMO players, FPS players whatever, it doesn’t matter even at the most extreme they are ‘gamers’. Even anime fans are anime fans. They aren’t ‘nerds’.
    Playing games is something the majority of the population does at least to some degree. The majority can’t be nerds, that flies in the face of the concept of ‘nerd’, that one person is part a societal minority because of their interests.
    Playing video games carries a very similar connotation to being a ‘nerd’ and while I appreciate that their are a minority of gamers that shut themselves off from the world and live through their avatars, this does not represent the majority of the game playing public. However this stereotype is how the group in general is seen by the greater public. Again, this article does nothing but enforce this idea that it’s not normal to game. I can’t believe that these idiots have been given the light of day, and therefore had their opinions validated to an extent.

    I’ve defended your work before, as often it has an underlying point that while not specifically game related is interesting. However this is total crap and undermines the very point you attempt to make.

    • I share your view on the whole “nerd” bandwagon. Generally those who claim to be nerds or geeks are just fans of something (and in my experience casual fans at that).

      I’m not ashamed of playing video games and don’t understand how some people can be. Sure, I generally don’t talk to workmates and certain friends about it, but that’s just because they don’t share the same interests, not because I’m ashamed.

  • I think there’s a big gap between what a “nerd” is today to what it always has been, are they really nerds or like one said, using it a fashion accessory.
    Some people think watching Big Bang Theory makes them a nerd, personally i think Big Bang Theory today is a insult to many geeks and nerds.

  • “Nerd” is a relic from a time when being different in any way was horrible. In today’s rapid mass media world, being different (or at least claiming to be) is a way to stand out, to gain celebrity on Facebook and Twitter, trying to seem more interesting than the millions of other people online who are virtually carbon copies of each other.

    Being a nerd is no longer as bad as it used to be, so people feel safe to claim themselves as one in order to appear weird and different, but not so much as to alienate themselves – which is what being a nerd would do to one in past. And especially doing it this way, as a “confession” lets them show off their weirdness while seeming humbled about it.

    • Meaning yes, social commentary no. I check that sort of stuff for my job (as you may recall) and its crazy the sort of things you can learn by looking at trending words and some hash tags. It really can reveal what the world is thinking about.

      Not in this instance though 🙂

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