Assassin’s Creed III’s Credits Were The Worst Thing I Didn’t Play All Year

Assassin’s Creed III’s Credits Were The Worst Thing I Didn’t Play All Year

My heart goes out to Kirk for his struggles with the end of Assassin’s Creed III, because I must have failed that mission around 30 times before finally nailing it. As frustrating as it was, though, I have to disagree that it’s the worst thing about Assassin’s Creed III. The worst thing comes shortly afterwards.

I’m talking about the game’s credit sequence.

If you want to know what it looks like when over two billion are involved in making a video game, look no further than the end of Assassin’s Creed III. Because you’re going to find out, whether you like it or not.

The credits sequence goes for nearly 20 minutes. Try for yourself in the video above. This would be a moot point if you could skip them, but you can’t. You’re left sitting there wondering if there’s going to be any story revelations during the credits, because they begin with overlaid text and visuals, only to give this up and never resume. Like the world’s most tedious bait and switch.

Or whether there’s going to be some kind of post-credits cutscene or playable sequence. Which there is, but after sitting for 20 minutes, I’d lost interest and swiftly turned the game off.

Actually, that’s not right. I made myself a cup of tea. Then, when they hadn’t ended, I had lunch. Then, when I’d hit every key on my keyboard in an attempt to skip the credits and failed, I put some washing on. Then I played with my kid. Then I checked back and, hey, the credits were still going.

What irked me wasn’t that every person involved in the game was getting their dues. Credits are important, and everyone who worked on the game should be properly acknowledged.

But you shouldn’t force me to endure them. I mean, every cutscene in the game I did want to see had an obtrusive “PRESS B TO SKIP” prompt hovering over the screen. The one thing I do want to skip? I can’t!

The reason I’m picking on this, and not some of the game’s more obvious shortcomings, is that it perfectly encapsulates the disregard the game has for the player’s time. A tutorial that spans five chapters and 4-6 hours, for example, which pissed me off but really upset Mark. A conclusion that’s padded to the extent you feel exhausted by the game’s end, rather than jubilant.

Making them a pain, something I’m writing about negatively here, also defeats the purpose of a credits sequence in the first place. I know, most people in the credits are really just there so they can see it, since the average consumer doesn’t know them and won’t remember them, but still. It feels shitty to have to say that the most symbolic (if not mechanical or narrative) failure of a game is the part where hundreds of people are being thanked for their work.

It’s a sad irony that, for a series that should be about open-ended design and expression in play, that the end of Assassin’s Creed III, whether playable or in this case unplayable, was anything but.

Assassin’s Creed 3 : Closing Credits (100% Sync – Perfectionist) [YouTube]


  • I was discussing this topic the other day with some friends. It certainly seems video game credits are just getting worse. Why is it that video games have to show everyone in the company and every company that touched it? Movies don’t tell you the CEOs name so why do games? I understand credit where credit is due, there is a lot that goes into making games (programing, art, sound, marketing, testing, localising etc..) I am not putting the developers down for that but seriously, video game credits are getting stupid.

    • Yeah I completely agree. I was surprised they didnt start listing the local Pizza Hut’s staff for helping drop off pizzas during production or something. Instead of getting carried away, it should be those directly involved in making the game… not staff from other studios around the world that made no considerable contributions.

      • Some games have attempted to restrict the amount of people listed in the credits. For example: If a contributor worked on the title for less than 6 months, or left over 6 months before shipping, they weren’t listed in the end credits.
        However, whenever this does happen, the internet is pasted with hate for these studios because they didn’t acknowledge every person possible. A simple google search would easily come up with a handful of studios that have gotten heat for this.
        But yes, 20 minutes of unskippable credits is pretty annoying from a consumer point of view.

  • I agree. After playing through all the previous AC games, I’d have probably sat through over a combined hour of unskippable credits.

    After finishing AC3 I realized that I wouldn’t be able skip those credits either. Already being thoroughly disappointed with the lackluster ending I lost the will keep playing, I just gave up and ALT-F4’d without a second thought.

    Its fine to credit people where its due, but those credits include EVERYONE at Ubisoft. Its hard to justify making people watch something so long to allow them to keep playing.

  • with a game that buggy and frustrating to control, how could it have to many testers working on it?

    Did they all sit around giving each other feet rubs as they sipped cafe bloody lattes?

    • oh yeah i also actualy love the start of the game and ive played all the AssCreed games on PC. I liked playing as haythem and essentually rounding up the villains to be killed later on. I also liked playing as connor and the homestead missions really fleshed out his character. Ive put in over 14hrs so far and still havent finished sequence 6.

      the only parts ive hated so far are the boring as batshit desmond parts due the fact that i fucking hate the desmond bullshit and precursor bullshit. I play these games to run around in the past as loveable jerk not to run around in the present day as a whiny dero doucebag

  • IIRC the credits for the first Assassin’s Creed went on for almost an hour, they had to thank the seventeen odd casts for all the different language versions, not to mention every person that had ever worked at a Ubisoft office… ever.

    The Splinter Cell Conviction credits were also big offenders in length, as was Crysis 2!

  • The Witcher 2’s credits go on for quite some time. It has credits for all the localization staff for all the different countries. But you can’t skip them if you want to see the additional ending scene (It tells you this at the start of the credits).

  • AC3 is such an odd case.

    The majority of the time I’m really enjoying it. Good story, spectacular mo-cap. Interesting setting. Then I accidentally run up a wall, or see some Last gen texture pop up 10 feet away from Connor. Or The immersion evaporates when some stupid mission requirement or piss-poor controls cause me to mutter obcentities.

    “Stupid, broken fucking game…”

    It is broken. Like, Vampire: Masquerade broken. Yet, I like it, and will defend it’s merits. Odd, odd, odd.

  • I HATE credits that can’t be skipped. I raged at the RAGE ones and they were only like 5 mins. Good old alt+tab, rmb, close.

  • I just finished AC Revelations this morning and the credits went for about the same time. I blame mostly all the different localization voice talent and testers, plus the outsourced development of discreet tools used within the game.

  • I always sit through all the credits. Partly just incase something happens at the end and partly because I don’t finsih all the games I get by a long shot, so if I got to the end I probably really liked it and want to show my respect to the people involved.

  • AC3 was a pretty lame game. If we’re gonna be honest. The game holds your hand for the first 6hrs, and even then doesnt let go until about 9-10hrs in when you’re still “learning”. And those credits pissed me off too… every man and his dog had their name on there, and as the article states there was no option to skip even after all the in-game cutscenes had that option. Among lots of other things, AC3 is easily the biggest disappointment of 2012. It fell so short compared to AC2 or any of its spin-offs.

  • Deus Ex: HR done the ending credits well, with photos of the staff involved in the game. Some Pics showed them just having a good time too, and i really enjoyed it.

  • I haven’t finished AC3 yet. Dunno how far through I am, don’t really seem interested in going back to it unfortunately (cause I’ve loved all the other AC games). Rather than complete it I’ve been playing another playthrough of Borderlands 2, as well as Lego LOTR.

  • By far the worst thing about ACIII. I have issues with a few other things including the free run/ climbing and mission structure like Lee chase but nothing pissed me off to the extent that the credits did.

    Starting with overlays signaled promise. How f*ing disappointing it was after sitting through what seemed like half an hour. No skip fail…

  • End credits bug me. Some games (Killzone 3 for example) I was just so relieved at finishing the bl**dy thing that I just turned it off the instant it finished. I don’t know if there was any fancy cutscreen, and I really didn’t care.

    However, one game in particular had me laughing hysterically during the end credits: Summoner. – this short animation as the end credits were rolling had me in stitches.

    but yeah, 20mins of unskippable credits is taking the mickey a tad..

  • “Which there is, ”

    No there isn’t you friggen liar. Stop BSing people. THERE IS -NOTHING- at the end of the credits. Liar.

  • Couldn’t agree more. First 5 minutes I was waiting for some interesting cinematic to come. Then I tried alt-tabbing it, but guess would stop running when alt-tabbed! So I watched an episode of BBT. I am thankful to people who made this game, but is it REALLY necessary to put every person who made a cup of coffee for a developer into the credits?! And in all honesty – although I think all those developers, programmers etc did a great job, I dont give a rat’s ass about their names, I wouldn’t remeber them anyway. So my conclusion is: I hope a big seagull shits on the head of the person who decided to make credits unskippable.

  • I know I’m late but I just wanted to add, I read this article, comments, writing this, and the credits are STILL rolling >.

  • The Witcher 2 is even worse – it prefaces the 30 minute credit roll by informing you that the game’s true ending will be revealed at the end.

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