Get Duke Nukem 3D For Free!

It's been a good week for free video games. First THQ starts giving away Metro 2033 for free — pretty incredible when you consider it's still a genuine benchmark game for PCs — and now we've gotten word that Good Old Games is giving away Duke Nukem 3D for free at

Sure it's an old game, but you can hardly argue with the price! It's been so long since I've played this game, so I'm genuinely curious to see how it has aged. I'm guessing badly, but I could be wrong?

Thanks Brent!


    What ever happened to that black mesa-esque DN3D project?

      Gearbox Software killed it. They told Interceptor that they could keep working on the project but it's upto Gearbox to say if they can release it and they refused to give a yes or no so it seemed kind of pointless to keep working on the game if it isn't guaranteed a release. Right now they're working on Rise of the Triad and rumor has it their next game is a Duke game (not Reloaded, something else)


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      I had that, but 3D Realms kindly put a readme.txt on there explaining what parameters to change in DOS in order to remove the censorship :)

    it hasnt aged so well, but you can just download the free HD pack for it and bam, its suddenly much more playable. Btw the censored version can be uncensored with a patch, back in the day when it was classified the content was still on the disc but locked out. The CB were made aware of this, so when patches started appearing they tried to revoke its classification. But they couldnt :)

    Glad to see if got through to you Mark :)

    The question is, What Are You Playing This weekend, should be, How Much Did You Pay to Play This Weekend :D

    GoG had Citizen Kabuto on for free a while back, not a bad site to keep an eye on. Especially if you don't mind the lack of steam keys, which can be great in a way.

    You know what? I've never played Duke3d. I definitely think now's the time.

    Thought it was already free lol.

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