Happy Birthday, Duke Nukem 3D!

The shareware version of 3D Realms’ legendary first-person shooter was released for MS-DOS PCs exactly 18 years ago. And, just in time for the anniversary, Devolver Digital introduced online multiplayer for the updated Megaton Edition of the game; trailer for that above.


  • One of the greatest games ever!

    At least I don’t need to use a boot disk to get it working like I did back then.

    I think I wasted more hours making my own levels in the Build editor than I did playing any game around that time.

  • 18 years!?!
    wow, i remember walking to Harvey Norman back then and seeing a 8ft high duke cardboard cutout demanding i buy the game!
    i would of gladly obliged except for the fact i was about 8 and the game was a billion dollars to me then!

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