Horn Free Is More Than A Demo Of One Of The Year's Best Mobile Games

Phosphor Games' Unreal Engine 3-powered Horn is one of my favourite games of 2012, but $7.49 is a relatively hefty price tag. Horn Free gives iOS gamers a taste of the gorgeous adventure along with a brand-new endless Quest Mode that should thrill old and new players alike.

While other mobile games are busy trying to nail down the elusive first-person shooter formula, Horn has already perfected the mobile adventure game, with a simple touch-to-move exploration mechanic and Infinity Blade-style combat with a positional twist.

Horn Free lets new players experience the prologue to the grand adventure, a bite-sized taste that's sure to leave them wanting more. That's where the new Quest Mode comes in. Debuting in the free version and added to the full version via free update, Quest Mode. Titans are taking over the land, and the brave blacksmith's apprentice turned hero Horn must take them down before they succeed. Quest mode features new enemies, tons of fresh equipment to upgrade and dazzling new lands to explore.

iOS games can grab Horn Free right here.


    Any news on an Android version?

      we always get fucked AND THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN iOS NOW!!

        Yeah but you have to keep in mind 1 set of hardware/OS for (Cr)apple and like 9million for android, u can see why devs stay in the safe zone... plus have you looks at the play store comments, man people whinge too much.

          Oh we have Horn already for Android, I am just wondering when they will give us this version which I would imagine could be patched onto the already released one.

    More of us? According to who?

      Android has the much larger market share. By a huge amount. Around 70% last I noticed. As opposed to Apples 13% or so.

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