The Metal Gear Bento Is Truly Insane

When Hideo Kojima isn't making Metal Gear games, he's taking photos of his food. And today, those two things — games and food pics — congeal into one amazing lunch box.

Kojima was at Sony's Tokyo headquarters to check out the special PlayStation 3 bento boxes. They're actually Metal Gear and Final Fantasy "character bento" to mark both franchise's anniversary and long PlayStation history.

While Kojima didn't snap pics of the Final Fantasy bento, he did get plenty of the Metal Gear. Kojima pointed out that the faces were made from mashed potatoes, the hair and bear were green onions, while the eyes were quail eggs. Tapioca was used to achieve the eye colour.

This isn't a meal. It's art.

眼の光彩はタピオカを染めたもの, 顔はマッシュポテト, これがキャラ弁の全貌だ, 蓋を開けると, これが二段目!, これが一段目, SCEさんの本社にてMG&FF25周年記念の [@Kojima_Hideo]


    I guess you could say Kojima has tasted Snake

    Wow so good! Raiden even comes complete with eyeshadow and everything.

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