The Remake Of Dragon Quest 7 On The 3DS Was… A Remake Of Dragon Quest 7… On The 3DS

The Remake Of Dragon Quest 7 On The 3DS Was… A Remake Of Dragon Quest 7… On The 3DS

Square Enix was at Jump Festa 2013 this year (as is obvious from the demo for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX that was on display. Another remake on display was Dragon Quest 7.

Originally released for the PlayStation, Dragon Quest 7 was the last of the Dragon Quest games developed by Enix before the merger between Enix and Square. To some fans, it is the last “pure” Dragon Quest game.

The remake of the game on the 3DS seemed to fit the console’s format very naturally. The graphical upgrade was very pretty and allowed for the characters to be much more expressive. The controls were, for the most part, intuitive and anything you wouldn’t guess on instinct, the game took the time to teach you about.

The initial plot is a little confusing at first and ends up with you running around talking to random people trying to find the one person or thing that will make the story progress. Sadly, I took so much time just trying to get out of the first village that I never got a chance to try out the combat at all.

As a remake, a bunch of new features have been added to the game like new enemies, new high-rank classes, and network functions. Unfortunately, none of these were really accessible in the short time that I had to play the game.

All in all, the game looks good. It’s based on a solid game, so, barring a developer meltdown during the conversion process, it should be a solid product. While the portable aspect of the game is a selling point personally, I don’t feel an overt need for the game to be remade. Then again, Final Fantasy 4 is getting its umpteenth re-release so I guess when it comes to what I feel I need and what Square Enix seems to think I need, we’re not exactly on the same page.

Dragon Quest 7 is scheduled for release on February 2, 2013 on the 3DS in Japan.


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