The Stargate Dials Infinity Blade In Teal’c’s Revenge

The Stargate Dials Infinity Blade In Teal’c’s Revenge

After several months as not much more than a guided tour and a terrible round of golf, Arkalis Interactive’s Stargate Command app finally gets its game on, and that game is Infinity Blade, more or less.

Available as a 99c download within Stargate Command, Teal’c’s Revenge casts players as everybody’s favourite mascara-wearing Jaffa warrior as he defends the command post from a procession of enemy Jaffa, Replicators and Goa’uld.

Anyone that’s played Chair’s Unreal Engine 3 showcase Infinity Blade will be instantly familiar with the controls here. Teal’c stands to one side holding his fighting stick, the enemy is angled off in front of him. Players must dodge or block the enemy attacks, swiping like crazy when an opening appears. Button-tapping quick-time-events mix up the formula and turret battles against the insect-like Replicators break the monotony, but for the most part it’s dodge, block and attack. Performing well earns coins to upgrade Teal’c’s health, shield attack and defence.

It might not be big on variety, but Teal’c’s Revenge is pretty to look at, and much more of a game than Stargate Command featured previously — Stargate Golf isn’t particularly entertaining.

Stargate Command is available for free on iOS.


  • i still seriously dont understand why there hasnt been a proper stargate game since the snes version, its an incredible world, filled with crazy cool tech, aliens, weapons, and stories.

    • Seems like every time they try they fall short. There was that cool looking one they killed off for quality control reasons, then they focused everything on a MMO for a few years until everyone went broke. I wish I had of been able to play the game they made out of the scraps of that before they took it down. It’s a shame because like you say it lends itself to video games pretty much perfectly. The show is just the right mix of shooting limitless badguys, finding an excuse to change the location every minute and solving simple puzzles.

    • After the shut down of production on SG:U and a movie by Sci-Fi channel and then the sell off of many of the props and sets it’s clear the whole SG Universe (Pun intended) is in dissarray. I can’t see anyone getting approval (Read: money) for a real game until someone finally decides to re-boot the franchise with a huge new movie – in about 10 years time.

      Pity too considering how good SG:U really was.

      • I tried but I never managed to get into Stargate Universe. It just seemed like bad drama in space. I never got into new Battlestar for similar reasons.

      • Im with you, I loved SG1 and SGA, both offered their own flair and take on the universe while expanding the overall story and saga. SGU was a completely different take again and one that worked IMO. Its a shame season 1 was a bit slow and was canned when season 2 was getting right into it!..

        • That’s the trick isn’t it – we saw a clear progression through each series. SG1 was fun adventure – SGA was fun with a little more serious stuck in around the fear of the wraith and SGU just took it to the nth degree and made the space adventure the back drop to a more realised dramatic piece. In the first season it was harder to swallow because it was such a departure. But by the second season we knew what everyone stood for and we knew while it wasn’t going to get easier, it was going to get more fun as finally people started to fall into line – at least a little bit.

          Really hope we get a push to do more with SGU before it becomes too late. To be honest I’d like to see something in the vein of Star Trek Unity – modernised of course.

      • also obessed with SGU. Still waiting for a official soundtrack. it was amazing

        the xbox/ps2/pc game SG1 the Alliance which i believe you were talking about is still kind of intact. its out there in a few select hands, but doesnt look like it is going to be released into the wild. atleast not for a very long time. hope lives on.

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