The Wii U GamePad Used To Have Two WiiMotes Stuck To It. Literally.

When the original Wii was released the running joke was that its hardware was no better than two Gamecubes ducktaped together. Now, almost as if in homage to that once ubiquitous insult, Nintendo has released images of the prototype for the Wii U's GamePad and, whaddya know, it's a crude looking GamePad with two WiiMotes stuck to it using double sided tape! Nintendo you sly old dogs!

It's part of one of the most fascinating Iwata Asks I can remember. Focusing on Nintendo Land, the discussion soon moves on to the idea of two screen gameplay as a concept and how it evolved. As expected from the 'best thing on the Internet', it's really insightful stuff.

What's interesting is that the GamePad and Nintendo Land were built in tandem, essentially built for each other. Most of Nintendo's proper control advances have worked in this way. The N64 controller was designed from the ground up for Mario 64, same for the WiiMote and Wii Sports. It's a cool process, and one I'm always excited to read about.


    Nintendo has some truly revolutionary ideas when it comes to the hardware side of things, there's no arguing that the Wii and the DS have completely changed the way people perceive gaming. I just wish they'd adapt to their core fanbase more, and get rid of region locks/pricing and actually have some decent graphical power to back their stuff up, and treat their customers better when consoles break. I lost a tonne of stuff when my brother's 3DS broke, and it's not tied to accounts so there's no way to get it back. Nintendo are good, but I sometimes feel like they don't listen to their core audience enough.

      To be honest, when they fix an issue, a worse one replaces it. They need to shape up :/

        Show me an example of that happening?

          No online -> friend codes

          thats the only example I can think of

          Fixing online, then games being tied to consoles, not accounts.

            Games are tied to accounts, and for the time being, those accounts are tied to 1 Wii U console. Nintendo has stated thats temporary.

    That is freaking awesome. Could only have been improved if it was 2 wiimotes stapled to half a DS!

    This is gold, hahahaha.

    Hahaha, read the first page, they actually explicitly mention using two Wiis together to simulate an early model Wii U! The ducktape saga continues!

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