There Is Going To Be An Angry Birds Movie

There Is Going To Be An Angry Birds Movie

I should have known this was going to happen. I should have been prepared, but somehow this has still come as a physical shock to me. Rovio Entertainment has officially announced that there will be an Angry Birds movie. Urgh.

Look, I love Angry Birds. It bugs me when people use it to demean other people’s tastes in games. Every now and then I see a ridiculous comment like, “why don’t you go and play Angry Birds”, used in a derogatory way to claim someone isn’t ‘core’ enough in their tastes and I find it utterly ridiculous.

I played the crap out of Angry Birds and I’ve enjoyed the subsequent updates and sequels, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling a little bit ‘urgh’ with regards to the insane amount of merchandising surrounding this series. It’s getting completely out of control. Creating a simple addictive iOS game is one thing, using it as a springboard for a movie deal? Really? In what world does a game about birds being fired out a slingshot justify an entire full length feature film? IN WHAT WORLD?

Apparently Rovio is financing the film outside the studio system and is being produced by John Cohen, who was behind recent hit Despicable Me. The movie is set for release in 2016.

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