This Week In Games: The Stragglers

Well, from the looks of the below list, it seems as though the 2012 party is all but over. And despite the fact you're cleaning up around them, there are a handful of stragglers that just won't get the hint. Leave! Get out of my house so I can pick up all the empties! What are you still doing here? Get out!

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! (DS)

What is it? A game based on the popular Adventure Time show that people seem to love. Should you care? Probably the pick of a weak bunch for fans of the show.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Wii U)

What is it? It's Epick Mickey 2. The sequel to that other game! Should you care? I wasn't a massive fan of the first game, but yes, this is worth a whirl.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Limited Edition (PS Vita)

What is it? A karting game that's not bad really! Should you care? You could definitely do worse.

Tropico 4 Gold Edition (PC)

What is it? Latest version of Tropico. Should you care? A lot of people I know really, really love the series.


    Apparently the Advrnture Time game is pretty good, and I want to try it out but it seems like it's only coming out for the DS :/

    It came out a few weeks back in the US on the 3DS as well and I can't seem to find any information at all about a local release of the 3DS version. Perhaps someone can help out?

    OH MY GLOB!! cant wait for adventure time game,

    I really wanted to love Tropico but alas I am not the smarts for it.

    I dont know why the new Adventure Time game has a release date after christmas (according to EB games).

    Looks like I will have to try and express post one from the US.

      is 3ds game. Not DS game. Also 3ds games are region locked. If your in Australia and its not from Europe or here it will not play on your system.

        Its both for 3DS and regular DS, and DS is region free so if you only get the DS version your fine.
        from what i read there isnt a difference in the game anyway between DS and 3DS versions, some resoultion changes (the last minute 3D like harvest moon) but thats it.

        Last edited 10/12/12 12:54 pm

          Not sure if you can get a DS copy from the States. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I think theirs was 3DS, and ours is a DS game.

          Thanks dnr, I was worried I would have to buy an American DS to go with it as well. My plan was to get one from a second hand game store as this will pretty much be the only game she plays on the system... Unless I can get her to play pokemon but I highly doubt that.

            EB mega online sale has the DS version for sale at $37 atm.

            Last edited 10/12/12 2:49 pm

              Thats just the pre order though :(

              I just put an order through amazon. The game plus express shipping ended up being around $54.

                only 2 day wait imo thats an ok wait to save $20
                Plus just walked into teh EB in brissy city, games $49 off the shelf today (i'd ring to check your local first but might be worth canning your amazon order)

                Last edited 10/12/12 4:57 pm

                  Hmm thats odd.
                  I checked with my local EB last thursday and they told me january but my experience with these guys has not always been the most accurate.

    Wot? Epic Mickey 2 is far, far worse than the first game which I thought was pretty enjoyable, if a little flawed in some areas.

    Adventure Time game, flew under my radar! Looks pretty damn good though!

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