Epic Mickey Figurine: Epic?

We're quietly hoping that Epic Mickey will give third party development a bit of a kickstart on the Nintendo Wii when it's released on November 25th. We're also hoping that it'll be an awesome video game, and have high hopes that it'll live up to the hype.

To motivate the stragglers, EB Games has recently announced an exclusive pre-order bonus: a five-inch Mickey Mouse figurine.

While we'd hardly call a five-inch figurine 'epic', we're in support of any bonus that may help drive pre-orders for a game like Epic Mickey. Pre-orders are a big part of what retailer buyers use to assess the viability of certain titles and, since Wii owners are less likely to pre-orders, this tends to put third-party Wii titles at big disadvantage.

All signs seem to point in the direction of Epic Mickey being a top notch Wii title, so we hope that pre-order, and ultimately sales, reward this.

Pre-order Epic Mickey, get five inches of Mickey [Aussie-Nintendo]


    I don't really get the hype or expectation with this game, I know it's Warren Spector - Deus Ex and System Shock were great games - but I'm hardly interested in what I've seen so far.

    Maybe I'm missing something big, someone convince me otherwise?

      I have to say I agree...

    I lost interest when they got rid of the evil mickey.

    Yeah i'm with the other guys - this game isn't on my radar at all...

    Sorry Mark..

    As a person who loves both platformers and Disney, I can't wait for this.

    "We're quietly hoping that Epic Mickey will give third party development a bit of a kickstart on the Nintendo Wii"

    a nice idea - but this game is Disney licensed, how many third party dev teams will be able to get that kind of support even if this title sells well?

    There have been a handful of good third party games for wii.

    House of the dead: Overkill, MadWorld and The Conduit come to mind immediately, but i'm sure there are others.

    nows waits for Nintendo to step in and have the game delayed into 2011! :p

    I am interested in the game, but I'm probably going to hold off, the faint rumours of a PS360 option somewhere down the track, I could wait another year.

    Might pre-order for the Mickey and get that! ;)

    A quality 3rd party Wii title? Sorry Mickey, you probably won't sell.

    I'd probably get it if it was released on PS3/PC, but that won't happen. Ah well. It looks pretty decent.

    Jeez...that's a whole lot of negativity. The apathy towards Wii development is what puts publishers off publishing high quality games for the format.

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