Win! This Awesome PS3 Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition

So this week we're running a competition every single day! I know, I know. We're kicking off today with a super duper Assassin's Creed III collector's edition.

The entry mechanic is super simple, and a little bit devious.

In less than 100 words I want to you to invent and describe the best competition mechanic you can think of.

If you win, you win the Assassin's Creed III Collector's Edition for PS3, which features the game and a whole bunch of pretty cool stuff including a figurine and some nifty artwork books and suchlike. There's also a chance that I'll totally steal some of the cool mechanics you guys and girls come up with for future comps!

Have at it! Leave your answers in the comments below! Terms and conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next Monday.

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    For this competition i'd get the contestants to act out a dead drop challenge in the CBD of a capital city in Australia. Kotaku sets out missions and the contestants have to undertake them, without a set of templars noticing the contestants movements. the contestants need to wear hoodies hiding their face and the templars need to be dressed in red. When a templar catches a contestant they are eliminated. Last person standing wins.

    ntris can not contain th lttr .

    Entrants are required to create a slightly better or more efficient mechanic, which in turn will update the existing competition mechanic, bringing us slowly - then quickly - the competition singularity.

    Nerf gun duels at 15 paces :D

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    You must respond to Mark, via video, in the style of a WWE wrestler, with a message that’ll have him quivering in his ‘Pegg Leggs’.

    Serious suggestion:

    Entries must be styled in a free-form jazz-poetry style, but contain only adjectives to describe the set theme or personal life event required to win the competition.

      I like that one a lot (apart from the adjective restriction)

    You have to give the prize to the person who puts the least effort into entering.

      I win.

    Do a good deed for someone less fortunate. Document it, send in the proof.

    What? It's Christmas, the world could do with some more charity this time of year.

    I have a dream. A competition which relies upon ingenuity, not just cheap laughs; which is winnable by all, not just the artistic/eloquent/vebose; and, most importantly, one which I have the chance to win at: First to guess Scribbletaku? No. How about providing a paragraph, and we have to try and come up with the most appropriate anagram of the full text.

    Or failing that, haikus are damn near perfect already.

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    Using MS paint or anything equivalent, close your eyes and draw a picture.

    And to make it even harder...

    Using MS paint or anything equivalent, close your eyes and draw a picture without releasing the mouse click until you're finished.

    I'm pretty fail at Twitter but your article about game personas got me thinking...

    Each person selects one person (people doubling up are fine) from the relevant universe and creates an account/impersonates them on their own account and begins posting humorous anecdotes from that persons point of view, be they about the modern times or just funny observations which break the fourth wall.

    Most follows/reposts wins.

    You describe the elements of a game, having people guess what the game is.

    To add; it could be the story, characters, a scene, the box and contents... anything really.

    Or we can just play hungry hungry hippos.

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    The best competition mechanic I can think of is Gus.

    He works on my Volvo when it breaks down.

    BIG HUGE PRIZE competition rule:

    Point to ten thoughtful, well-written comments on ten different articles (proper articles) posted on Kotaku this year, prior to December.

    Comments should have added to the discussion, although don't need to have generated responses.

    Goal is to show active participation in the community on a longer term basis, not just for free swag.

    Optional addition: suggester of this limitation is excluded from entering.

    Hmm Assassin's Creed themed, Competitive Past Life Regression. On a stage... fast paced, 1 on 1 hardcore regressioning.
    I'm kind of seeing this like a rap battle but with unconscious / hypnotised people.

    Everybody should dress up as Nintendo characters and participate in a real-life version of Super Smash Brothers.. TO THE DEATH.

    Alternatively, we should all recreate this.

    Not as original, though, but worth a mention (and it's only complete with Mark Serrels in mario hat as our overlord.)

    As for the contest? Hell if I know, erotic haiku.

    Contestants must create a cake in the shape of something from the game they're trying to win, whether that be the box art, the protagonist, a scene from the game, it doesn't matter. They then send the cakes to Mark, who in a twist judges and chooses the winner based on taste rather than what the cake actually looks like.

    I'd have everyone take a photo of them about to assassinate their cats! It'd be hard but worth it

    Tom Onslow is listed as the greatest mechanic of all time in the Guinness book of records when he built the worlds fastest milk float.

    Find an object that's near you, borrowing from housemates/co-workers if necessary, and take a picture of it.

    Describe in pokemon-esque terms why it is the very best, and why it would beat everyone else's in a fight.

    I don't care I'm ineligible!

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    Everybody has to produce a thumbnail sized scribble that best encapsulates the game named.

    Two people are presented with a question (can be yes/no; guess the answer, etc). They cannot see/hear/confer with each other.

    The two people can jointly win/proceed if they answer correctly in unison.

    However, if one so decides, they can choose to 'up the ante' and break the partnership. Doing so guarantees the other partner a second chance. The first person than has to answer a modified question to make it harder for them. If they answer correctly, they get the lot.

    Super Mario Go-Karting, with cosplay and real power-ups. A Rainbow Road track should help speed-up the eliminations.

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