Bungie Uses Halo Helmet To Cheer Up Sick Child

Two weeks ago, Redditor fiscal_ asked if anyone knew how to get in touch with Bungie, the creators of Halo. His son, a big Halo fan, had just received a liver transplant, and fiscal_ wanted to cheer him up with some sort of Halo-themed gift.

It worked. Yesterday, fiscal_ came back to the Halo Reddit to show off pictures of his son recovering from the surgery with his brand new Spartan helmet, thanks to the folks at Bungie (and their non-profit branch, the Bungie Foundation).

Just look how happy he is:

For more pictures, check out fiscal_'s gallery.


    That's just awesome :) I love stories like this :D Well done bungie, glad to see Fiscal_'s little guy is doing well :D

    I don't want to be a downer, but isn't 343i in charge of all Halo related products, games and topics?

      So? Bungie are still the creators of Halo, and it was Bungie that responded to the request, not 343.

        I just thought 343i would be the people in charge of stuff like this. I also wouldn't doubt Microsoft making a marketing campaign out of it either.

          Well it was Bungie he decided to ask and Urk got in touch with him over at the HBO forums. I think most people still associate Halo with Bungie, and probably will until Bungie put out something else.

          Microsoft had nothing to do with the release of the pictures. If fiscal_ had decided not to post the pictures to reddit, or they had gotten buried, then nobody would have seen them.

          Besides, Microsoft and Bungie have nothing to do with each other. It was a Bungie rep giving the kid Bungie merchandise. Not really sure what Microsoft could have had to do with it.

            I never said Microsoft had anything to do with this.

              Guys, guys. Neo has a point. What would Apple do if another brand started handing out Iphones for good feels and publicity?
              The Halo IP belongs to 343 and the point Neo is trying to make is, Bungie should not have the right (as a company) to use products they do not own.

                They have every right in the world to give away video game props from any franchise they want. As the creators of Reach they would have had a carter helmet sitting round and gave it to the kid.

                  The point is, they don't have the right. If they wanted the right, then they should not have sold the rights. This is what Neo is pointing out, so don't get all offended. it was a legit question that holds merit, unless there is something I'm missing about selling the rights that means you don't sell the rights then his question still stands on a fair grounds and running around it acting like "OMG BUNGIE DO WHAT THEY WANT BECAUSE BUNGIE" does not answer a single question. That being said, I'm sure 343 don't care that Bungie made a sick boy's life a little bit more enjoyable, I am sure they are quite happy about it. But that is still irrelevant to the question posted.

                  Please don't use the voting system if you don't understand how it works.

                Ok, since you don't seem to understand, let me lay it out simply, pay attention: you do not need to own the rights to an intellectual property in order to give someone a gift.

                Have you ever given someone a gift? Did you need to owner rights to thy intellectual property before you gifted it?

                Now, let's pretend that basic logic doesn't exist. Are you familiar with the contract between Bungie an Microsoft? Are you familiar with the sections that deal with the handling of merchandise or publicity? Probably not. As content creators it's entirely plausible that Bungie has retained some subsidiary rights when it comes to Halo.

                Freakin Internet lawyers! Unplug your keyboard before you further embarrass yourself.

                  OK, listen close now because I know you are on school holidays and your attention span is thinning. A company does not have the same rights as a person when it comes to Intellectual property. Buying someone a gift is just that, a gift. Just in case you were wondering
                  "gift" ,Noun: A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
                  straight from Google, not so hard right?

                  Don't stop now, you're doing so well! What is the word we are looking for in that sentence? can you guess? THATS RIGHT! "without payment"

                  Now as was stated earlier, 343 do not care that the item was given to the child, or that Bungie got the pat on the back, the question that you are still dodging (God only knows why you are still here and I have to reiterate the reiteration of an original question for you). While a gift was given, as a company the bulk publicity that this has incurred is "payment" enough for a single helmet and whatnots.

                  Now if you are still raging, take a minute maybe walk outside and look up at the sky, breathe in and think for a second. The guy had a legit question as to the possibility of Bungie breaking the rules by gaining from 343's new addition of IP.

                  I don't expect you to understand the question in the slightest but if you aren't going to answer the question then maybe best shift off. I really haven't got time for you, especially when there was an honest question posted.

                  P.S. here you go, little buddy
                  It is still safe to look at if your mum is behind you, it tinyurl'd it because the full path gave it away :)

                  I know you are going to reply, because your honour right!
                  If the response is again, something childish I'm not going to bother with you. So please bring a valid argument and don't talk about my keyboard, little warrior.

                For some reason I cannot reply to any of your posts except this one so here goes.

                Since you're convinced that Bungie has infringed on 343's intellectual property by gaining from giving away a piece of memorabilia all I can do is ask for you to provide me with a specific law which this breaks.

                It's that simple, go ahead and try.

                And when you realize that no law has been broken you'll have to assume that Bungie has somehow violated their agreement with Microsoft in relation to the Halo brand. In this case you'll have to provide me with a copy of the contract between the two companies which states that Bungie is no longer allowed to associate themselves with the Halo brand in promotional capacity.

                Think about it, if Bungie was in possession of a signed copy of a Star Wars poster, would it be illegal for them to give it to a sick kid?

                  Also, how do you legally quantify publicity as payment?

                  God, the stupidity is overwhelming.


                  You are wrong. The branch who sent the gift is not for profit. The publicity is a byproduct of the gift recipient publicizing the act of kindness, not an exchange of goods or services.

                The helmet they gave to the kid wasn't merchandise, it was fan made and sent to them. At any rate, this isn't for publicity, these photos were private photos taken by family, which the father decided later to upload to Reddit.

      I think it's a helmet from Reach (which Bungie developed), not from Halo 4, so maybe they had access to props that they were willing to give away?

      I think the helmet should be confiscated from the child until this burning question is resolved.

    Isn't he a little short to be a Spartan?

      Well, they did 'conscript' Spartans at a very young age...

    His son looks like 8 years old, he shouldn't be playing an M rated game.

      Parental consent. There's nothing in the HALO games that's any worse than a Starwars movie.

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