Conan O'Brien Shows Us The Atari Games We'll Never Get To See

Atari — or, well, Infogrames — has filed for bankruptcy, and ConanO'Brien is commemorating the 40-year-old company in spectacular fashion. From Atari Lord of the Rings to Atari Harry Potter, here are the games we'll be missing out on when the company goes bankrupt.


    Then don't upload THIS on an Australian website. Edit, It works fine to.

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    The fuck.

    I can't see the Video but that is far more colours than the Atari could display at once in the wrong pallet set and with a smaller pixel than it was capable of.

    Based on the Atari 2600.

    I'm assuming it's the usual take hot property and downgrade it concept, just on a TV show.

    for anyone who wanted to see the video

      thanks for this, funny video, that harry potter one is rather correct

    Seriously... wtf...

    Does anyone with half a bloody brain work for this site?

    Post content on a site that no one outside of the US can view, BRILLIANT!

      This may come as a surprise idiot but just because something has a ".au" doesn't mean everything is posted for specifically for Australia seeing as kotaku is world wide . If you don't like it get a VPN, build a bridge and get over it.

        ...or the paid journalists could have posted the version people can see outside the US, which is what the helpful person above has done.

        They do this ALL the time. Tis annoying.

      I am outside of the U.S. (not Australia obviously) and can view it fine. But, I see your point, though it could have been delivered with a little more tact.

      I guess that Fox or some other channel has the rights to Conan in Australia, which means that their YouTube channel is restricted.

      I really hate regional restrictions on websites... So much for the "World Wide Web"!

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