EA Exec Says Industry Needs More Women But Blaming Sexism Is A Cop Out

Gabrielle Toledano, Electronic Arts' chief talent officer, says sexism isn't what keeps women out of the games industry. "The video game industry is being painted as more sexist than other male-dominated workforces," she writes in a guest editorial on Forbes.com, "but the issue isn't just in video games. And it's not what's holding us back."

Toledano, whose duties include being EA's head of human resources, said it's "a cop out" to blame men for not making the work environment more attractive to women. "Nonetheless, there are still too few women working in my company, so it's clear there is an issue to fix."

She called hiring more women not some feel-good project for the sake of diversity, but something vital to making great games, as women play video games in numbers roughly equal to men. "Women know how to make games that appeal to women," she reasons.

But in placing the responsibility for boosting their presence in the games industry on women themselves, Toledano says that "women need to start by recognising that we are, in fact, gamers." And while she boasts that EA has twice the industry average of women in its workforce, "we can't find enough of them to hire, especially in engineering." To that, she called on the games industry, and the technology sector on the whole, to support educational institutions that aggressively encourage women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, where they are traditionally underrepresented.

Sexism in the games industry gained a lot of traction as a topic in 2012, seen particularly in the #1reasonwhy Twitter campaign of late November, when women (and some men) in the games industry listed all the stereotypes, double standards, and outright harassment that they blamed for creating a workplace where women are marginalized or unwelcome at best. It was followed by #1reasontobe, listing some of the better reasons to stay with the industry, but #1reasonwhy definitely got the most attention.

But "if women don't join this industry because they believe sexism will limit them, they're missing out," Toledano argues.

Toledano was careful to preface her remarks by saying she does not dismiss issues of sexism or sexual harassment or take them lightly. Still, her argument seems to be that stereotypes about gender and gaming are cutting both ways, and needlessly limiting the industry on the whole.

But if it's on women not to assume that video game development is a sexist fratboy culture where the long hours are supplemented with the misery of harassment, I think it's on men, particularly gamers driving this argument, to cut the assumption that engineering or science fields are naturally unappealing to women, or that who gets represented in video games and how is some perk of being the dominant majority in the workforce.

The entire editorial can be read here. It's no secret this is a topic that gathers a lot of knee-jerk reactions. Please do yourself and your fellow readers a favour and read the whole thing before hauling off in the comments.

Women And Video Gaming's Dirty Little Secrets [Forbes via Gamespot.]

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    Title: "EA Exec Says Blaming Sexism Is A ‘Cop Out,’ Doesn’t Explain Why More Women Aren’t In Gaming Jobs"

    Paragraph 4: "Toledano says that “women need to start by recognising that we are, in fact, gamers.”"

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      She also explains there aren't enough talented women in related areas to hire.

    I cant get to the main article at work, but from this article i agree with the fact that sexism is used as a "cop out", its good to see some sensible people in the industry who can see this and who don’t just pander to the masses out of fear of persecution.

    Downvote and flame away

      Not going to downvote or flame, and I'll agree that she probably has a point (what are the stats on women who try to get into game development and leave?), but at the end of the day there is a lot that can be done to make game development more friendly for female employees and pretty much zero reason not to.
      Lets say only one in twenty people who want to go down that career path are female, there's still a significant portion of those who find that their gender either limits their potential, causes them not to be taken as seriously as they deserve, or find they have to make personal sacrifices in regards to what they're willing to put up with in the workplace just to do their job.
      It's not at all companies and it's not something you can pin exclusively to all males both in development and playing the game but it's a problem and we can fix it, so why not?

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        See and while i agree that there is sexist morons out there, in EVERY industry, the gaming industry is taking a pounding atm from all angles and doesnt need, more people claiming that sexism is the biggest issue, if they are not willing to step up and use the correct processes in place to deal with sexism.

        Most women i've spoken to about sexism in the work place are to scared to bring up potential issues, that imo is thier own fault, Stand up for yourself, dont whine and moan about it online or in the media unless you have gone to your HR department or the LAW to try rectify any sexism issues you have in your workplace.

        You dont have to put up with sexism, but you need to actually do something about your circumstances yourself.

          Yeah, disempowered people just need to STOP WHINING!

          'Most women i've spoken to about sexism in the work place are to scared to bring up potential issues, that imo is thier own fault, '

          Your victim-blaming opinion is THE REASON they don't bring issues up. You are the cause of the problem. You, and the fact that 'the system' is not actually supportive in most cases. Stand up for yourself? Look forward to getting fired for an 'unrelated' matter or harassed out the door.

          Fix up or shut up.

            Troll hard mate

              Isn't that what you're doing? Because no rational person buys into the misogynistic nonsense you've been posting.

            "Yeah, disempowered people just need to STOP WHINING!"

            LOL, women aren't disempowered in the western world: They are the most pandered to, self enabled group in all of western society. There are literally hundreds of social & governmental safety nets in place specifically for women.

            You know why women make up the minority in designing games? Its the same reason they make up the minority in all hard sciences: Because they don't have to take them to succeed.

            Unless a woman is really REALLY invested in becoming a computer game designer why would they ever bother? For starters there is the probelm of putting oneself into a position of crippling debt while one is unproductively studying a ball breaking technical field, that is completely unforgiving; then there is the problem of getting into one of the highly competitive extremely limited company positions, fully aware that in 3 to 5 year time you are going to once again be unemployeed because the game you were working on is complete. In a business that is so completely cut throat as to be likened to gladitorial combat, but with 19 hour work days.

            but its okay, because in those 5 years with the company, you'll have exactly zero say over any aspect of the games you are coding... Because you are just a coding monkey.

            so to answer the question of "why there aren't more women in the gaming industry"; because unless one is seriously committed, its not worth it.

          Have you ever stopped to wonder why women are scared to bring these issues up? Have you ever considered that women who do raise these issues risk being subject even more sexism and even forced out of their job? And what happens when they go looking for another job? Maybe they get lucky and find one of the few decent places, or maybe they find a not so great place that calls up their former employer and finds out that they were a 'troublemaker'.

          So there are your choices, as a women you can silently accept sexist crap, be branded as a troublemaker, or move on to a far less male dominated industry. That right there is why there's so few women in the games industry.

            "So there are your choices, as a women you can silently accept sexist crap, be branded as a troublemaker, or move on to a far less male dominated industry. That right there is why there's so few women in the games industry."

            Prove that is the reason? go on i dare you.
            you cant, because its sensationalist BS. and your just another snarf who snarfs

              Care to put your credentials on the line there buddy? What makes you more knowledgeable about this than me?

              My credentials are I've worked as a software dev for coming up on 9 years now, and while the company I'm at now is one of the better ones, I've seen far more that are not. I've also spoken to a lot of women in this industry and heard and seen the kind of shit they have to deal with. This kind of crap is all too real and I've seen a lot of talented people forced out of the industry by it.

              So, your move, show me how you're so much more knowledgeable about this stuff. Go on, I dare you.

                I've been working in IT for 15 years software, hardware, customer support, sales and managment for public, government and private sector.
                I've worked for companies big and small, i've never seen a women forced out of the industry due to raising legitimate concerns of sexism, they have been dealt with using the correct and proper channels, the people involved (and yes i have seen men and women both raise issues of sexism) have come away usualy as more enlightend to teh fact that they had done something wrong, without realising it.

                The MAIN reason there is less females in the industry imo is due to the lack of interest, during my UNI days, 2 women in my classes, out of what 20-35 students.
                So i say again prove to me that sexism is the main reason for it? its a cop out plain and simple, there is NO evidence to suggest this is the main reason, there are a few women with bad expeiences, who never dealt with it when they should have, thats all.

                  Out of curiousity, what kind of software work have you been involved in?

                  Now tell me, why aren't women interested in joining the industry? Has it ever occurred to you that women specifically avoid it because of all the shit they hear about? As for your requests for proof, what kind of proof would satisfy you? What could I show you that you wouldn't just dismiss as you're dismissing it now?

                  database managment, some minor application development, server monitoring and deployment.
                  Basic script and GUI development.

                  Show me stat's of women who enter the industry?
                  how many women enter VS men?
                  what fields?

                  they avoid it because its stigmatized as a "geek/nerd" coulture, nothing to do with sexism, up untill what 2010, people borked at you for mentioning you working in ANY it field, esspecially if you were a women.
                  the sexism that everyone seems so intent on blaming isnt the main issue, the stigma that only basement dwelling, pimple faced nerd, who have no "sociel" life is the primary reason.
                  Give it 3-5 years, and the stigma will be gone, its been getting progressvly less in the last 10 years, slowly, with the invent of smart phones and mainstream tech use it will only continue to be less and less of a stigma (and while i hate to admit it, this is more than likely mostly due to Apples target audience)

      That's right! What about Men's Rights? Us white middle class males are the most oppressed species on the planet but do you hear about it? Noooooooo - it's all about whining women, darkies, homos, abos, lesbians and other recipients of government handouts using MY tax dollars. Climate change? With all the hot air these 'oppressed minorities' put out we don't need no socialist Carbon Tax.

      /I win.

        Seriously, its people like you that hurt the point im trying to make.

          That's the point binky - I'm trying to hurt your backwards-ass victim-blaming misogynistic point.

            Explain to me how believing that women should be treated EXACTLY the same way as men is being misogynistic?
            if i was inappropriatly approached at work and felt it crossed a line, i would do something about it.
            Its not blaming the victims you moron, im stating that without the victims coming forward no one will know they are.

            The article mentions that women are scared of the "possibility" of sexism in the gaming industry, the "possibility" see the problem, to live in fear of something that isn's gauranteed is not to live at all.
            Grow up or get off the internet.

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              Looks like you missed it the first time, here it is again:

              Yeah, disempowered people just need to STOP WHINING!

              'Most women i've spoken to about sexism in the work place are to scared to bring up potential issues, that imo is thier own fault, '

              Your victim-blaming opinion is THE REASON they don't bring issues up. You are the cause of the problem. You, and the fact that 'the system' is not actually supportive in most cases. Stand up for yourself? Look forward to getting fired for an 'unrelated' matter or harassed out the door.

              Fix up or shut up.

                thanks for proving you have no idea wtf your talking about yet again.
                leave the conversation to adults and go back to your justine beiber MP3's.

                  Advanced reasoning isn't one of your strong points, is it?

                  Try this beginner's introduction.

                  You claim it is 'thier' own fault.


                  Do they not stand up because they are MORALLY WEAK?

                  Do they not stand up because they are EVIL?

                  Do they not stand up because they are STUPID?

                  Do they not stand up because they are GENETICALLY INCAPABLE?

                  Any of those reasons would mean yes, it is 'thier' own fault. And if you think it's any of those reasons, you're a misogynistic douchenozzle who needs to go play with the traffic.

                  The reason 'they' don't stand up is because they aren't supported, and are generally attacked when they do. If you use 'the system' to try and make a stand, chances are you'll be unemployed within the year because at the end of the day, 'the system' is set up to cater for men overall.

                  It's obvious there is no level playing field - if there was, this conversation would never even happen in the first place. Recognising that is the first step to being able to formulate intelligent responses to the issue.

                  @burnside Too bad it's illegal to be fired for complaining about that sort of thing in australia so you obviously don't know what you're talking about, and I like how you assume that because he thinks that women should stand up for themselves that he's being sexist I suggest you re-read his reply's without out adding in your own prejudice.

                  Agreed Burnside!

                  Because all women are delicate flowers that should be protected and cared for! They can never ever ever be loud, speak for themselves or stand for their own rights EVER!

                  It's up to us males to waive the banner of womenhood and watch out for all thats wrong w/ men!
                  Because we as men are genetically superior! AMIRIGHT GUYS?!

                  Yes that was all sarcasm... honestly mate there's a reason why a lot of folks run victim support groups and whatnot. Its to help ANY victim stand up for themselves.

                  But you know the first step of stopping yourself being a victim? STOP THINKING LIKE A DAMNED VICTIM! YOU HAVE RIGHTS! USE THEM! It's often this very first and crucial step that is a major problem in all gender issue inequalities. Either they never stand up or they shout as tall as everest to compensate.

                  And "white knighting" doesn't help either. You're also perpetuating a stereotype of inequality when there is very rarely any (at least here in AU). Your relegating them to "victims" because your over emphasising "the system" is against them... when all it would take is for people to actually stand up and *use* the system or at the very least *fight* the system where it is lacking!

                  Women's rights was not advanced by the actions of the women who chose to live the "proper" life. It was brought upon by people who saw problems and chose to *ACT*. Action is the most important part of change.

                  In this case as brody has stated AU has a fairly decent workers rights laws. You have an HR department for a reason. And its illegal for HR to take a biased stand. If your complaints are dismissed outright w/o any form of investigation you can escelate it to WorKCover and such.... hell in a pinch you can even get desperate and resort to current affairs shows!

    "Don't kneejerk and drama this up guys. Unless you're me, where I'll proceed to do exactly that."


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    Could it be perhaps that women just aren't interested in being developers? Gamers aren't developers. Developers are developers. Gamers are gamers. The two can quite often coincide. But I reckon I play more games than the average developer, and they probably do more development than I do.

      Rubbish. Women are interested in dev work; speaking for myself, I wouldn't want to be a gaming dev, because I know how badly gaming people treat devs during crunch times, and I don't want to get into that shit.

        Gamers also layer ridiculous amounts of love on developers, particularly ones that do things right rather than pumping out garbage and attacking their fans.

          Whoops, thought you were referring to gamers, not management and publisher types

        So my entire argument is "rubbish", because of no adequate reason other than "you're wrong". When you yourself admit you don't want to be a game dev because essentially, it's hard.

        Moving along...

    At the end of the day, whether you're male or female, there are jobs that we would all love to do.. jobs that we want, regardless of the misery that it might create.. and if it wasn't "sexism" it would be something else that holds people back from going for these jobs and lifestyles.. maybe it's just laziness, maybe it's insecurity, maybe it's a life situation that makes it more difficult than normal.. blaming sexism as the total and complete reason is ridiculous. There are a multitude of examples out there where both genders have overcome walls to their dreams.. sexism is just one thing of many obstacles for all people.

    If you want it.. do it..

      That's victim blaming! If people can blame their fear, what else can they do to prevent themselves taking accountability for their own life and career decisions?

      That whole "scared to speak up" argument frustrates me to no end. Yes you might have been scared, but do you know who else was scared? Them dudes what did land on The Moon. Steve Jobs before releasing the iPhone. Everyone who has ever started their own business with their last dime or people who are striving to create medical and scientific breakthroughs to better mankind.

      EVERYONE is scared. Everyone is marginalised. Privilege is a theoretical concept that is completely broken in a practical application. Everyone has their cross to bear, whether Gender, Race, Class, Age, Weight, etc. And all of these are completely shifting depending on the environment they are in.

      This video sums it up:

    No offence, but why is this topic reaching Kotaku (.au) now. This topic was on Gamespot 2 days ago. They didn't create or dig up the story, it was merely a regurgitation, as this is.

    If the topic was thrown out there when Gamespots was it would have been more likely to have had a lively discussion of the topic here.

      Maybe because 2 days ago was Saturday and Kotaku might have thought that it would get more attention if posted on Monday morning?

    Its something I've considered before - the workforce composition of developers is not evidence of sexism in the industry. This is a much broader technical skills issue, not really a gaming one. You just don't find women enrolling in engineering, comp science or physical science degrees in large numbers, much like you find few men in psychology or nursing.

    That said, I think the lack of female characters with depth is a symptom of the workforce composition, and it certainly produce a number of sexist tropes. Hopefully things will improve.

      Exactly, thom. When I started my Engineering degree, about 5 out of about 50 students were female. After the first year, three remained (a similar percentage of the males had quit, too).

      "I think it’s on men, particularly gamers driving this argument, to cut the assumption that engineering or science fields are naturally unappealing to women..."

      Actually, it's not assumption, it's scientific fact that says men are generally stronger in these areas than women. Though, full disclosure, almost definitely not so much so that this alone accounts for the extent of 'under-representation' of women in the game development industry.

        Care to cite your sources for that scientic fact?

          I'd have trouble sourcing a reference (its way outside my area of expertise), but if I recall undergrad psych correctly, its generally accepted that men have better spatial reasoning than women (i.e. 3D object rotation, navigating 3D mazes using 2D representations etc.). I assume the OP is referring to that. It may partly explain why men are more likely to become engineers (in addition to obvious cultural factors), but I'm really not sure if that particular skill is relevant to computer science.

            It might be for certain fairly specific types of computer science work, but I'm pretty confident that doesn't come into play for the majority of software development work. In the past couple of years there have been a few programs started up specifically targeted towards teaching women to program, and the results of that have pretty clearly shown me that there's nothing remotely special about guys that makes us more capable (or more interested) programmers. That's why I always treat the suggestion of this sort of gender difference of any significance with a great deal of skepticism.

              I wasn't talking about programming for games specifically, but referring to general engineering and science/mathematics fields.

            Yes, that's what I'm referring to. Also, men have a larger inferior-parietal lobule (in the braaaaaaaaiiiiin) which is involved in mathematical processes. So men have a natural disposition towards the kind of basic processes and reasoning involved in engineering and sciences.
            It's why I said "generally stronger", but that's probably not the best way to put it.

            I'm not saying men are smarter than women; just that, for the above reasons, generally, men find it easier than women to get their heads around engineering and sciences.

            As my last point indicates, this is largely unimportant and should have very little impact on learning these skills. Anyone with determination can develop the skills and mental processes to become proficient.

            ....even women. (JOKING!!! Geeze.)

        'it's scientific fact that says men are generally stronger in these areas than women. '

        'Stronger'? You mean they have like bigger brains or something?

        Seriously, either your language or your reasoning needs to be checked out.

        Men are not 'stronger', they are culturally more easily predisposed to engage in those activities. Any physical or neurological basis is extremely low level if present and almost impossible to prove.

          Its called male IQ variance ergo more male idiots and geniuses:


          So more men better in the field of engineering.

            That's not how that works. It's not genetic, it's cultural.

    Doesn't this paragraph: "But if it’s on women not to assume that video game development is a sexist fratboy culture where the long hours are supplemented with the misery of harassment, I think it’s on men, particularly gamers driving this argument, to cut the assumption that engineering or science fields are naturally unappealing to women, or that who gets represented in video games and how is some perk of being the dominant majority in the workforce."
    Directly contradict everything that the EA rep was talking about? She clearly states early on that there are not enough women in the more technical fields and then the author somehow goes on to state that this is magically mens fault. I'd love to see some evidence of this, rather than a (really long) sentence of supposition.

    For there to be more women in the field, there need to be more women interested in the field itself. I went through high school doing at least one course related to programming every year and at most there were only ever 1 or 2 girls in the classes and generally (70% of the time) at least one of them would drop the course before the first term was over.

    We really need to break down this idea that programming is super complex that so many people hold, you aren't just dumped right in the middle of it and left to figure it out, you are gradually introduced to new concepts as time goes by and you build upon those same simple concepts the entire time your learning.
    My girlfriend at least seemed to think that learning to program would mean having to write out a hundred lines of code to do even the most basic thing, and she was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to start learning when i managed to talk her into trying it.

    Sexism definitely isn't the main reason why there are less female developers than men. It all comes down to interest IMO. There are less women interested in video games than men, and there are less women interested in traditional development roles, such as programming and game design, than men. Pure and simple. Just like all sorts of other things in life that men are more likely to be interested in than women. I'm not saying that there are no female gamers at all or anything like that, they're just not the majority.

    The next question that needs to be asked is, is this a bad thing? Why do we want more female game developers? Because it seems sexist to have a male dominated field? There are plenty of those out there, just like there are plenty of female dominated fields, and that's ok. It seems to me like some men are noticing a lack of women and feeling guilty about it for no good reason. Sexism definitely does exist in some parts of the industry, and I can see that some instances of it in games would deter women, but I don't see it as this magical bad thing that when vanquished will suddenly bring more women flocking to games.

    Edit: Another thing: I believe in hiring the best person for a job, whether they are male, female, black, white, in a minority or not. If that means there are less of a certain type of person in a workplace, is that really a problem? I think seeking out a certain type of person for a job just to fill a quota of minorities is BS. If a woman happens to be the best person for a job but is not hired because of her sex, then yes, that is bad, and should be stopped, but unless I'm mistaken, I don't think that's a really common problem in the games industry. There are simply more men applying for jobs than women.

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    As a side note - is the dude in that picture playing a television remote control?

      Explains why she's rolling her eyes.

      Probably. It looks like a very old and/or very cheap flat-panel, going by the inputs. I'd say he's playing the in-built Tetris knock-off.

    As someone studying games design/development now, I can honestly say I agree completely. The industry is male dominated because 'most' females simply aren't interest. Sure there are many exceptions like anything else but I'm talking the vast majority. One could just as easily say childcare or nursing are sexist industries against men (and to some extent childcare is generally sexist against men) but it mostly isn't, it's just the same problem that it's a female dominated industry due to interest/desire.

    My games class atm has around 20-25 people in it, all guys. Sometimes we work with the Digital Media group which is about 50-50 male/female and most have said they prefer that because they just have no interest in developing games....nothing about sexism.

    Summary of Gaming history:

    Women on masse:

    From 1971-2006:

    Look at those loser gamers and developers.

    Why aren't those men paying attention to me.

    Wow games are fun

    Grrrl power all the way.
    OMG sexism cos I feel so jealous of those sexy video game characters.

    ME Me Me me!!

      Summary of infowarrior's positive relationship with the opposite sex:

        So proud of your comment. I feel tears of joy streaming down my eyes.

    to all the geniuses claiming it's not 'sexism' but a 'lack of interest' - WHY do you think women aren't interested?

    Do you think it's genetic, that their feeble female brains can't handle it? If so, take a seat over there.

    Or do you understand that it's cultural, that we tell women from an early age not to be interested in these kinds of things?

    Why do we do that? That's right, sexism.

      "Or do you understand that it's cultural, that we tell women from an early age not to be interested in these kinds of things?"

      You just proved against your own point, its not the gaming industry that tells women not to be interested in game development, its society as a whole, that tells them is a nerd filled cess pit where they will be groped and oggled and sexually harrased.
      Its not sexism that causes people to think this way its the fear of being labeled that makes women not interested, its the judgmental mentality of society.

      Stop trying to blame the gaming industry for the shortcommings of popular society, its not the gaming industries fault that less women are interested, its not the industries fault that some people are mentally unstable and massacre people, and its not the games industry thats responsible for all the bad things that happen in the world.

        Your inability to reason is breathtaking but at least you are trying, I guess.

        Could you point to the part where I said the games industry itself that tells women not to be interested? That's right, I didn't.

        No, it's not the industry that SPECIFICALLY and ONLY engages in sexism, though you can argue that it quite possibly has a higher incidence historically.

        It is indeed all of society - which the industry is a part of.

        'Its not sexism that causes people to think this way its the fear of being labeled that makes women not interested, its the judgmental mentality of society.'


          wow... just wow... you have no clue at all do you, sorry mate, i truly feel sorry for you.
          sexism is specifically related to gender/sex/....
          society labeling someone a nerd/geeek/shut-in has nothing to do with gender... i dont know how much simpler i can put it for you.

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          You're a back peddling, hateful and illogical mess.

          Burnside is a perfect example of the type of outspoken mental cases that free speech and human rights harbor. Opinions heavily deluded by emotion and complete misunderstanding of how the most basic facilities of life work. Compounded by a false sense of grandeur, as in, everybody should listen to my deluded opinions because I'm right and you're wrong.

          Even when confronted with logic, statistics and personal experiences from the field they're arguing against, they choose to stagnate in their already deluded state and become the worst manifestation of human being... a feminist.

          If you're a male, that's a can of worms I'd rather steer clear of, because the idea of men reducing themselves to groveling brownie point hunters sickens me.

          Woman are good at a lot of things.

          Men are good at a lot of things.

          Figure out what they are, compartmentalize to your hearts desire and find a solution.


          Bitch and whinge until you've diluted every industry in the world with equality and a misdirected ignorance of gender specific specialization.

      Normally, I would try an reason with you but its pretty evident that you are just another femminazi that has got it into their head that there is this big conspiracy going on when it just boils down to males/females generally being more interested in certain fields.

      'Do you think it's genetic, that their feeble female brains can't handle it? If so, take a seat over there.'

      Nobody is saying that. Stop projecting your BS insecurities on other people. Please, either take a deep breath, step back and see what is actually going on or GTFO.

      'Or do you understand that it's cultural, that we tell women from an early age not to be interested in these kinds of things?
      Why do we do that? That's right, sexism.'

      Thats just the way it is. Nothing more, nothing less. As stated above, males/females are more inclined to be more interested in certain fields.

      I would say I'm surprised by this retarded reaction but then I remember that I'm posting on Kotaku.

      no one said anything about not handling it, men can hand childcare too, that doesn't mean they want to most of the time. read my comment just above.

      I know heaps of women who love games and design development but when it comes down to it 99% just flat out prefer digital media design (photo/video) or web design/development. It's not about being 'to difficult' or 'sexist' it's just what they enjoy doing.

      As I said there are just as many industries that are 90% women too but people don't go screaming sexism about it because they realise why they are 90% women (most men don't care for those jobs, just like most women don't for game development).

      So you're saying that sexism is the reason that men don't usually wear dresses and makeup, because we weren't given barbie dolls and dressed in pink from an early age?

      I think there's a pretty big difference between prejudice and discrimination based on sex, and males and females developing different interests. We are actually different, and it's ok for us to like different things. We can still be different and coexist healthily.

      You're probably right that culture does play a role in influencing what we are exposed to, but I think it's pretty hyperbolic to call that sexism. Besides, at the end of the day, we still make our own decisions in life.

    Simple it is the whole "nerd"/"geek" thing.

    Most women do wan't to have those labels that is why there are so few of them out there interested in anything to do with IT,

    Change that 1 perception and most of the problems will be gone.

    Also "appropriate" clothes must be worn at all times for MEN & WOMEN this would help alot. If you wear a skimpy uniform well somebody is going to hit on you whether jokefully or seriously.

    Most women hate games

      That's why females often constitute just under 50% of people who play games.

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        Just under 50% of people who play "games". Including smart phones and handhelds.

        Get numbers for PC and Console gaming, then and only then are your statistics worth a damn.

    The lack of anything resembling a work/life balance would also be a factor. Long hours and tight-deadlines are a feature of most of the male-dominated industries. It's not clear if it's a push or a pull factor for either gender, though (same as whether their presence is a major factor in pay equity issues).

    All I know is that the only objectifying female image I have on my desk is an anime-style statue of Claudia Donovan. I'm conflicted as to whether it's sexist, empowering, both or neither.

    Why aren't there more male nurses? or female geo-technical engineers? It's not sexist work places, it's just gender is the single biggest factor in determining who we are, our habits and you guessed it, what we do for a crust. Can the industry do more to create more harmonious work places, of course. EVERY WORK PLACE ON EARTH is guilty of the same. but not just for women, it's all people.

    Last edited 21/01/13 7:34 pm

    Sometimes I wonder if all the negative press is hurting the industry. I'm not condoning the mistreatment of females in the games industry, but with almost every article condemning the games industry for being misogynistic, sexist and intolerant of a female presence, is it little wonder females aren't enthusiastic about joining a games company? #1reasontobe was the best thing to come out of 2012 as it showed that the industry is not as bad as everyone keeps making it out to be. It'd be nice if 2013 was a year in which there were more articles written about why the games industry is a good place for females to work.

    Last edited 21/01/13 8:05 pm

    These arguments often leave out the biggest reasons why women can sometimes struggle to gain a foothold in the corporate world. They get pregnant and are far more likely to be involved in civil harrassment suits. Im not saying its a good thing, but if youre recruiting talent for a high level position, these things undoubtedly enter the mind.
    Unfortunately some people want to introduce quotas for female positions, but all that achieves is resentment from both male and female employees. Men think they dont deserve their status and women stress about proving they got the role by merit.

    Ugh, can we stop with males versus females already?
    As far s I am aware there are just as many girl who wan to get to games as there are males. You should hire someone based on their ability to do the job, not whether they have breasts or not. We should be encouraging everyone, no matter what gender, age, colour or sexual preference. We should also help them should they get into trouble.

    i know that if someone were sexist to me, i would probably tell other and try and get some advice. I'm terrible with being yelled at, but i think i would still try and do something. Also, maybe we should stop blaming he other gender and instead encourage them all?

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