Fez Is Coming To Other Platforms Later This Year

I could sit here all day and tell you how good Fez was, but if you don't have an Xbox 360, it's all a bit pointless, since it launched on Microsoft's console earlier last year and has remained there ever since.

Luckily, for everyone else, developers Polytron have announced that in 2013 the puzzle platformer will be making the jump to other platforms. There's no mention of just which ones, but you'd imagine it'll at least turn up on Steam.



    Coincidentally I just finished this for the first time last night. Pretty amazing game, hard to find something clever like this that really challenges your smarts. Pretty too.

    Oh good. Maybe they'll have time to patch and fix the game without having to spend 40,000 bucks because of a stupid and dated policy.

      That'd be a bit of a kick in the teeth to people who bought it on the 360 and are stuck with the defective version while everybody else gets a fixed version. Especially if there's a PS3 version where they'll probably have to pay a certification fee to release it on PSN in the first place. Although you could hope that maybe that would be enough to shame MS into waiving the fee in order to get their version brought up to scratch with the other versions.

        I hope it does. I hope people do start leaving the 360 once they realise why their favourite games aren't updated that often. Maybe then they'll notice that thier dated policy is dated.

        Then again, I'm also waiting on them to permanently reduce Xbox LIVE Arcade games like Steam and PS3 does, rather then advertising the DLC for Bioshock 2, Rockstar games, Borderlands, Tom Clancy games at 50% off for their Gold week "deals".

          I don't think the fees for patches etc is a 360 specific issue, though - I'm pretty sure Sony have a similar process for certification. Although maybe their fee is lower or something, I don't know. I imagine Nintendo will probably do something similar when Wii U games require patching.

            Nintendo have confirmed that developers can publish patches for free.

          I hope people do start leaving the 360

          You realise it's in its last proper year of life more or less right... just sayin'...

            For videogames, maybe. But I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft holds off and keeps treating it as solely a family media device.

    The first line of this story is the best line

    I keep hearing how good Journey is, I don't have a PS3 so I can't play it

    Yet, I keep seeing heaps of stories

    I hope it jumps platforms too, I would like to try it

      Won't happen, it was funded and published by Sony under an exclusive development deal with Sony. It'd be like Halo coming to PlayStation. There do seem to be a few of these XBL "exclusive" games that have ended up being not-so-exclusive, though. Limbo and Braid come to mind. But they were all 3rd party developed/published games. MS published ones like Shadow Complex have remained 360-exclusive, and I'd expect Journey to do the same.

    Fez on Steam is a dream come true. A Vita or 3DS release would be cool too!

    I foresee it coming to Wii U and using the game pad to look around.

      I thought the same thing, except using the touchscreen to swipe and rotate the world.

      Best news too is that Nintendo aren't charging for patches or updates either. It's a very indie friendly system and hope its in the works.


    I don't really think he's necessarily a genuine grade-A wanker, everybody gets snarky sometimes and game development is HARD... but he really could have used a bit of a PR filter at times.

    I saw a doco where Phil Fish came across as a complete twat, That was enough for me to decide I'll never support him by giving him my money. (Kinda helps that I wasn't very interested in Fez, anyway)

      You might become a bit of a dick when the gaming community spews hatred and bile your way all day, everyday.

    After finally getting around to watching the indie film, which this game featured on, I was a little disappointed to discovered it was an XBox exclusive title (through choice or not.. it's only available on XBox at this time). So glad to see the potential to be able to play it... I think it would work great on a tablet.. it's just that kind of game..

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