If Far Cry 3 Does Get Dinosaur DLC, I Hope It's This Ridiculous

Looks like we're not the only ones hoping that Far Cry 3 gets some dinosaurs sometime soon.

(Though it's not like we ever really thought we were alone. I mean, come on: EVERYONE WANTS THIS, UBISOFT.)

This video from ExplosiveAlan imagines what Ubisoft's first downloadable content pack might look like if it was called The Island With The Dinosaurs On It. Razor-frisbees? Dino-clothes? Blue pirates? I'd play it.


    with the good guys far cry 3 had.. i want DLC that lets me be the bad guys hunting them.
    and dinosaurs.

    Last edited 11/01/13 3:15 pm

    Pfft everyone knows everyone wants the Panda Island mod

    the cool thing about this is id actually buy it

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