Jon Snow, Meet Skyrim

That incredible Skyrim shot up there? That outfit (and modelling) is the work of Canadian Amanda Eccleston.

The shot on the right is a pretty great Jon Snow, and in the middle, yup, that's Crystal Graziano paying tribute to Zone of the Enders.

You can see more images from the shoot here.

As seen on HylianJean.

As seen on NikitaCosplay.

As seen on AnimeAngelCosplay.

As seen on Zerios88.

As seen on chelseycosplay.

As seen on crystalcosfx.

As seen on NekosRocks.

As seen on Beebichu.

As seen on ViluVector.

As seen on KejaBlank.

As seen on Benny-Lee.

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    I always a good perv on sexy cosplay chicks! I find the caucasion ones sexier than the japanese ones.

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