New BioShock Infinite Trailer Is A Historian's Delight

If you went to school in the 1980s, well, you'll probably find this to be one of the best video game trailers you'll ever see.


    I never managed to get into the old BioSock games but I'm starting to feel myself being pulled along by the hype train.

      I'm similar. It's odd, I recently started playing the first again because of the hype train. I actually quite like it, but like the first time I played. Once I am not playing I have no desire to go back. When I do, I like it. Then I stop and forget it exists.

        Once I am not playing I have no desire to go back. When I do, I like it. Then I stop and forget it exists.


          Different strokes,
          I was never really interested in the Bioshock games, but eventually played 1 because y'know... it's one of 'those' games you must play. Still don't get the love, found it a mostly boring trawl with a barely there plot for the most part. Ironically I'm keen on Infinite, always loved games set in the sky, be it air ships or air freaking cities.

          OT: Awesome trailer, great use of the medium.

    That is flat out genius. The sound of the logo at the start, the stilted voiceover - the whole things screams "VHS/TV wheeled into a classroom".

    Haha you didn't need to go to school in the 80's to see these. I finished school in '11 and we were still watching videos like this all the time. Bloody brilliant.

    I can't wait to see a response video from some old age american women claiming this to be real etc. now we wait

    Make me think of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. Speaking of, does anyone know what happening with the new seasons? In English?

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      That is awesome! Agree, it totally had a Mysterious Cities of Gold vibe in the music! Where can i watch the new season?!

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    Reminds me of the old videos ect they'd do in Lost, Fringe ect.

    Anyways with this game, so this is not related to the first two??? So the fact I never finished the first won't matter?

      AFAIK Its set like 50 years before Bioshock 1

      As for never finishing Bioshock 1, you do yourself a great dis-service sir :D

        I believe it's actually a prequel of sorts. It's definiately set before B1, or at least it was when they first did an interview with Levine upon announcement.

    ...That Trailer...

    Was F****** AMAZING.

    I dont know WHY it was AMAZING, but i wanna play Bioshock now.

    This video has WIN all through it, the backing music they used was way to eerily familiar and took me straight back to the stuff they showed in school followed by episodes of Behind The News each week.

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