Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Gets Australia's First R18+ Sticker

The first game to get an R18+ rating has been revealed; it'll be Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for its "High Impact Bloody Violence".

I'll give the credit here to the ever-reliable Vooks, who's covered this one nicely this morning, noting that it means curiously that the first R18+ game will come on a Nintendo console; not exactly the kind of match you might expect.

The classification board has sent out a release covering the announcement of the first title to get an R18+ rating, which means it'll face an interesting mix of state-based restrictions, including whatever it is Queensland finally settles on.

‘Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge’ first R 18+ computer game in Australia

The Director of the Classification Board, Ms Lesley O’Brien announced today that Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was the first computer game in Australia to be classified R 18+ in the newly created adult category. The Classification Board classified the game R 18+ (Restricted) with consumer advice of ‘High impact bloody violence’.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge is an action adventure game for the Nintendo Wii U console in which players assume the role of Ryu Hayabusa, a cursed ninja battling a terrorist organisation. Ms O’Brien said computer games classified R 18+ are legally restricted to adults. “Under the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games, R 18+ computer games will have a high impact and it is for this reason that these games are not suitable for under 18s,” Ms O’Brien said.

“Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge contains violence that is high in impact because of its frequency, high definition graphics, and emphasis on blood effects.” When making decisions about computer games, the Classification Board must use the criteria set out in the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games Act) 1995, the National Classification Code and the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games.

The new Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games came into effect on 1 January 2013. Prior to then, Australia did not have an adult category for computer games. Under state and territory laws it is illegal to sell R 18+ computer games to people under 18.

An application to classify Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was received by the Classification Board on 3 January 2013 from Nintendo Australia Pty Ltd and the decision was finalised today (11 January). It was classified M (for ages 17 and over) by the Entertainment Rating Software Board (ESRB) in the United States and 18+ by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) Scheme which covers most of Europe and the United Kingdom.

‘I encourage consumers to use the National Classification Database to find out about the classifications of computer games,’ Ms O’Brien said. The database is on the classification website at

The Interactive Games & Entertainment Association has also quickly put out a release, below.

Sydney, Australia – 11 January 2013 – The first R18+ classified video game is set to hit local shores after Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge was given an adult rating by the Classification Board today. The announcement is welcomed by the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association after more than ten years lobbying for the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer and video games.

January 1, 2013 marked the introduction of a new legislation to include an R18+ category for computer and video games. Prior to this, Australia was the only developed nation without an R18+ rating for video games despite the fact that the average Australian gamer is now 32 years old.

According to Ron Curry, CEO of Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, introducing an R18+ category for computer and video games is a key step in harmonising Australia’s overall classification scheme, and giving consumers better tools to manage and understand content in a rapidly changing environment.

“The classification guidelines for video games are now more closely aligned with the guidelines for film and TV which makes it easier for parents to make informed decisions about the interactive content they choose to buy and play,” said Curry.

Under the new legislation, computer and video games can now be classified as either G, PG, M, MA15+ or R18+.

“It’s important for people to keep close attention to these ratings before buying a game, but we also encourage parents to do their own research and read reviews about the game before they make a purchase. This also serves as a timely reminder for parents to update control settings on game consoles to ensure children are only accessing age-appropriate content,” said Curry.

Curry added, “It’s great to finally see Australian adults have access to video games designed specifically for mature audiences, after more than ten years working with government, families, businesses and the broader community to introduce an R18+ category.”

The trailer does somewhat back up that description of "High Impact Bloody Violence", really.

[Classification Board via Vooks]


    I have a feeling that this may drive sales of WiiU consoles in the hardcore market, just so people can play this piece of history!

      Someone please deliver a copy to Michael Atkinson!

        Attached with a note:

        "we told you so"

          I'd prefer something more subtle like "suck our collective f**k-sticks lololololol"

          Adelaide here, will do!

      This is on 360 and PS3 too, we are not confined to wii only.

        The Wii U version has been considerably remade. The original release for PS3/360 was criticised harshly for changing too much of the Ninja Gaiden formula and being worse for it, this release is restoring some of the classic gameplay, and it's only on Wii U.

          that suxs, why does wii get a remade version..... cheers for the update but the news just killed me making a pre order now.

    Having briefly played Ninja Gaiden 2 (before ragequitting it on the third boss), I think the amount of blood spray likely to be present in NG3 seems fairly reasonable - I think movies with similar amounts of violence (e.g.: Kill Bill) carry a similar rating, and suggests to me that MG2 is a good example of an underclassified game.

    Let's see how it bears up from here.

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      oh man, there are so freaking many examples of under-classified games its scary.
      NG2 is one of the many. So I do hope that the R18 classification will put a stop to that.

        Yeah we need to protect those kids!!!!

        Remain strong nanny state :D.

          Classification =/= censorship.

          R18 means adults can play what they want, while minors will have to wait until they are mature adults. I think thats pretty reasonable.

          I wonder if people would make the nanny state argument if the subject was alcohol or tobacco?
          both of those products are restricted to adults, & for damn good reasons.

            Plenty of people think that the plain packaging and the ridiculous taxes on alcohol are nanny state stuff. Alcohol can be sold to 16 year olds in some European countries and it's cheap as and they have less alcohol problems than us.

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            Australia is quite heavily censored, look at porn laws. One of the only western countries in the world where it isn't just fully legal, it is illegal to sell or rent X-rated pornography material in all states of Australia except the Northern Territory and ACT, and porn where girls have small breasts are banned... Now I know this article isn't about porn, but we are heavily censored. And we do have a nanny state and unfortunately people like you defend it.

    Noooo! Noooo! Not this way! Not this game! This game is nothing but bad memories! It has no right to be the first R rated in Australia game!

    It should be Mortal Kombat! The franchise that created ratings for videogames! The reason why some games were banned/altered in Australia! It would fit so perfectly being the first R rated game in Australia!

      Darn, that WOULD have been perfect.
      Oh well, life isn't a story (not a well written one at least).

      By all accounts the WiiU version is considerably less terrible than the vanilla release.

      I'll admit, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but it's better than nothing, right?

      " It should be Mortal Kombat! The franchise that created ratings for videogames! The reason why some games were banned/altered in Australia! "

      Distortion of history. Google for Anthony Larme's games censorship page Margaret Reynolds ; John Tierney and their committee, and read . It's more complicated / different than you suggest.

      Google the following:
      Video and Computer Games Classification Issues (October 1993) - Parl Committee Reports257930.pdf

      Both links are great especially the 2nd link to the crucial 1993 report.

      The 1st link is to a 2010 report and part of it says:
      (relating to events in 1993)
      "..Margaret Reynolds expressed dismay that the Committee's earlier recommendations for excluding the R 18+ and X 18+ classifications had not been followed".

      From the r-c link:
      "As part of this process, the Senate resolved in May 1993 to include the video games issue into the ongoing work of the Senate Select Committee on Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising Electronic Technologies. This was primarily a result of concern about a lack of regulation in the industry, highlighted by games such as 'Night Trap', 'Mortal Kombat' and 'Mortal Kombat II'."

      "The Committee handed down its report in October 1993, but in June 1993, governments decided to act on the video games issue. At the meeting of the Standing Committee of Censorship Ministers in Darwin on 24 June 1993, it was resolved that video and computer games would be brought under the national censorship system."

    I wonder what will be the first game to get refused classified in Australia as well....then the penny will drop hahha

      It's GTA V- just you wait.


        There has been already calls to ban it and it hasnt even released or showed any content yet. hahah

        Yeah... that would make me rage.

        I was calling GTA5, the first R Rated game... I lost. Fortunately nobody entered a pool on this because we all thought the same way.

      im guessing it will be seduce me as it would likely end up in the X18 rating rather than R18

        as a download only game seduceme is exempt

    I'm less interested in what the first R18 classified game is, and more what the first refused classification game since the rating introduction will be. (In my mind, it should be none.)

    [Edit] Damn. What the guy above me said.

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      Well pretty much we now (finally) stack up next to UK and USA, So if it passes there, it should pass here. In theory. The R18+ guidelines now give us a lot of leeway in terms of impact.
      But of course if any game breaks the "golden australian rules" (drug use being rewarded, sexual violence or anything like that) then yeah, it'll get slapped with the RC... But "those" games RARELY apply for classification here.

    Someone want to smuggle this up to QLD for me?

      The game won't actually be banned for sale in Queensland, oddly enough.

      According to a Classification Board representative, R18+ games can still be sold in other states and, incredibly, the delayed legislation in Queensland won’t actually halt sales of adult classified games in their own state.

      Read on below that paragraph to see government stupidness.

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        incorrect its banned under the Computer and Video Game images act 1995. Clause 4 1A e)
        Basically says if the feds give a game R18+ that it becomes RC rating in Queensland. Thats the section they need to amend in February. So yep, its banned in QLD. AND EB cannot distribute it legally from QLD either (their warehouse is there), so EB is f'd.

          Read the linked article. Particularly this bit:

          Since Australia has previously had no R18+ rating for video games there is absolutely nothing in current legislation that prohibits the sale of R18+ games. Retailers are forbidden from selling ‘unclassified’ video games but, in this case, the games will be classified — they’ll be classified under an R18+ rating that simply isn’t referenced in any legislation. This means that R18+ games can be sold, but there is literally no law to manage that process — no details on punishment for sale to minors, no set rules on how the games can be displayed. Nothing.

          “There’s no reference to it,” explained the spokesperson from Queensland’s Department of Justice, “There’s nothing in the legislation that prohibits it, because we’ve never had [an R18+ rating] before.”

          This puts Queensland in a precarious situation. By delaying its own legislation Queensland has practically guaranteed it will have zero provisions or restrictions on how R18+ video games will be sold in its state for up to three months. This means that, technically, retailers could sell adult games to children with no fear of punishment from the State.

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          That clause says that if the game was classified as a film and received an R18+ classification, then it would be considered RC for the purposes of the Queensland rating. I don't think this game was classified as a film though, was it?

          Instead, I think it is illegal because it would be classed as an "objectionable computer game" due to being "unsuitable for a minor to view or play" (that's pretty much the definition of R18+, right?). Sale of such games can lead to 6 months of jail time.

            it is classified as a film because the stupid government laws consider games films. And i did read the article, and on the day spoke to serrels on twitter about it and we both realised the law bans R18 games in Queensland.

            Go read the ACT.

            Classification of Computer Games and Images Act 1995 QLD
            Section 4
            Part 1
            Subsection 3

              queensland cannot sell these games, because people clearly don't want to look it up i will post the Act information here

              (1A) If a computer game is a film for the Commonwealth Act and
              is classified under the Commonwealth Act, its classification
              for this Act is—

              (a) for a computer game that, under the Commonwealth
              Act, is a film classified G—G; or
              (b) for a computer game that, under the Commonwealth
              Act, is a film classified PG—PG; or
              (c) for a computer game that, under the Commonwealth
              Act, is a film classified M—M; or
              (d) for a computer game that, under the Commonwealth
              Act, is a film classified MA 15+—MA 15+; or
              (e) for a computer game that, under the Commonwealth
              Act, is a film classified R 18+, X 18+ or RC—RC.

              This law is CURRENTLY IN EFFECT. Read that last line. Under commonwealth law a film (Computer game, stupid terminology they use) that is rated R18, X18 or RC = RC in QLD.

              Thats the current law, ripped straight from the act. Queensland currently cannot sell this game.

                Right. That section you quoted says "If a computer game is a film for the Commonwealth Act". But this was classified as a game under the commonwealth act, so that section of the Qld act does not apply. That section seems to be for cases where the state and federal bodies disagree over whether a work is considered a film or a game.

                I'm not disputing that the act criminalises sale of the game: just that you've picked the wrong section. So as I said in the previous post, look at how they define "objectionable computer game" and what the penalties are for selling such games.

                  No the reason why that act references film is because the federal act calls video games films. Thats why they have to use that language.

                  Basically it means that if under the commonwealth act (as controlled by the COB) something is rated R18+, in Queensland its refused classification. So they are over-riding (which under the seperation of powers between federal and state powers with classification is allowed) the federal decision.

                  They could just as easily say MA15+ is always R18. Remember when South Australia tried to do that but didnt because the feds got on board with R18.

                  The federal law in question is titled "Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995". Why would you think it refers to computer games as films?

                  By that rationale, films rated R18+ couldn't be distributed in Queensland either. Obviously this is not the case.

                  For some reason i can't comment under your latest comments james but this is because the federal law covers both video games and films in the one legislation and calls games films.

                  In queensland there is two seperate acts. One for video games and one for films. The film act is called Classification of Films Act 1991.

                  So because QLD has two laws you need to look at two acts to see difference between games and films. The clause around R18 = RC does not exist in the Films act of 1991.

                  @Choc: here's a link to the commonwealth act:


                  Where exactly do you think it says that computer games are films? The definitions section at the start even says that the term "film" does not include "computer games".

                  correct you are however This compilation was prepared on 1 January 2013

                  The amendments that were made under R18 re-defined computer games from films to computer games in their own category.

                  The QLD law was built under the old federal law and has not been updated to reflect the change. You should find the law prior to the R18 amendments that were introduced referenced video games as films.

                  @Choc and @James,

                  As an Aussie commercial law solicitor who dabbles in Commenwealth law from time to time, I can confirm that was Choc is saying is absolutely correct.

                  Games cannot "technically" be sold in QLD because of exactly the reasons Choc has brought up. Specifically that the government considers games as films and the piece of legislation does not reference the updated 2013 compilation.

                  @Choc: You still haven't pointed out what laws support what you're saying.

                  The laws that are being amended to allow R18+ for games were originally written in 1995 (for the most part) when the various types of media classification were consolidated. Computer games were definitely a thing back then, and I don't recall them ever referring to games as some kind of special film.

                  @Cosmoc: I am not arguing that it is legal to sell R18+ games in Qld. Rather than they are currently illegal under the "objectionable computer game" sections rather than a section that refers to films.

                  Last edited 11/01/13 5:23 pm

                the last time the QLD act was updated was 2009 i believe. You guys are right in saying that the federal law no longer calls a game a film but Queensland still does as of January 1st.

                Now you have thrown the loophole up that the game was classified under law which came into effect January 1st is classified as a video game and not a film.

                It is entirely possible because of this that the queensland act does not legally cover the R18 classification and it will not become R18 because it was never classified as a film under the federal law.

                I'll be honest having worked on this now for 12 or so months (R18 investigation and work for industry etc) that my mind is truly blown. This is going to get interesting.

                When the first commonwealth act was written for video game classification, games were called films. You won't find that in the current law, because that was amended to remove that statement. You need to find the ORIGINAL Federal Classification act as of 1995 to see where they were called films.

                So how does this affect the states? Well they were having to legislate because of the federal law. Because the federal law was written as basically for the purpose of the act games are films (so they didn't have to rewrite swathes of the preceding act). There has been numerous amendments to the act since then and one of those was to change that.

                The states haven't touched their classification laws for video games since 95 because they have not had to. Every state has now updated except QLD and also updated the definition that a film is not a game (as you will find in the federal act now and every state act EXCEPT qld because they have not passed the amendments proposed yet).

                PS. A lawyer i know checked this out today and says this is the smoking gun. "From Cth Act: "film... does not include: (a) a computer game "" - So because the Queensland act refers to them being films and the Cth act no longer refers them to being films and specifically states they are games the queensland act actually has no provision for R18 games within it because the game was classified under federal law as a game.

                PPS. The objectionable game section is referring to the rating of the game. Refused classification is deemed an objectionable game. under the current QLD law its referring to films being rated by feds.
                So basically an objectionable game is one that is not ok for a minor. The federal law refers that as MA15+ and R18+ now so yes if you want to interpret the law directly, MA15+ would be illegal under that law however they deem MA15 to be MA15+ under that law.

                Had the Queensland law said 'any computer game which is rated' they'd be ok, but because the terms do not match between federal and state law, there is a loophole that could be exploited.

                The problem is they use the word film and in no sense is the word film used in the commonwealth legislation anymore but i can assure you it once was. I did major project for this @ university and research into the entire regime in the early 2000s. It has stuck in my mind.

                It's just semantics but in legalese this always brings people undone. Tax law is a very good model for this how people drive mack trucks through to save millions of dollars because of semantics like this.

                PPS. yes the laws were consolidated in 1995. Queenslands were not. There is two acts of QLD parliament that run classification in that part of Australia.

                  i know why you are confused. But the other smoking gun is that this legislation only deals with books and games

                  if it dealt with film as well i would agree but it does not, there is a seperate qld law for it.

                  So if games were never called films in the federal legislation, why would QLD have called them that given they have seperate legislation that covers films and DVDs specifically?

                  This guy gets it. Watch this video (its not me) - But he really gets this whole thing.

                  Choc, you've been babbling on about this for the best part of 11 hours now. James hasn't replied in almost 6 hours (at time of your writings). You seem rather passionate about this issue, and I commend you for that.
                  But I'm glad you've now let it go, and hopefully you got some sleep.
                  You sure seemed like you needed it.

    This is the beginning of the end for Australian society. You and your sick filthy depraved video games. Now this country will be infested with multiple rape simulators that will fuel young men into even further acts of violence and disgusting behaviour. Repent. Repent you heathens. Why won't somebody think of the children.


      I came here to post something like this.

      Although I would have been more obvious that I was joking, and probably would have referenced the ACL and the term "floodgates".

      Smoolander, Australia is a democracy, this is a new law democratically introduced, so stiff thats how the system works. I remember when South Park came out and some woman wanted it banned due to her young boy watching it. I'll say now what I said then, "If you don't like it don't let him watch it" or in this case play it. Freedom of speach, as you so strongly expressed with your comment calling us "heathens", also implies to freedom of the media. In this case games. Im an adult, I can vote, drink, smoke, so I should have the right for adult games.

    Interesting, that sure was quick.

      10 years is quick?


        Make that 19 years nearly. Rating system for games introduced 1994.

    I'm not sure how "uncool" it is deemed to mention another gaming site here but Jim Sterling from Destructoid did a really good piece about violence, blood and stuff like this in video games as compared to real life. You should go and check out his latest Jimquisition, it puts violence in video games into perspective.

      I keep forgetting to watch Jimquisition until people remind me, which is weird because Jimquisition is actually good most of the time and I still drag myself over to Escapist Magazine every couple of weeks to watch Zero Punctuation. -_-

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    The definition of irony

    On a side note, since the Wii U's parental controls only go up to MA15+, I'm assuming they'll have to put out a system update (perhaps putting the update data on the disc as well) to remedy this?

    Last edited 11/01/13 12:47 pm

    I always said I was going to get the first R18 game whatever it was. Alas, I have no interest in the WiiU. Oh well.

    Awww I wanted the first R18 game to be one that I actually wanted, so that I could triumphantly march into the store and buy it locally just to say I did. (Then continue to buy everything else online / overseas)

    I'll buy this on release, just to ensure that it is known that this is what us gamers wanted! even though I don't yet own a Wii U.

    Also, I understand that this game is published by Nintendo? so Nintendo will be the first publisher to release an R18 game in Aus, A good way to try and prove you're hardcore.

    Wow, Nintendo publishing the first R rated game in Australia. I don't think anyone would have ever seen that coming!

    Banned in Queensland.... big deal, buy online and get it posted to you from JB HI FI or EB :D or save shit loads more money and buy it overseas like i have been doing since release of region free games. $120 in Australia or $40 in the U.S, no brainer really!

    Last edited 11/01/13 2:51 pm

      In all fairness if you're still paying $120 for new video games at retail, you're an idiot.

        pretty much counts for 90% of the population. places like EB and JB make a killing in Australia off retail sales.

          JB frequently slash launch titles to $69 or $79 and EB price match.

      What in all shit are you talking about. Only 3 games since Wii U launch have been over $79.95. AC3, ZombiU were $89.95 and Call of Duty was $99.95. And thats the RRP. JB and other department stores are even cheaper. Its been a long time since i've seen someone dribble as much shit as you. $120? WTF!

        Wii U lol your a funny one, did i mention what platform? it may have been a bit over the top but you see some fools buying collectors editions for near on $200 because it comes in a plastic box that looks something like an in game prop.

        all triple A titles are worth $40 to $60 at most, most titles are worth $30 to $50 no more!
        example of ripoff - Dead Space 3 - $98 at Eb Games Australia $66 on Play Asia with FREE Shipping...

    Stop harping on about QLD laws. Its only until Feb anyway and according to our constitution which guarantees free trade between states you dont need to "smuggle it". Its perfectly legal to buy & own anywhere in Oz just like federally classified X18+ content, Just not sold in Qld until the state Govt gets off its ass and passes the already agreed to legislation.

    Buy online, either from an interstate store or overseas store for $50. There's no longer any risk involved with Customs since its been federally classified. Not that Customs ever gave a crap anyway but it should reassure the wussy people. OR get a friend to send it from interstate if you cant wait until Feb. Its really not a big deal.

    Hell, I personally dont give a rats ass what its classified in this country. I buy my games from Playasia, Ozgameshop or one of the thousands of other sites on the net.

    FYI Razors Edge isn't being released in AUS until March anyway and the QLD Govt. is due to pass the R18+ legislation in Feb. So you clowns who don't do research have nothing to worry about. As per usual people with low IQs post unsubstantiated rubbish and then dozens of other low IQ morons jump onto the Dumbass Express - Destination - Special Ed Station. Before you know it they're all debating each other like 12 year old Speds.

    For some reason false information and general stupidity annoys me greatly. This backwards country now has R rated video games, wooooow welcome to 2001. I stopped caring before I was 18 - now being in my mid 20s I realise buying locally is also for speds anyway.

      for some one who's in their 20's you sound like a 10yo

      The fact you used the term '12 year old Speds' and then referenced the fact that 'general stupidity annoys me greatly'; some might say that's a bit ironic.

      I would be one of the some.

    Progress has been achieved! Now let's wait for the first game to get RC'd and see what happens...... *sigh*

    Anyone else find it incredibly ironic that the first ever R rated game in Australia is on a Nintendo console?

    Stupid rubbish from leftist do gooders that do nothing, and love creating stupid laws are rule that just oppress us. Isn't it funny that when the majority of the states get rid of stupid Labor do nothing governments, we get R18+. I will also add the stupid religious right in the mix to.

    But 10 years, while the majority of the world has had R18+ is pretty sad. Just typical Australia so far behind the world in so many things.

      Awww you poor thing. You're so deluded and know nothing about politics at all. Labor were the ones on a federal level, pushing for R18+ games, they supported it from day-1, and Gillard said if the attourney generals couldn't sort it out, she would pass legislation to do it for them. But, the conservative right, including Phoney Abbott, actually sent it off to another inquiry and delayed it at least several months. Aww you think you know something about politics. Take your bullcrap right-wing agenda, and find some facts plz.

      I kinda feel like i wanna find where you live, and pinch your cheeks, and tell you you're the cutest pumpkin in the whole patch for pretending to be a big boy who knows about politics.

      Might just leave this year for you. See if your conservative-supporting ass has enough education (after the libs ripped BILLIONS from education) to read it:

        Foetoid it was a Labour state Attorney General Michael Atkinson who was blocking this for year sweetie. So look at your facts, all the way back to Howard who was all good for intrducting R18+ games couldnt because one Labor blocked it. And for billions wasted you have Rudd and Gillard to thank for that. School halls at schools with no kids, No carbon tax, now carbon tax, 500 million to save the Falcon and Commodore which as of 2016 is finished. Live in QLD mate and you will see the damage of 20 years of a usless Labor Government. So mate get your facts right when it was South Australian Labor stopping R18+ games since 2006.

          I'm in QLD thank you. Micheal Atkinson was acting alone, the federal government supported it without him, but still needed his vote. 2 independent inquiries found the School Halls scheme to be 98% successful and on-budget ( i believe the last 2 percent was NSW state fault ). Every school i've personally seen (2 my kids have attended and 5 in my local area alone) have all been built very very well, on budget, and used every day. That 2% doesn't make a failed scheme. The Carbon Tax has already been found to have less of an impact than originally thought as it seems Labor over-estimated the household cost impact, while Treasury has found that Tony Abbotts direct-action method would have to set the price at $62 a ton, meaning massive increases of everything.

          Sounds like your one of the sheeples that believe QLD is in $70B+ debt. The libs here were caught out fudging the numbers, counting things into that figure that shouldn't be there. Real debt is less than NSW debt, around 20B. Labor in QLD werent perfect, the health payroll debacle was atrocious, but at least they arent blatantly fudging debt numbers to justify mass sackings. It certainly wasn't SA Labor causing the R18+ delay, the attourney generals act independently. Still cute you think you know about politics. Next you'll be saying you didn't know federal Labor saved Australia at least $200 Billion. Oh yes, you see treasury and most economists estimated our debt after recession would be about $350B (without interest) and 9% unemployment. It'd be 2020 at least before we were in surplus again. So Labor borrowed $150B, side-stepped recession (yes with the help of China and howard surplus, kudos where kudos are due, but it wasn't enough without borrowing more), now we're almost out of that debt, almost in surplus, and unemployment is 5%. Would you rather your tax dollars paid off $150B or $350B? Basic basic math would indicate thats a $200 billion saving.

          $200 Billion.

          Thats enough for me to vote Labor for the rest of my life, supporting R18+, the NBN and the NDIS are just icing.

            The 80B debt is backed by the Federal Labor, Standards and Poor, The RBA the list goes on. And by the by we are not in the surplus Swan said he can't deliver it, and Gillard lied again. They have rose the debt ceiling twice now at 250B. Mate keep calling me cute saying I no nothing about politics, you think we are almost in the black debt wise. Really keep dreaming darling. I done with you mate your right to vote Labor. But your miles off when you think we are anywhere this side of a decade of paying this debt back. Thats ok though, Labour need friends to, and votes come the end of the year, The Libs can't take them all. And yes it was SA Labor the AG has no right to go against party policy, as a member of the cabinet he must toe the party line of resign.

              They're gonna miss the surplus by only a few billion dollars. Someone call the police! A few billion dollars off their surplus is nothing compared to saving $200B. Last budget they had it nailed down to about $45B left in the black, with surplus "due" this year. Of course they'll miss the target by a few billion, but who cares. Oh and your sure about that 80B? Here is a nice one for you:


              Oh and im assuming you still think Gillard lied about the carbon tax? How can you lie about something in the future. There is a gulf of difference between a broken promise in the context of altered circumstance, and a deliberate decision to mislead. As such, to accuse Gillard of lying, to argue that the carbon pricing scheme is based on a deliberate, pre-meditated lie, in itself displays some pure idiocy. Have you ever known someone to go through divorce? If so, were the vows made at the wedding a lie? Or did altered circumstances force them to be reconsidered?

              Phoney Abbott is the real problem here. I've never in my life seen any more hypocrisy from anyone. He says the carbon tax will destroy lives even though it was his idea Dont you find it ridiculous that when Labor was against the GST, he was adamant that calling someones character into question over a tax was the wrong thing to do and should never be a part of politics, then nails Gillard to the wall over her character about the Carbon tax? He is as sexist and mysogynist as anyone i've ever seen. Rememeber his words "What if men are by physiology or temperament, more adapted to exercise authority or to issue command?”. What about his views on rape: "I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman's right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea tha sex is a man's right to demand, i think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak."

              Ridiculous. And you're going to vote for this pig, rather than the party who saved $200B, side-stepped recession, kept unemployment low and introduced the NBN? If the US had been saved from their financial mess by a party who side-stepped recession, they would vote that party back in for the next several decades in gratitude.

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