Rumour: Disney Is Closing Warren Spector's Junction Point Studio

We have no official confirmation from Disney yet, but rumours are circulating that Junction Point, the studio behind the Epic Mickey series, is in the process of being closed.

The official twitter feed of Roberts Space Industries, a studio based in Austin, Texas alongside Junction Point, stated the following: "Second 21 gun salute for a studio in 7 days. Fare-the-well Junction Point! We hope that you all find new studios soon!"

Both Epic Mickey and its sequel did relatively well critically speaking, but sales — while solid — didn't quite match up to expectations. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two sold just under 300,000 units.

We've gotten in contact with local Disney representatives and will update this story when we have official confirmation.


    You know, I honestly didn't know that Epic Mickey 2 had actually been released. I'll have to check it out.

    Good, less bad games will be made.

      Yeah people being fired is just awesome, you're right

    "Good!" - to quote Grumpy Cat.
    Epic Mickey 2 was a travesty, so much so that I was driven to send them a bitchy, whiney email hoping that they close out of embarrassment. and good to see they have. Hooray for the Internet! That's the only way developers will learn to make decent games.

    to be honest i didnt actually realise the epic mickey 2 had come out.

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