Skills: Here's How To Defend On Dust 2

It's the middle of the afternoon that's the hardest. Here - have a lovely frag video to make things easier on you. I don't know why defending like this didn't occur to me when I was playing CS: Source. In hindsight, it seems so simple.

For those who never warred on the mean streets of Counter-Strike, this is de_dust2, the series' most popular map by far. And what you've just seen is only half fluke - he would have practiced strafing and shooting at that exact spot hundreds of times, just to maybe pop a sniper at the other end.

Even if they have bought snipers, these enemies aren't expecting a kill through that narrow gap - the best they can conservatively rely on is counting how many black shapes they see cross it, telling them which side of the map has how many defenders.

But having them all line up like that for a long range pistol shot? That's one in a million, baby.

Thanks, Dowza!


    and that's why I don't play cs.

    Funny how much I played CS:S 5 years ago, but dust2 was one of my least favourite maps for some reason. I honestly cannot tell you why. Preferred Dust and especially my personal fave, Office.
    Still can't help but be impressed however with the time spent practicing such skills. I reckon if playing against that I'd still be declaring "hackz!" but lol.
    Real good to see you back around the traps here Jung, am I to guess you are covering for Mark whilst his kid makes the transition from womb to real world?

    That is pretty sweet. I never thought of doing that. Dust2 sucks.

    See, this is why you always buy a helmet.

      Lol. True that. How could a pro team not have bought helmets that late? IIIIIdiots

    eh, I've been doing that for ages from both sides of the door. Never got that many kills in one hit, but I did get a double kill once.

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