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    I've been awake since 2am. Jet lag is weird.

    Jet lag is hella weird


    I am still on holidays and just had to wake up to take Sam to the train station

    Morning all.

    I just finished watching Gatchaman Crowds. Really good, I definitely recommend it, though I say that as someone who's never watched Gatchaman before. The main character manages to be likeable despite the fact that her entire character is super bubbly annoying Anime trope person. I did get slightly confused at one point, but that's because I forgot to encode the subtitles on one episode when I re-encoded it so I could watch it on my tablet...

    I also finally finished The Devil's a part timer the other day. Its last third isn't nearly as good as the rest, but it's still a lot of fun. Oh, and I finished Attack on Titan even more recently. Definitely has pacing issues, but I really liked it.

    DayZ Diaries:

    Oh my god apartment blocks.
    This is new... this is strange... this is daytime. This is dangerous. But my internal monologue keeps saying stupid stuff like "I'm really thirsty" so I go off to seek water or soda.
    First apartment block. Empty.
    Second. Empty.
    Third. Empty.
    Fourth... god dammit.
    I run out to the shed out back, and I find pants, pants, pants (by this stage I suspect there was a large pants-off party some time ago), shovel, beanie, helmet, soda, pants, pa- wait, soda? I find my nectar of life and hoard it into one of my pockets rather than consume it. I start heading out when I see someone running around the sheds, and he sees me, and we both freeze.
    We both have our axes at the ready.
    We both stare a little longer.
    "Hello!" I chirp.
    "Sup?" he replies. "You need anything?"
    "I'm okay thanks! Just don't really know where I am right now..."
    "Yeah me neither."
    And then we ran our separate ways.
    What a nice young man.


    Back at work today. Boo-urns!

    Spent Christmas with my family including my somewhat racist grandfather. That was fun. Country towns are boring. Airports are also boring.

    Saw Frozen on Saturday night. Frozen is rad.

    And now, the next instalment of:

    Cakesmith arrives beyond fashionably(?) late to the party!

    I've never seen Doctor Who. Well, I've seen odd bits here and there. It always seemed incredibly cheesy when I was younger and I never really got into it.

    A few weeks ago when the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode was on I watched it. Mostly because it was on and I could. And I enjoyed it. On Boxing Day I watched the Christmas special. Once again because I could and enjoyed it.

    So yesterday, I somehow ended up watching the entire first season (Eccelston) of the reboot. According to the files that's about 10 hours of Doctor Who.

    I regret nothing and will start season 2 tonight. I should've taken 2 weeks off...

      I did the same except I started with Nightmare in Silver/The Name of the Doctor (basically the last two "normal" Matt Smith episodes).

      Doctor Who is odd. It isn't good but it's entertaining.

        Isn't good?

        Them's fighting words.

          I watch it, I enjoy it. I forced my girlfriend to watch it and I think she enjoys it (or feigns enjoyment, which is a victory in itself). Just because it's fun and enjoyable doesn't necessarily mean that it's good.

            Fair enough. I'm quite the hardcore fan, and I'll happily admit that some Who is quite terrible -- but when it's good, it can be very, very good indeed.

              And for the record 11> 9 > 10 :p

                You... you think Matt Smith is the best?

                  He's a toddler and I find that damned entertaining.

                  Also, Tenant has a habit of smelling the fart when he's trying to be dramatic. That and telling everyone that he's very clever is a lot less interesting than just going about doing clever things.

                There's something not quite right about your maths there.


                  Doctor Who is a long lasting show but somehow I doubt it will last that long.

                9 is greater than 11,who is greater than 10.
                And 4 is greater than all.

      jesus, i am never going to invite you anywhere because then you'll arrive 50 years late and be all "guys hello i am fashionably late" and then since we'll all be 70 or 80 something we'll have alzheimer's and be all "who the heck are you gosh dangit"

        Apparently it's already setting in because I said "beyond fashionably". Get it together Bish.

        Except you're already over a hundred...

      Frozen was incredible. Loved it.

    Reindeers are better than people.

      That's not such an achievement, being kicked in the face is better than most people

    Ooh, finally a new TAY! Alex is the best at taking care of us while Mark's away.

    Today is my daughter's 13th birthday.
    Yup, I'm now the mother of a teenage girl. Anyway, going to take her and her best friend on a surprise shopping spree today. Pray for me. :P

      Oh man, shopping spree? That sounds nightmarish! Haha! Hope you have a great day and hope your daughter does too.

        It's the thirteen year old thing to do. :P

        And thanks!

          Should take her to see Frozen. FROOOOOZEN.

          (According to my time travelling you took her to see Wreck It Ralph last year, so it could be a Disney tradition! :D)

            Thirteen year olds think animated movies are beneath them.

            I also do not have any desire at all to see Frozen....

              Haha! Thirteen year olds do think animated movies are beneath them. Mulan came out when I was thirteen and I only saw it for the first time this year because high school age D.C. couldn't be seen at a Disney movie. :P


                It's a shame too, cause that movie would've made a man out of me. :'(

                High school would've been so different. :P

                Isn't that great how that works?
                Pre-teen you're all "WOOOO DISNEY"
                Then during your douchey years you're all "Please, I'm too mature for animated films."
                Then once you're 20-something you're all "WOOOOOOOOO DISNEY"

                I saw Finding Nemo release weekend at age 16 with a group of friends, half of whom were hungover.

                It was the 6 or 7 of us and an ENTIRE CINEMA of mums & bubs.

      So... if you're the mother of a teenage girl, that means some unfortunate gentleman is now the father of a teenage girl. Has he taken up residence in a rocking chair on the front porch with a shotgun resting across his lap yet?

        That's pretty much my plan, although I've got a few years to whittle an entire tree down into its rocking chair form. That's how it's done... right?

          Yeah, but you can't use just any tree. You're supposed to plant the tree on the day of your daughter's birth, let it grow as she grows, then chop it down and start a-whittlin'. If you didn't plant your tree at the appropriate time then I'm afraid I can't help you.

      Happy B'day to her! (almost wrote her name, but figured I shouldn't in case you didn't want it out there ;)

    I've, uh, been playing Love Plus.


    and a translated Valkyria Chronicles 3! There's a newly completed fan made english patch out now, if you don't know.

    but I've mostly been playing Love Plus.

      Imagine how well trained you'll be if you ever get a schoolgirl as a girlfriend though!

        Just because I'm in Canada doesn't mean I'm obligated to fulfill any Scott Pilgrim scenarios.

      I can understand why you would play Love Plus. It's not just about love, it's about maths as well! \o/

        That's two themes in one game!

        Last edited 30/12/13 11:15 am

      Love Plus, you say? There's only one possible response to that.

      Manaka, Rinko or Nene?

        Nene, no contest. I've a feeling that I keep hitting up the flags for the other girls and keep missing Nene's. :/

        Last edited 31/12/13 12:00 pm

    Played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the weekend. Holy damn, so great. Really clever puzzles and a world that is full of charm and atmosphere. Had a definite Ico vibe too. (Atleast towards the end of the game.) Still on sale on Steam today. If you're on the fence, let me push you off! :D

      I heard it was really called Brothers: A Tale where Men are Helpful and Women are Deceitful Cows.

        *backs away slowly*

          Oops...I forgot the :P.

          Colon Pee! Why have you forsaken me? :P

      How long did it take you to get through it? I've heard good things about it but don't really have the time to start something that's going to soak up more than a couple of hours at the moment. Just started Persona 4 Golden over the weekend, y'see.

        Reasonably short game. It took me a bit over four hours, but I notice everyone else on my Steam friends list finished it a lot quicker than me. (I tend to play games slow. Also had to replay a chapter after a bug.)

          Hmm 4 hours sounds pretty reasonable. And on sale this month for $6.52 for PS+ subscribers, so can't really complain about the price. Will probably do it.

            Honestly probably one of my favourite games this year!

              Bought it last night. Damn you and your persuasive ways!

        It seems nice and short, Mrs Tigs and I think we are about 1/2 to 2/3 through after a couple of hours. And that was a single session over the weekend, we probably would have blasted through the whole thing in a single sitting except my hands got sore from using the controller (master race so I don't play long sessions with a controller often)

        Persona 4 Golden is brilliant!

          Yeah, I'm really enjoying it so far. First couple of hours were a bit slow while it gets started, but I've just rescued Yukiko and things are starting to open up a bit now.

            Yeah, the first 2 hours are basically a tutorial. Once you get past that though, so damn good!

    Wanted to watch a romcom-ish anime, chose Angel Beats!

    My body was not ready...

    Last edited 30/12/13 10:34 am

      I love Angel Beats. Started thinking this morning that I should rewatch it.

    Seriously, guys, my new headphones are amazing. The clarity is brilliant, the bass is thumping and it has improved my music listening experience immeasurably. So, if you want a new pair of headphones, you can't go wrong with a pair of Yamaha HPH-200. (Not an ad, I'm just in love with my new headphones.) :D

    So four weeks today I'll be boarding a cruise ship with awesome bands. \m/

    And over the weekend one of the latest announcements was a band called Haggard. I'd never heard any of their music before but now I'm addicted. They call themselves a metal orchestra and they are made of awesome.

      Oh man, your trip sounds awesome! How many times have you been so far?

        This will be my third and Mr. Strange's fourth.

        @mythamphetamine was supposed to go as well this time but he bailed on us. He's gonna regret it. Doofus. :P

          Oh man, what a doofus! Maybe the metal bands scared him. They're pretty scary.

            No, no they're not. Doofus.:P
            Besides, Aleph listens to bands that are way "scarier" than what I listen to.

      Bavaria \o/
      Their Sopranos are amazing, Herr Mannelig really shows them off and is amazing.
      Really long songs as well, still deciding if that's a good or bad thing. Some of the doom metal gets a bit much for me but I'll see how I go with some more

      I think a friend of mine's sister is going on that cruise.

      I'd suggest saying hello except she's annoying.

      We gotta go on the Barge To Hell next time instead!
      Or Waken. Let's do Waken.

      Have fun Strange, it'll be a blast!

        I'm never going on the Barge To Hell. Eww. You really missed out this year though, it's the most Barge-like line-up ever.

    Den of Geek's Top 10 Films of 2013

    10. Frozen
    9. Place Beyond The Pines
    8. Stoker
    7. The Way Way Back
    6. Pacific Rim
    5. Iron Man 3
    4. Before Midnight
    3. Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    2. The World's End
    1. Gravity

    I've seen 4 of those. Stoker, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3 and Gravity. Got some work to do.

    Last edited 30/12/13 10:42 am

      I've seen Frozen, Pines, Hunger Games, Gravity and Pacific Rim. Really wanted to see Way, Way Back.

      Freeze, trust me. You got daughters and have a reasonable excuse: GO SEE FROZEN! :D

      Last edited 30/12/13 10:29 am

      I've seen one. But hey, at least it was the number one one.

      Wow, I've only seen 1 of them. Geek cred crumbling

      Up until the last 2 weeks I'd only seen 3 of them.

      Now I've seen 5.

      Frozen, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Catching Fire, The World's End.

      Gravity, Hunger Games, Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim for me. It saddens me to admit that I haven't seen The World's End yet.

      I've seen Gravity, Pacific Rim and Iron Man 3. Can't believe I missed The World's End and Before Midnight (although I think that one was in cinemas for all of about 3 days).

      Some absolutely stellar stuff coming out in the next few weeks including new Coen Brothers (Inside Llewyn Davis), Spike Jonze (Her) and Martin Scorsese (The Wolf Of Wall Street). Can't wait.

        Can't wait to see Her. Looks amazing. Also looking forward to Saving Mr. Banks.

        Keen for THe Wolf of Wall Street but I have a bit of a weakness for Leo. The man can act and is fantastic in anything he does.

          The Academy thinks differently.

            The Academy also never got around to giving Scorsese a best director Oscar until The Departed - apparently Dances With Wolves was a better movie than Goodfellas. Heads up their arses, man. Heads up their arses.

        The World's End is really good, probably better than Shaun of the Dead, bit I'll have to watch them side by side to be sure.

        The ending is really bad, though.

    I've been playing AssCreed Pirates ... ALOT of it actually. Really loving the game, I can see why some people have voted for it for GOTY. It's hard to point out a major fault (haven't really encounted any bugs since the first couple of missions) probably my biggest gripe is the controls but that's probably just me being 'special'. I've kinda ignored doing story things and am just derping around blowing up all the ships! I love games that let you derp around! \o/

      I'm seriously considering going for 100% - save file says I'm at 95? So much fun. And I couldn't bring myself to finish AC3 before Black Flag came out. 3 was not very good. 4 is awesome. Ranty rant rant.

        You should consider getting ac liberation if you've never played it, it was pretty damned good I thought

    Breaking Bad season 2 binging begins now, whole box set as a treat to myself

    Assetto Corsa is 25% off...
    I don't know if it'll be on the Second Chance Sale... :\

      If I had to guess I would go with it not being on second chance. Niche game that is still in early access, I don't think so.

    Bleh, this is such a bad time to pick up a mystery virus. Starting the new year while sick must be some sort of omen of dire things to come. D:

      Aw man, hope you feel better! Also, you should attend some meats in 2014! :D

        Thanks DC. I shall attend many meats in 2014. :D

      Or, getting all the bad stuff out of the way to make the rest of 2014 clear! \o/

        That's one way to look at it. Thanks Nob. :)

    MultiTAYer Monday takes place in a galaxy far, far away!
    That's right, tonight is Star Wars Battlefront 2!
    Starts at 8:30pm (VIC, TAS, NSW); 8pm (SA); 7:30pm (QLD); 7pm (NT); 5:30pm (WA).
    See you then, the more the merrier!

    Hot chips for lunch me thinks, can't believe tomorrow is new years eve

      Looking forward to your date with Sam?

      Wait, that was last year. *moseys off*

        It was an amazing date and it has been an amazing year, I love that woman so much, how is my brother DC

          I ain't heavy!

            But we sure as fuck are kindred spirits nrother

    I have decided I'm preordering a PS4 on Thursday. I've sold a few more of my games as Christmas presents, so I'll use the money from them as the deposit. I'm looking forward to getting one even if I have to wait a while.

      Awesome! Don't worry 'bout the wait too, the longer you wait the closer Infamous: Second Son and Watchdogs gets. :D

        Watchdogs sounds awesome. The only console I've ever gotten at launch was my PSP, so I have no problems waiting.

        That's assuming watchdogs comes out THIS TIME.

        I still can't believe I prepurchased it and less than 10 minutes later I read it's delayed...

      Honestly, waiting is probably better. It's nice to have one but I can't really see myself playing much on it until Infamous hits.

    Holidays have made me dazed and confused, I completely forgot that there would be a new TAY today.

    Bravely Default is a pretty cool guy.

      You are! >:|


        Really enjoying ZombiU again, too! On the final 'mission', hoping to finish it today.

          Such a good atmosphere. Too bad there's no sequel.

      Only 4 or so hours in. Been leaving it on sleep mode for the last few days building stuff in Norende while playing AC4 haha.
      Ringabel is quite amusing.

    Interested in going and seeing the hobbit 2 today. Didn't like the first one but apparently a lot of people thought it returned to a more Lotr quality movie. Thoughts? Is it worth the movie price?

      I saw it last night and thought it was good. Tighter and less unnecessary filler. Some changes from the books but they serve to build out some characters who aren't properly developed in the book and lessen the amount of deus ex machina. About the only thing that annoyed me was that the way they did Smaug makes him a wyvern instead of a dragon. Not enough legs. That said, he's pretty impressive and Cumberpatch does an amazing job voicing him as well. Enjoyed it a lot.

      However I also only saw the first film over the weekend and thought it was pretty good too. Though the fact I could pause it, get up and get a drink / go pee in the middle of it may have helped a lot.

        I actually enjoyed the first one quite a bit, too. I avoided it for ages due to the pretty ordinary word of mouth, finally picked it up when it was going cheap on BluRay and watched it then. Maybe it was because my expectations had been set so low, but yeah I really liked it for the most part. A bit more padding than necessary (god only knows what they could have left out in order to be able to produce the Extended Edition), but yeah, well worth watching.

          Yeah for me I probally set my hopes way too high as I expected a lot after Lotr. Also having read the book as a kid, growing up on the lore, adding in the white Orc felt like a clichéd attempt at gaining a Holly wood-style villain. I'm exited to see the new one though, everyone seems very positive!

            This. The Hobbit is my most cherished book from childhood.

              Mine too. It was the first proper novel I ever read I think, I must have gone through it dozens of times. But I don't mind the changes they've made so far as they're minor in the greater scheme of things and help tie the ancillary material from the LotR appendices into the main story, lower the sense of deus ex machina the book has (Bilbo et. al are constantly being rescued at the nick of time by things that weren't introduced or even hinted at until that exact point) and flesh out some of the characters that really needed expansion to not be cardboard cutouts (eg Bard, Thorin)

            Azog was added mainly to flesh out the secondary story with the Necromancer and everything, I think. Also so there's a bit more purpose and tension to the story in the first film, because without him there wouldn't be a visible enemy and associated conflict for the movie. You're right that he felt a bit stereotypical though, but then so is the dragon, and the Smaug is an awesome villain.

              We'll I just returned from seeing the movie, and can happily say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! Without dropping any spoilers, I felt they fleshed out his character a lot more than I expected, and ending up actually not minding his constant blind rage. (He's an Orc that's what the do!)

              But seriously Smaug had to be one of my favourite characters in a movie... I think ever. Such a perfect pick for that voice.

      2nd one is much better. More focused story, less crumbling under its own lore.

      Was disappointed with the unnecessary over-inclusion of Orlando Bloom (Legolas wasn't even in the book). Started out with reasonable inclusion, but having the orcs attack Laketown was a bit much.
      Also disappointed with the emphasis on action sequences with Smaug in Erebor.

      Spoiler tags just in case, though if you haven't read The Hobbit by now, shame on you.
      I understand the need to change things to fit the different media, but it's a shame to see how much they're changing to try and attract a broader audience. Bugger that.
      Other than that, really enjoyed the movie. Great score, amazing visuals, quality acting, Stephen Fry...
      The actor who played Bard looks disturbingly like Orlando Bloom...

        Legolas has Orcrist now, so presumably he'll have to be in the third film to give that back to Thorin instead of Thranduil. Also I think his inclusion is justified, as a call-back to Lord of the Rings so you can see how much his character grew through that story since he's a bit of a dickhead in the Hobbit films, and also because it helps tie the elves of Mirkwood a bit more tightly to the story.

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