This Robotic Battle Tank Is All That Is Missing From My Mobile Arsenal

The phone-controlled robotic pet battle escalates significantly today with the launch of Desk Pets' Battle Tank, the tiny tread-borne desktop terror, ready to roam about your work surface narrowly avoiding obstacles until it's needed in battle.

The Battle Tank might not have the sleek futuristic style of Desk Pets' TankBot, but it makes up for it with the ability to shoot TankBot right in its smug little face. Controlled via a headphone jack dongle the Battle Tank is a weapon of tiny destruction, free to fire on other products in the Desk Pets line, from the sleek CarBot to the insectoid SkitterBot.

Okay, so the Desk Pets people need to work on their naming conventions. The point is I can control this tiny tank with my Android or iOS device, hunting down rogue robots and putting them down. Throw in the MazeBot arena playset and I've got a phone-powered physical version of Atari 2600 classic Combat. I want to purchase an entire setup and take it to the mall, turning the food court into a mobile battle area.

I have big dreams for tiny tanks.

The Battle Tank and the rest of the Desk Pets line can be purchased directly from


    My girlfriend got me a wifi-controlled tank for Christmas, but despite checking the statistics before ordering, they sent a iOS-controlled one instead of the Android one specced.
    So frustrating for both of us.

    The hollywood-like, high production values of the video have persuaded me that this isn't just some trash that will break within 5 minutes of owning it and will function perfectly and provide hours of true enjoyment.

    This is just Combat Digi-Q, but with inferior build quality and (lack of) controls.

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