This Is What Happens When Your Killstreak Is Too High In Halo 4

Hearing the announcer in a first-person shooter boom a proud "killing spree" is standard fare. But what happens when your killstreak is so damn high that the announcer himself can barely keep up with you?

TheWarpZone and an Anthony Burch from Gearbox look alike have that answer for you. And now I can't stop laughing.


    Must be an American game, I saw no rubber banding :P

    That used to happen to me in Quake3 Arena a lot.
    - You have taken the Excellent!
    - Quaddam The lead!
    - Get ready Excellent!
    - You have taken the.. you have lost the.. quaddamage.. Excellent

    that was either extremely funny, or so tired that ill laugh at anything... :)

    Unreal Tournament 2003 will forever have the best killstreak announcements in gaming.

      It's aiight, but it's got nothing on what I think was the 'first-announcer-in-a-FPS' being Blood.
      Absolutely smashing a player with loads of explosives and the announcer spits out, "SODOMISED!" at which point you promptly start to kick the guy you just poleaxed's head about like a soccerball.... GREAT game.

    This was about as funny as a kick in the head.

    That was pretty cheesy.

    Like a double cheeseburger, with extra cheese, with melted cheese on top.

    Clearly that guy had host lag playing in the US against a bunch of Aussies.

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