Watch 15 Years Of Pokémon Graphics Evolve, Slowly But Surely

The Pokémon games gradually become more lovely to look at year by year and system by system, at about the rate that mighty rivers turn into Grand Canyons.

But graphical improvements do occur!

Here are the six main Pokémon games. See how they've evolved...

1998: Pokémon Red/Blue on the Game Boy starts simple

Still via PokemonDungeonTV

2000: The Game Boy Colour gives Pokémon Gold/Silver gives the series... colour.

Still via Chuggaaconroy

2003: A major font-kerning upgrade appears in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, on the Game Boy Advance.

Still via JakeTheHappySnake

2007: The Nintendo DS, uh, barely improves things. Thanks for nothing, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl.

Still via PokeGuideHD

2011: That's better, Nintendo DS! Pokémon Black/White have appreciably better graphics.

Still via PokemonJourneyHD

2013: Finally. With the help of the 3DS, Pokémon X/Y finally makes a Pokémon game look... modern. And spiffy!

Still via this morning's debut trailer for the October 2013 Pokémon X/Y.


    I love how it's all just a gradual change until you get to X/Y, and then it's like BAM! Welcome to the 21st century!

    Gen IV barely improves things....? Seriously?

    While the design is similar in battle view, they have ignored the improved colour palette, animations and resolution.

    Then you have the whole out of battle view, which, I dunno, I tend to spend quite a bit of time in... The 3d environments introduced in genIV were a *massive* leap forward!

      I can't agree with you more. I would even go as far as to say gen IV graphics are in alot of ways better than gen V, especially with the ridiculously pixelated back sprite and mostly awkward animations.

        They fixed most of the awkward animations in B/W2, but the back sprite is still horribly pixellated on 90% of sprites.

    my only concern with it being all 3D and fancy is the attack animations. now the battles are going to take even longer. not a major issue but I remember in pokemon Stadium the animations were the longest part of the battles.

      You've been able to turn the battle animations off in all the previous generation, so it's likely we'll get the same thing here.

      Thank god they're redoing the over world. I thought the 2.5D OW of Gen 4/5 looked terrible.

    Nintendo is killing me, they happily pump out mario game after mario game, but give us nostalgia happy 151ers a new remake please, I'd but a 3DS purely to play it. Every time I play a new pokemon game I burn out after a couple hours, I made it about 3 hours into black before I called it quits. I just want to catch a caterpie and pidgey and run round with charmander over and over. Change the gameplay not the pokemon.

      I second this, the reharshing 8 Gym Leaders/Elite 4 formula has been DONE TO DEATH AND BEYOND, give us a new pokemon formula and redo the battle system

        Why redo the battle system? Its there for a reason? You can get other games with other battle systems. Same with the adventure.. The whole point is to venture out, defeat the gyms and prove that your a trainer that's ready to enter the pokemon league.

        What they need to do is change up the story each round, and they have been really trying to do that with Black/White 1 and 2.

        Don't fix what isn't broken.
        Plus changing the battle system will completely screw over the metagame.

      So you'd rather a remake over a whole new game? And a remake that doesn't play like the original at that?

        Pretty much :P changing some of the core RPG elements of the game but using tried and true pikachu would be far more interesting to me.

      They have already redone the first 151 twice, heck, throw in the follow ups - gold and silver and you get it 4 times (since all the of the pokemon are in both). Why do they need to remake the first game again for?

      But that's what they're trying with Pokemon ranger, Pokemon mystery dungeon, Pokemon Conquest, etc. The games are there, though perhaps they don't experience the same polish as the mainline, though I hear Conquest is quite good, so you should give that a go.

      If you want to go catch Caterpie and Pidgey n' shit, play the originals.

    Personally I would prefer a game that has every pokemon and every region!

      The level cap would have to be... like... lvl 500...

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