What Cancelled Blur 2 Probably Would Have Looked Like

What Cancelled Blur 2 Probably Would Have Looked Like

Bizarre Creations — who made Project Gotham Racing and The Club — met an unfortunate end more than a year ago, after putting out combat-enhanced racer Blur. The Liverpool dev collective were working on another racing game when Activision pulled the plug on the studio.

On his personal Tumblr, former art director Chris Davie (now at developer Lucid) shows an early, pre-alpha build from that last, stillborn game. It looks pretty damn cool.

Built on a new engine, the Unannounced Project would have upped the ante on visual and environmental effects seen in Blur. And you’d be driving up the sides of buildings in Dubai. Two videos show the game at various stages. Here’s Davie:

This video shows us trying out some new visual effects, partly just because we thought it would be cool, and partly to see how more intense effects would effect the player’s experience (i.e. is driving through a storm shooting and dodging weapons fun and exciting or stupid and annoying).

So we built a load of big storm effects into the Brighton level from Blur and did some fancier animated turn markers.

The ‘Shunt’ power up also got an overhaul from the big red ball in Blur, to a big refractive energy pulse here. This new one would throw tear up the road as it homed in on its target, leaving a trail of broken tarmac and scattered, twisted lampposts.

You can see both videos on Davie’s Tumblr. Would you have been hyped for this game if it made it out of development?


  • Even if it did get repetitive at times, Blur was pretty good. If even had a local only search filter, which is more then I can say for most triple A titles released in the last 5 years.

  • Blur is an awesome game, and made with a lot of polish too. Real shame they got shuttered and are now making mobile games.

  • I always thought of Blur as Mario Kart just without the nintendo mascots.

    This is by no means a bass thing, so yeah, i would’ve liked to see a Blur 2 : more blurry.

  • Blur was fun for the 5 minutes the singleplayer lasted. I found Multiplayer fun until I got over the fact you’re playing the singleplayer shaken up into a bit of a different order though…

  • For all the trash talking Blur did of Mario Kart as a kiddie racer I still found Mario Kart on the Wii to be a better game.

    I often wished for a Blur 2, to fix a lot of the original games problems.

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