While You Were Sleeping

Yesterday Australia recorded its highest average temperature across the nation ever. The practical upshot? You may have been sleeping, but I didn't get much sleep.

As such, I'm confidently predicting that by the end of the day, sleep deprivation will have led me to stab something. Knowing my luck, it'll probably be me. Pass the coffee, and nobody needs to get hurt — for now.

Valve's Steam Box isn't exactly a secret, and it appears that the secret will more formally be out at CES this week, courtesy of a company called Xi3 Corporation. Hardware development is harder than a lot of folk think, especially if you're duplicating features already available on the PC; it'll be fascinating to see where this thing goes.

Does innovation or technical features define whatever "next-generation" is meant to be? Yosuke Hayashi of Team Ninja sides with the former, and reckons the Wii U counts as "proper" next generation hardware on that basis.

If you're a fan of catching them all, be aware that the definition of "all" got rewritten overnight. Yes, folks, there's yet more Pokemon on the way, and it looks like we'll be getting the new games at the same time as Japan and the US. Now, there's a cool change I could get behind.

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    Melbourne had an early cool change last night and its only reaching a top of 20 today, i slept well :)

      Don't take this the wrong way, but I HATE YOU.

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