World Of Warcraft Theme Park In China Has 'Happiness Index' For Rides

This weekend Redditor FrancescaO_O paid a visit to Joyland, the World of Warcraft-themed park in China, and reported back with this amusing picture. Each ride comes with a five-star happiness rating!

That's most likely a broken English translation, where "happiness" is meant to reflect the ride's thrill level — as in, a five-star ride has more drops, loops and other stomach-plunging features, with a one-star ride being more for the kiddies and old folks.

But it's nice to think that a theme park would try to guarantee the actual happiness you'll have there.

Went to unlicensed World of Warcraft theme park in China yesterday. Photos if anyone wants to check it out. [Reddit]


    In China, you don't get thrills, you get happiness and like it.

    Ra ndom useof th e spa cebar.

      Yes, it's interesting how they didn't add a space after the apostrophe in the prince of the elves name but added a space after every other one :)

      Pretty darn good English though compared to some of the signs I've seen over the years. :)

      Last edited 14/01/13 12:56 pm

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