You're Not As Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse As These Kids

WHEN THE ZOMBIES COME (the title is actually in caps) is a short documentary that's being shown at this year's Sundance. And, well, on the internet right now.

It's about the staff of a rural hardware store — all massive Walking Dead fans — who bored and with with a large amount of dangerous things at their disposal set about perfecting their zombie apocalypse survival plans. Which include rules like this:

"No kids and no bitches, because it's all about survival".

I don't know whether to applaud their preparedness or slowly back away towards the exit, so ruthless and particular are they with their plans. I might do both (though I swear there are parts where the "star" cracks and starts to grin a little).



    Whats the point of surviving the zombie apocalypse if your kids and bitch dies?

    Teaching people to kill Zombies on 'Old Person zombies', lol

    And pretty much all the childish shit he says on the roof is hilarious.

    First to die... not by zombies but by other survivors ;)

    "We got fuel we got fire we got that what you desire..."

    Careful dude I hear Lars and James comin at ya with a lawsuit...

    Wow. If it weren't so funny it'd be alarming. Hey townsfolk I want to fantasise and devise a plan to murder y'all but since no one likes a mass murderer y'all gotta turn into zombies instead m'kay?


    I find this really funny, and pretty harmless. But with some good 'ol political correctness, I hear they fired some of the people involved in this.. And they (ACE Hardware) are desperately trying to kill this video from the web.

    He doesn't know how long perishable foods last without refrigeration. He's dead.

    What?.... lol i actually laughed through out this video, The old people zombie shit made me crack up

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