Animal Crossing: New Leaf Gets A Relaxing New Trailer

Ain't no dubstep here! The new trailer for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which will be out on 3DS June 9, is calm and relaxing, just like the popular game series.


    To the uninitiated, this must look so mundane. But there is so much to to in Animal Crossing, and so many references to Nintendo and popular culture. New Leaf will be amazing.

    I tried to be happy for this, to finally come along. But without the addition of new, new features it's going to be primarily a disappointment.

    this is one of the main reasons I bought a 3ds, The wait was a long once since they announced it. But its going to be worth it. Is June 9th just the US release or is it everywhere?

    Will new leaf come out on wiiu?

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