Embracing Piracy Is One Of The Best Decisions These Developers Made

Ever wonder how much a developer benefits from promoting a game on The Pirate Bay? The folks behind the Zelda-like Anodyne revealed the specifics behind their recent promotion, and get this: TPB drove way more sales and awareness than reviews and videos alone did.

To be specific, the promotion involved spending $US7 to have a picture of Anodyne on the front page of TPB. It linked to a page where you could download a torrent of the game as well as donate to the developers, along with further links to Steam Greenlight and such. In a 72-hour period, they:

  • Doubled views on Greenlight
  • Sold nearly five thousand copies
  • Got 240,000 uniques on their website
  • Made 12k dollars

Now, compare to those stats to the period before the promo: 40k uniques, about 900 sales at an average price of $8 in 10 days.

"Does the promo work? Yes! I think everything is much better off now — revenue, people playing, fans, etc, than we were before the promo," the developers wrote on their blog, "I definitely encourage trying something similar with The Promo Bay if you're able to."


    Didn't Luke write this story on the 13th of February... or is it Ground Hog Day?

    why no link to the game?!!!?

      Just go to piratebay... after all, that seems to be ok with them?

      Last edited 20/02/13 10:18 pm

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