First Official Pics Of The PlayStation 4's New Controller & Camera

After years of speculation and rumours, Sony finally unveiled the PlayStation 4 tonight. While the console itself was kept under wraps, we do get to take a good look at the system's controller with these official product shots.

For the first time in PlayStation history, the controller has been significantly redesigned, retaining only the most basic outline and button arrangement as its lines become smoother and a touchpad is added to the front.

As you may have noticed, the overall design is of course similar to the development controllers we've shown you previously.

I gotta looks awfully pretty up close like this.


    So much better than the prototypes... so goddamn sexy. Do....want... do.... want *ulp*

    LOVE the camera.

      Definitely looks a lot better.

        I love how its got the clip, it looks like it suits the tv's it will clip to. It's got great aesthetic design...

        People are bitching in other places about me wanting to see what the ps4 looks like? THIS is part of the reason why. I want to know if it will be something that sticks out like a sore thumb or if it will be something pleasantly fitting for my entertainment hub. So far so damn good and shmexy.

    At least the back shoulder buttons are more trigger like. Still dont like how high and close they sit to the front shoulder buttons.

      Absolutely, I think they may have finally gotten the triggers right. I hope they're a bit more springy this time too.

    the camera looks so stylish and god dam that controller is impressively sexy. Just like Sony - its all about style!

      Bar the new slim PS3. I hope the PS4 looks good and nothing like it.

    I like this heaps better than anything they have ever had... they have fixed two of my issues with the old controller and made it more like the xbox controller... concave triggers and thump sticks... the old triggers and thumbsticks were the wrong shape and they have addressed that. Good move Sony.

    finally triggers that don't look retarded... and those analogue sticks... yes! SIXAXIS and DS3 ones are shite in my opinion (yes i know ppl love them)... i've been using trigger extenders for ages now... might not have to with this one :D

    Really like the controller! I've always preferred the bigger 360 ones, but this looks cool!

    The camera looks like Johnny Five's head - rad!

    Is there any pictures of that LED Display is action? because from the pictures it looks like a old LED display from the 1950's -.-

      Yeah man i don't think it is an LED display, sorry :(

    So the thing in the middle is a flap for the touch pad?

      I thoguht it was the touch pad?

        On the PS4 event they said the touch pad was on the back.

          It should be on the back, like the Vita. Kinda dumb if they didn't think to use that functionality.

    I don't know if this counts as a significant redesign, especially compared to the daring/notorious bananarang (once bitten, twice shy), but I still think it's a step forward, albeit a cautious one.

    I might just be seeing things and clutching at straws and they probably would have revealed that today too or could just be keeping it under wraps for now as they have nothing great to show with it yet.
    The way the touch pad wraps around the top, the shape and design of it, as I said I could just be seeings things and using my imagination or something but.
    Could that swivel or twist up revealing a small screen on the other side?
    There was a rumor of a small touch display on the controller wasn't there?

    It just looks like it could and would be awesome if it did and displayed stats like ammo and heath for instance, a bit the Logitech G15 keyboard display.

    I like the handles down the side, they look meatier like the 360 controller so hopefully it is just as comfortable.

    Redacting my entire angry comment becasue I thought Luke said it was "pretty awful" when he actually said it was "awfully pretty".

    Apologies Luke, there's been some pretty dumb and unwarrented hate floating around the webs today and that just pushed me over. I'll buy you a beer.

    Last edited 21/02/13 5:06 pm

      Oh wow, I read it as that too. Wouldn't've realised I was wrong unless I saw your comment.

      Also, Luke, "first time" the controller's been significantly redesigned? Forgetting the boomerang?

    I like the look of those analog sticks, but one thing - the original, ORIGINAL dual analog controller (before it was the dualshock) for PSX had concave sticks not dissimilar to those on the Dualshock 4. After so long with the same design, I wonder why they've changed it back?
    Everything about the controller looks boss.

    I initially thought the touch-pad was actually a touch-screen, and I got mad excited. It seemed like less of a direct Wii U rip-off, as it wouldnt really be a full display, just enough for a couple of extra virtual buttons that would be custom designed to the game you're playing.

    Seems like an opportunity lost there, but I'm curious to see how the touch-pad in utilized nonetheless.

    this controller is bloody ugly, Im sad to see they went with it.

    Is that a soft underside? If it is... GIVE ME NOW!

    The touchpad on the front of the controller looks very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very awkward

    so..without wanting to start fanboi wars, does anyone know if the camera is now more similar to a kinect, 3d room view that works with people? or is it more in the vein of the wiibar, where it just works with the controller?

      I think it's a bit of both.

      Apparently it can recognise people and gestures, and it also uses the colour bar on the controller for move-like motion control.

        In other words Sony has taken their existing wii remote and added Xbox Kinect as well.

          Then brought in the PSVita for WiiU Gamepad functionality!

          I actually cracked up laughing when Dave Perry mentioned how when someone else wants to use the TV you can play off screen. It sounded so familiar!

    Looks like another weightless boomerang.

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