It's Time For Some Rampant Assassin's Creed Speculation

Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that the Assassin's Creed series would be getting a new game in "fiscal 2014" that would feature a new protagonist and a new setting.

"Very interesting," you may say, twirling your mustache and reaching for your prognostication hat. "Very interesting, indeed."

I've got my wild speculation hat on (it's like a prognostication hat, but it's a little bit floppier and harder to get through doorways), and thought it might be fun for us all to make some educated (or absolutely uneducated) guesses about which bit of history the series might swashbuckle through next.

Here's what we know. It ain't much.

1.) The new game will feature a new protagonist.

2.) The new game will feature a a new setting, though that could mean anything.

3.) Ubisoft has said in the past that they wanted ACIII to "wrap up" the Desmond storyline, which makes it seem probable that we'll get a new modern-day ancestor protagonist.

4.) Ubisoft didn't say the new game would be called Assassin's Creed IV, and given how many games we got between II and III, that actually seems unlikely.

Here's what our resident Assassin's Creed expert Stephen Totilo, who is currently on the ground at the DICE convention, said when I asked him what he thought over IM:

Stephen: If it's not the Civil War, I'd be shocked

Kirk: you think?

that'd be good

they'll have the same problem as the revolution

in that the south will take the place of the British

Stephen: They could more or less use the same engine, evolve the rural and urban systems in ACIII, and carry on the American-centric vibe of this batch of games

Kirk: yeah.

more moral ambiguity

more interesting racial stuff

could be very cool

So, there's one possibility: The Civil War. It'd let Ubisoft tell a new story in a (technically) new setting while using a lot of the stuff that they built for Assassin's Creed III. They could also give us a new protagonist (who hopefully isn't as much of a boring, walking tree as Connor was), and move the setting farther inland to re-create some of the famous battles of the war. They could even possibly have some of the game take place in the south, and lift the bayou and southern architecture from the Vita game, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. And given how that game tackled issues of slavery and race in early America, a Civil War setting could continue that on a bigger stage.

And they could also have some more naval missions, since those were pretty awesome. And players could meet Abraham Lincoln, since Abraham Lincoln is so hot right now.

And hey, since we're likely getting a new modern-day ancestor protagonist, that means we can hopefully get someone cooler than Desmond. Might I be so bold as to suggest... a woman? Yeah, yeah, I know. Unlikely. We'll probably just get another short-haired dude, but this time he'll be voiced by Troy Baker instead of Nolan North. (Which, you know, would be fine. Baker's good.)

While the Civil War does sound pretty good, or at least likely, here are some other ideas that might be cool:

  • Ancient Egypt: Here's Stephen again: "For god's sake, AC Ancient Egypt, with pyramids and the Sphinx to climb would be the coolest thing ever."
  • Throw The Clock Back: In ACIII, loveable arsehole Shaun mentions that they could theoretically throw the Animus back to thousands of years before civilisation and see what's what. While that might not make for a good game on its own, it would certainly make for some fun, wild parallel-storyline stuff.
  • Feudal Japan or China: I don't think I'll ever be happy until we've had an Assassin's Creed game that lets me play as a sweet-ass cloaked killer, lighting across rooftops of China or Japan at night. Yes, it'd be a move backwards in time, which the series hasn't done yet. But who cares? This would be awesome.
  • World War One: This one's from Evan, and it's pretty solid. Even if they don't go to World War One in the next game, it seems likely that at some point they will. It'd let the series make its way back to Europe, and would let them focus on a war that video games rarely explore.
  • Pirates? The last one comes from a Reddit rumour thread from a poster who claims to have seen, on someone's laptop on a plane, the title Assassin's Creed: Black Flags. (That's via NeoGAF.) Another Reddit poster claims to have overheard two advertising people in a San Francisco café talking about "Black Flag" as well, though he thought it might just be DLC. That's all entirely unsubstantiated, but if it means that Ubisoft is planning some sort of pirate-centric Assassin's Creed game or expansion, sign me right the hell up.

That's enough from us; I'm taking my speculation hat off and hanging it up. But how about you guys? Any theories or wishes? Where do you think, or hope, the next Assassin's Creed game will take place?


    It wont be in Japan or Egypt. I'd like to see it take a trip back through time but I'm thinking 18-19th centuary.

    I predict I won't be playing it. :P

    They introduced Hsiao Jun, a Chinese assassin woman in the Assassins Creed: Embers movie. Might be a fair bet.

    If it's Assassins Creed Black Flag, I hope you get to play as Henry Rollins.

    Last edited 08/02/13 3:15 pm

      They have many assassins who arent in games of their own.

        This is true, but Hsiao Jun is really set up as a kind of protege to Ezio in Embers. They give some of her background story and introduce some of her enemies whom she and Ezio fight, and then she leaves without any real resolution. The way the whole thing is handled implies very strongly that Ubisoft intend to do more with the character

          If I remember correctly they did flesh out her story more in the encyclopedia. But given they've stated new hero I doubt it will be any of those mentioned in no game media.

    They should do one where the Assassin from the Animus comes to present time ala Ace Lightning

    So soon.

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    I skipped ACIII expecting it would be buggy as hell and probably some annoying mechanics, but thinking it will be fixed for a second ACIII game the next year. Now I don’t know what to do.

    Could be interesting to play as a Templar in single player. Or as a character who swaps sides during their lifetime.

      The Templar characters in AC3 were by far more interesting than Connor was at least.

        Yeah, Haythem and Achilies were my fave characters.

    "we've paused the Prince of Persia franchise"
    a week later...

    seriously... I liked AC1-Brotherhood (havent yet played AC3), but I'm getting a bit sick of these annual releases. & since AC2, they've not grown or evolved. more or less just giant collections of map-packs & skins.

    I mean, the jump between AC1 & 2. that is how a sequel is supposed to evolve. AC2 refined what was good about 1, & added a heap more. Brotherhood, Revelations & (from what I've heard) AC3 are just more of the same.

    Point is, it might be time to hit the pause button on the AC franchise & take the time to come up with some new ideas. Oh, and in the meantime, a new Prince of Persia game would be great.

      Beyond Good & Evil 2!

        this is also a valid point.

        though i should really play BG&E first.....

      Brotherhood was good. The introduction of recruiting, training, it was lovely. People say it was too short, but I took about 20 hours on Brotherhood, which is about twice as long as AC1 took

        Yeah i liked brotherhood. the addition of recruiting was good, but i don't think it was enough to justify making a game in which that was the only point of difference from its predecessor.

        I had no problem with its length. About 18hrs for me.

        I think i just need a break from the series.

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    One of the stated goals for the Assassin's Creed franchise was to visit places and times which had not been explored in games previously. Feudal Japan and China are both definitely not examples of such.

    I'd also argue that if they're leaving Desmond behind, and given that this will probably be coming out on new hardware, it's more likely that they'll go back in time than forward to the US Civil War. If they keep going forward into the US Civil War then they end up running into issues where by the time they get a few years into the next console cycle, they'll have run out of time periods to set their yearly release.

    I mentioned this in the previous thread that the French Revolution would be a great choice. Also Ubisoft are french and that the games are made in French Canada, I doubt they would pass up creating a game around one of the most important events in French History, and the world.

      And considering the Franch revolution has ties to the American one, it would work great. Perhaps Connor's son travels to France? Several of the "characters" depicted in ACIII were in France during its revolution, so I think it would work well as a sequel.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's a female protagonist... even if it's only the person out of the animus.

    Personally, I'd like to see it set in Ireland... around the time that the Irish Free State was set up.

    Didn't they already say a few months ago they were looking at Brazil for the next game or did I miss something there?

    Anyway I'd really hope they go back in time again don't really mind how far back or where exactly. Anything other then then the American Civil War is good with me...that seems like the most boring of settings possible (especially straight after we just had a big game all about America)

    Please for Gods sake no more American crap? The problem with AC3 was that they expected you to know that shit. I knew ONE name. ONE! George Washington. In all of the last games, they actually INTRODUCED us to people. Gave them personalities, let us know why we should hate/like them. In AC3, they assumed we knew who they were, and so just rode on that. There were maybe five characters who got more than 5 minutes of screen time

    Nope. Nope nope nope.

    Modern day animus sections will take a back seat to a full game set in a dystopian near-future.

    Guns and swords. Parkour. Sci-fi. Win.

    ... But I've been saying that since AC2.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again:


    "We've already done Rome you fool!"

    No silly reader, I mean during the height of the Roman empire, when it stretched from Byzantium to Tara. We could have another 'sub-trilogy' like Ezios but set pratically anwhere in Europe. Spain, North Africa, Egypt, Greece - all with the same Roman character.

    To me, ACIII demonstrated that America = terrible setting for an AC game.

    What could redeem ACIII is giving us a prequel - let us play as Haytham, let us start as an Assassin, learn about the Templars and see just why he decided to change allegiance.

    Also, please for the love of god, cut down the feature creep. We don't need to play The Sims in AC. Let us assassinate, let us recruit the way we did back in Brotherhood and please, don't drop random historical figures in for no real reason a la Benjamin Franklin.

    Babylon or ancient Sumeria. Ziggurats? Giant Step Pyramids? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? What's not to like?

    They can do Victorian England or the French revolution. That could bring back the verticality that was missing in the AC3 environments.

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