Last Night's Entire PS4 Event In Three And A Half Very Funny Minutes

Did you miss last night's big PlayStation 4 announcement? Want to watch a highlight reel that has the benefit of being both a lot shorter than the actual event and quite funny? VideoGamer's got you covered, with this "abridged version" of the event. I very much enjoyed this. Good show, guys.


    That was awesome. I agree the segway into Infamous was pretty random too.

      Yeah he sounded like an absolute tool

    That part about the cars was hilarious. Pretty much what I thought at the time.

    The Bungie guys were awkwardness personified.

      It sucks for them, They have gone independent to get out from under the thumb of Microsoft and needing to serve up exclusive content for the XBOX, now they are dealing with Activision and are going to have to serve up some exclusive content for SONY. Poor poor Jonty.

    Nothing gets between you and the game....except all of the things! _o/

    I think this Onion video hits the nail on the head too :P

    "We don't want anything to get between you, and the game."
    "Here's some stuff that gets between you, and the game."

    "Look at the stuff you can do with a PSVita!"
    "We really would like it if you buy a PSVita."


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