You'll Be Able To Play Kingdom Hearts 3 On Both Xbox One And PS4

The game made its debut during last night's PlayStation press event, but Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be a PS4 exclusive. It was revealed that it's also coming to the Xbox One during a Square Enix briefing today.


    Link to the trailer!

      There is no trailer, only short teaser that runs for a few seconds and shows very little

    This insanely fantastic news for me! KH is one of my favourite games

    Fuck that, Sony Should still have exclsuive on it, give Square Enix more money Sony

      Why? How does it hurt you if more people are playing the game that you like on other systems?

      I'd be happy for exclusivity to go the way of the dodo so gamers can start being a more inclusive rather than exclusive group.

        Exactly. I'm just happy its back on normal consoles, not the handhelds.

        i guess you ahve a point, maybe they will bring it to pc, i can dream cant i?

        Isn't that what helped cause the crash of the 80s - a million different consoles that all played the same games? Admittedly I'm not up to scratch on my gaming history, but I feel like that was a factor mentioned when one of my friends was talking about it.

        Also, while I'm no Sony fan, I do still kind of agree with rowjack. IMO the more reason people have to pick up a PS4 and completely ignore the XBone, the better.

          How does it benefit the gaming industry to get everyone onto one device?

          Diversity helps drive innovation or at the least gives consumers options - people complain about the monopoly existing within certain sports franchises (as an example) yet want the hardware to follow this route... makes no sense to me I'm afraid.

          You may not agree with the Xbox - I do - I prefer Forza and the controller. The DRM and online issues won't affect me - I buy all my games for me alone (to support the content creators) and if my internet is down I'll simply tether to my phone for the XB1 to do it's check-in... not a big deal to me at all. It may be to you so by all means enjoy the same gaming experience on a different hardware platform - then we can both discuss the gaming experience we both enjoyed as simply gamers, instead of XBoxFan23 and SonyBoy#1...

            I never said that everyone should get onto one device. At the same time, how does it benefit every device to be the same? There's no diversity that way either. I choose Nintendo products because they offer me something different to what Sony and Microsoft offer. Like you said, diversity is what drives innovation, and if there's no competition to push people to diversify, then everything stagnates.

            As for my opposition to the XBone, it's purely on a matter of principle. If I were to purchase one, would they affect me? Well, I never trade in games and my internet connection is pretty stable, so probably not. But I completely disagree with that model entirely, particularly in terms of the idea of preserving gaming history - once those verification servers are gone, then the whole XBone library is basically wiped from the face of existence.

            And once they get their foot in the door with those kinds of policies, it's only a matter of time before they start inching forward and pushing to have even more control, then once they've gained enough ground for others to take notice and start joining in, we all lose.

    Kingdom Hearts seems to be selling itself; handhelds and now both consoles...

    Kinda expected since they made FF13 and FF13-2 and so forth multiplatform. The more the merrier I say.

    Not having it on Wii U is weird. More KH games have appeared on Nintendo consoles than any others. And it's not like the Wii U can't run it, they just need to tweak it a little.

      True, but only spin-off Kingdom Hearts titles have appeared on Nintendo consoles (and only on their handhelds). The main games in the series (Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) have all appeared on Sony consoles/handhelds.

        That's still more than have appeared on MS consoles.

          You're missing the point. Square-Enix has put the spinoff titles on Nintendo handhelds because the spinoff titles are designed to work well with shorter playtimes, which handhelds like the GBA and 3DS do extremely well with. The Xbox One support comes from Square-Enix's move to multiplatform since Final Fantasy XIII to attempt to expand the sales of all their titles. Square-Enix choosing not to support what will be an underpowered console (when compared to the PS4 and XB1) that also isn't being supported (or getting limited support) by a lot of other publishers is as far from weird as you can get.

            The gap between X1/PS4 to Wii U is like PC and 360/PS4 last gen. Do not use that as a reason.
            My point was that KH has an established fanbase on Nintendo consoles whereas it doesn't on Xbox.

              I'll most definitely continue to use it as one of the number of reasons I've given you, and here's why: even ignoring the XB1 and PS4's cloud-driven architecture (which the Wii U does not have, and gives both these consoles a clear and decisive boost over the Wii U), the Wii U was designed with architecture that was not comparable to the higher-end of PC architecture as of over a year and a half ago (note that I am not at all saying that the Wii U isn't a capable console, as it obviously is). While Microsoft certainly has stated that they didn't aim for the absolute pinnacle of hardware architecture with the XB1 (due to a focus on the cloud-based architecture build), Sony has definitely aimed towards the higher end of PC architecture (which obviously has been improving since the Wii U's design was locked in), and the XB1 technically isn't that far off the PS4. Feel free to do the research into this yourself, although I believe Wikipedia has a lovely page on the eighth generation of consoles with the pure numbers.

              I certainly agree that Kingdom Hearts has an established fanbase with Nintendo...on handhelds. But an established fanbase on Nintendo handhelds does not equal an established fanbase on Nintendo consoles. Sure, I'd imagine there's some crossover between people who have owned both a Nintendo handheld and console and also like Kingdom Hearts, but you'd also find the same from people who have a Vita, or a Xbox 360, or an iPhone.

              Also, feel free to keep ignoring the other reasons I've given you. :-)

                I'm not ignoring them, I just see no reason why it cannot come to Wii U. Sure they need a bit more work but more platforms = more money most of the time. It's Nintendo bias again and you know it.

                  It sounds more like Nintendo fanboyism on your part, particularly when a guy with a Pokemon reference in his handle is attempting to call out a business that has worked extensively with Nintendo before on bias, rather than smart business sense. The fact of the matter is that while there is likely to be some fans of Kingdom Hearts who also have Wii U's, there are a number of reasons that porting to Wii U isn't likely to be worthwhile, any of which would be enough on their own to negate the advantage of possible Wii U sales of the game.

                  There's the fact that the Wii U's specs aren't comparable to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, which would mean they'd either have to set aside another team (which wouldn't be the team who've done the porting job on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX, as they're now working on KH3) to develop a dumbed-down (most likely graphically, although the lack of power in comparison could also affect other areas) port at the same time as the main development is occurring (which would cost a LOT of extra time and money), or lower the bar for every version of the game. There's also the fact that there aren't a lot of 3rd-party publishers and developers that believe support of the Wii U is worthwhile financially (much like Square-Enix), which while sad, is smart business for a system that is still struggling to gain a strong foothold in a market that is about to get hit by two new next-gen consoles. And there's the fact that since main Kingdom Hearts titles have taken a couple of years at minimum from start to finish of development (the last one, Birth by Sleep, took around 4 & 1/2 years), the Wii U may not even be in the picture anymore when KH3 is ready to launch (and that's not even taking into account that Tetsuya Nomura is STILL working on the game formally-known-as-Versus-XIII, has stated numerous times that primary development on Kingdom Hearts III won't start until Versus is done, and has also stated recently that he feels he announced KH3 quite prematurely).

                  These reasons, amongst others, is why Square-Enix has not announced KH3 to be a Wii U title, and why it's quite likely it won't be one. It's sad, because I think it'd be great if more people got to play Kingdom Hearts, but that's business for you, regardless of whether you continue to ignore reason or not.

                  I am not ignoring it, it is Nintendo bias through and through. Watch and wait for the Wii U to pick up in sales and wait till it starts throwing good looking games out there and shows it's power off. Sure it isn't as high spec as PS4 and X1, but it is still beefy.
                  Third-parties do not care about Nintendo because Nintendo refuses to put up with their bull.

                  Wow, you may be the most stubborn Nintendo fanboy that I've ever had the displeasure of talking to on Kotaku. It's like arguing with a child who refuses to see logic, despite it being right in front of them. The claim that publishers are showing 'Nintendo bias' due to the Wii U not being a feasible option for them currently is just plain idiotic. The Wii U is capable, but is in no way 'beefy' when compared to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and this has been backed up by publishers, developers, and the hard facts in regards to system architecture. And yet you insist on ignoring logic. I've even delivered the facts right to you, and still you stomp around like you're having a tantrum yelling "none of that's true, it's Nintendo bias!".

                  The fact of the matter is that Kingdom Hearts 3 did not get announced for the Wii U because it isn't feasible for Square-Enix to do so, just like it hasn't been for a number of other publishers and developers. Publishers stay in business because they make decisions based upon what is good for their company, not on whether they personally like a console or not. It's not Nintendo bias, it's not some sort of conspiracy, it's just smart business. Sure, the Wii U is likely to find its niche in time and be quite successful for Nintendo (and I sure hope it does, particularly since I'll be grabbing one in future for exclusives like Bayonetta and Sonic). But its certainly not going to be through dumbed down ports of other next-gen games.

                  And I'm out. Cheers for the 'interesting' conversation, Pokefreak911.

                  *Edit* Fixed a silly spelling mistake.

                  Last edited 20/06/13 3:48 am

                  You have delivered me facts yes? Have I ignored them? No. Wii U has been backed up by publishers and devs to be a fantastic system.

                  Also ports in no way need to be dumbed down. The Gamepad can add a lot to the experience with it just being another screen to play the game on.

                  Also calling someone a fanboy is not a way to win an argument. Being polite however is, remember that next time.

                  Also the PS4 has no user base!! Shock horror!! Who would develop for a system with no userbase at all, the games cannot possibly sell.
                  People will not buy a console if there are no games. These publishers refusing to put their games on the platform and blaming it on the userbase are their own problem. It cannot gain a userbase if the games cannot be on the platform. And again, most NIntendo 'fanboys', as you so eloquently put it, have trust issues with a lot of these companies due to the crap we put up with from them. Look at the Rayman Legends example or the Mass Effect Trilogy being released at the same time as the Wii U version. Third-Parties have no care for Nintendo because they believe their games do not sell. They do not sell because the give us half assed ports and the occasional great game.

                  Also, something I forgot to add before...
                  Thanks for the discussion, always nice to talk to someone who isn't in love with Nintendo as much as myself. And sometimes I can sound a little fanboyish but hey, we all get like that sometimes. Sorry if I came off as an ass, i'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

    Unless you borrowed it from a friend, then you can only play it on ps4

      you can borrow games form friends on ps4, just cant play them online without buying an onlie pass (or what ever its called now)

    So, what does this mean for FFVX?


      FFXV will be multiplatform too, the SE guy announced it was made using the magic of DX11 so easy for them to port or somesuch.

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