Report: The Next PlayStation Will Record And Share Gameplay

In the wake of news that Sony will announce the next PlayStation on February 20, rumours and reports are starting to circulate as journalists report everything they have learned about the PlayStation 4, code-named Orbis.

Here's an interesting report from Edge, who says the PS4 will be out later this year for the US and Japan (and in early 2014 for Europe). The report also says the PS4's controller comes with a touchpad, where the start and select buttons should be, and that there's a new "Share" button, which will let you share screenshots and videos online.

This matches up with much of what we reported a few weeks ago about the PS4. We knew there would be a Share button, but we didn't know what it would do. This new report helps shed some light on that.

According to Edge, the PS4 will inherently record and save "the most recent 15 minutes of onscreen action", which you can then edit and share using the console's sharing function. Edge also says Orbis will be more powerful than Microsoft's next console, codenamed Durango, at least on paper.

PlayStation 4 Revealed [Edge]


    Considering the frequency and ease with which we use all kinds of technology to share our lives, combined with the fact that gaming is tech-centric, I felt this was inevitable for the next pS3 and XBOX

    2014. Boo-urns

      Import it from the US. It'll be much cheaper., probably 2-300 bucks less.

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    I am poverty, so it gives me more time to save my monies. I just hope it doesn't overheat and brick a month after I get one.

    now that's the NEXT BIG THING!

    IF this is accurate and its only the last 15 minutes then its a joke that is not even worth using, that means every 15 minutes of gameplay you would have to stop sort through it find the good bits save and then repeat, what a colossal waste of time that would be.

    Also if its not a universal world wide release i will boycott it out of spite, no excuses for that in this day and age.

      Chill and wait. It may get a simultaneous release (I hope I want a ps4 day one) and it may not have recording or it may do an hour or two?
      You need to remember uncompressed streamed video takes up gigs and gig so it may be impractical.
      I did notice you said "IF" by the way, don't feel I am having a dig at you if it sounds that way.

      Last edited 02/02/13 11:41 am

      For all you know you'll be able to bring up a menu and select between the options of saving up to the last 15 minutes (choosing between 1 minute increments) then continue playing so you can sort and edit your footage later on when it is convenient.

      Who knows how it will work.

    Records last 15 minutes...

    ...containing 10 minutes of loading screens.

    Actually the concept sounds kind of cool if you manage to pull off some amazing feat in a game and want to show it off easily.

    And by a "touchpad" in the controller I assume it means like a laptop touchpad and not an actual touchscreen.

      10 minutes of loading screens? I highly doubt it. Your still living 10 years ago when the PS3 was first released. The PS4 will be an entirely new kind of Beast.

      In regards to the "touchpad" my belief is that they will utilise the technology incorporated with the Vita. That being a rear touchpad on the actual controller where the empty space is on the back. And possibly a small OLED Touch screen to replace the select, PS and start buttons. There have already been rumours they are going to modify the current design of the Dualshock controller.

    Australia is in the PAL region so we will have to wait till 2014. Sony do you even sales?

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