Tell Us Dammit: What Movies Deserve A Good Game?

Well Aliens: Colonial Marines has come out and disappointed a lot of people, which is a shame. The Aliens series deserves a new, decent video game — especially considering how much it has inspired other video games. It got me thinking: what other movies deserve a really top notch video game adaptation. If you could 'Goldeneye' any movie, what would it be?

For me it would undoubtedly be Raiders of the Lost Ark. Arguably we already have something similar with the Uncharted series, but could you imagine a high-end AAA Naughty Dog developed game using the Indiana Jones license? Man, that would be incredible.

What would you choose?



      If you want to make a game out of a Spike Jonze movie,I think an open world style version of Being John Malkovitch would be a better

    Army of darkness

      Painkiller got close enough

        Can't say I've ever played it, I'll look into it

          painkiller was great one of the alltime greats taht never got the recognition it deserved.
          from memory there was also a good PS1 game for Evil dead.

            The should turn Bruce Campbell's life into a game haha roll all the good stuff into one, now where's that bubba hotep dlc

      There was a game on the Dreamcast

        There was also Fistful of Boomstick on the PS2 and Regeneration. Neither were particularly good.

          Crap with a capital C!

    Maybe video games should stay away from my beloved movies and movies should stay away from my beloved video games! *folds arms stubbornly* :D

    Hunger Games or Batoru rowaiaru.

    Fight to the death!

      Batoru rowaiaru

      I think most people are more than happy to just call it Battle Royale. You know, considering that's what the title card says.

        That's how I was introduced to the title it can't be helped I guess.


    It's been a while since we had a really good Spiderman game.

      Some would say it's been a while since we had a good Spider-Man movie.

        Why did I hear that in your accent in my head?

        One of those days man

        Not me. They've all been about level. Never coming close to the comics

        The last one being particulatily bad for every aspect other than spidermans movement, it felt like i was watching "twighlight: the spiderman chronicles", even my missus had to walk off during any scene where the dude tried to get romantic with the chick, she said "it made her feel uncomfortable how awkward he was".

    Pee-wee's Big Adventure!

    Stargate god damn it ;__;

      i loved the SNES version for movie adaption, but i couldnt complete it, was too bloody hard.

      Yeah would love a good SG game. Even just a COD type version. Might be interesting mixing the space weapons and current day ones.

      Imagine Battlefield is one side was G'ould and the others were stargate command lol. If done right it could be epic. Balance would be a bitch though lol.

        Imagine a team based MMO, not traditional MMO though. I mean each team is sent to different worlds, but all teams cross paths back at base, or can back up other teams & what not. All about exploring and charting different worlds. There could also be massive junction points where all teams had to work together. The Stargate really opens up the possibility of always adding more worlds. Also SG-1 should be NPC's, but literally only 1 actual of them in the whole game.

    Boondock Saints

    Rescue Dawn

    Black Hawk Down

    The Crow

    I could go on but I really shouldn't

      I agree. A game of "The Crow" could be really great.

      Did "Delta Force: Black Hawk Down" have anything to do with the movie? Or was the name just a coincidence?

        It may have had something to do with the movie but I recall *at least in multiplayer* a map on a boat

        I was thinking one that followed the movie truer

        I never really played that though, it couldn't hurt to redo it anyway, could it? :P

    Monty Python, The quest for the holy grail.
    It would be like Skyrim, only sillier

      Main quest: Fetch that goddamn shrubbery!

        From memory you actually do that in the adventure game

          Wahh? Where is this adventure game and how can I obtain it!?

            Its a cmomdore 64 - game. I own it on tape BUT - you know emulators and such dubious stuff - the Rom would be floating about.

      There was indeed a Monty Python and The Quest For The Holy Grail game, and I think it captures the spirit of the movie quite well:

      One thing I liked about Fable, was it had that Monty Python feel to it - not as off the wall crazy though.

    Not a movie but I would love to see a Game of Thrones strategy game on the same level as The Total War series.

      There's 2 mods for that, actually. One based on the book and another which alters it slightly to reflect the TV show.

      Works in progress, but hey.

    Trying to think of some, but im coming up with way more for the other direction games that need good movies. All i can really think of is Stargate, but more the TV series than the movie.

    The Warriors game was unreal. Easily the best movie to game adaptation ever (in my opinion). Mind you, the Blade Runner game was awesome too.

    Now I'm thinking if we could get a game made in the style of either Inception (switching between characters at different dream depths) or even something set in the Sin City universe (intersecting story lines).

    Pirates of the Caribbean. Think incredible ship battles (AC3 style) the thrill of sailing (Wind Waker style), and a rich, immersive world. I can see it now; a trophy for finding some rum!

      Sid miers pirates is all you need mate.

        Isn't that a top-down RTS game? If not, I'll have to check it out. Cheers.

          sort of, its a massive mix of stuff, active top view naval battles, side scrolling type sword fights, and 3rd person cannon shooting.
          seriously check it out just take a look at some screens its a great pirate game, one of the best

    Veering away from movies, but I'd kind of like a semi-openworld Supernatural game.

    Last edited 14/02/13 11:27 am

      That'd be fun. You start off with a mish mash of cool little missions. Slowly you start to encounter missions with an overarching theme that builds to a big battle... then things fizzle for a while, you meander about and things start to build up again.

        That's the main mission / side quest divide right there.

    - Equilibrium
    - The Raid
    - Serenity/Firefly
    - Heavy Rain

    And I want both a movie and game from Dino Riders.

      Was that a dig at Heavy Rain for being more of an interactive movie?

        No... I'd never do that...

        Last edited 14/02/13 11:42 am

      I love dino riders. Also, when I read 'Heavy Rain' I htough two things: 1) that's already a game. 2) There's a movie called Hard Rain with Christian Slater...which was awesome...

      EDIT: Oh, I see what you did there...

      Last edited 14/02/13 11:50 am

    A game based on the movie eXistenZ would be all kinds of trippy. I was going to say Zombieland as well, but I realised that it's a great movie adaptation of L4D already. Push would also be an interesting idea to explore as a game as well and so would Steins; Gate.

    There's too many movie universes that would lend themselves to good games...

      Push would be good, but i imagine it would be as bad as the "wanted" game, great idea, poor execution.

    Never been bothered. Like my movies as movies, my books as books my comics as comics etc.
    There's only really been a few cases of movie games I've really loved.

    Forrest Gump would have made the perfect Wii Game
    - Running Level, First person shooter War Level, fishing Level, Guitar Jenny Hero Level , Ping Pong Level

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