The ABC Wants A Game Designer For A 'Major New Initiative' This Year

Mention "Ultimo" and "video games" together and your first thoughts go immediately to Team Bondi, the now-defunct developer behind 2011's LA Noire. But that's the past. In the present, we're associating them with the ABC and the game designer role it's looking to fill. The ABC? Making games? Interesting indeed.

Yesterday, a job advert for a game designer was posted on Tsumea, its source the commercial arm of the Australian Broadcasting Company. Here's the intro:

ABC Commercial is building an exciting new online games platform and we're looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Games Designer to join our team. Based in the ABC's Ultimo offices, you'll be working with the rest of the project team to envision, scope, script, test, and deliver brain-training games for a compelling service addressing cognition.

The position description asks for an "already-established designer", but it also mentions that it would be a "great opportunity" for a "recently graduated Games student". Entry-level game designer positions are (very) far and few between, especially in post-2007 Australia — this is about as close as you're going to get to "no experience required".

The ad mentions the work would involving making games for a "major new ABC initiative", flagged with a 2013 release and clearly related to exercising one's mental muscles. The job itself is a five-month contract, so the project could see the light of day sometime around June-August.

My take? If I was a freshly-minted games design student, I wouldn't be particularly picky about what I was working on, as long as I was getting excellent experience and the correct remuneration. If this sounds like you and you live in Sydney (or are prepared to move), you might want to sort out a resume.

Game designer wanted at ABC Commercial [Tsumea]


    technically it wouldnt be the first game done by ABC, the Good Game tv show funded by the ABC made a game

      The ABC has done plenty of games actually. They've mostly been kid focused, and mostly been web-based in recent years (as this one may also very well be) but there's still been quite a number of them.

    it'd be for IOS/droid if anything.

      Given that it says it would be a 'brain training' game, I'd guess you'd be wrong - considering the popularity of Lumosity and the like.

        Is that actually popular? I cop enough ads for it on youtube! Maybe they're trying to buy popularity!

      I'd say it'll likely be web based, though could have a mobile version as well.

    Hey Logan! You should find out what ever happened to Euclideon. Are they still working on their engine? Or is the company dissolved? Their new site has been stalled for awhile now

      I think Euclideon shifted focus from games to data visualisation. I haven't heard or seen much since it made that adjustment.

        What a bummer. Carmack was right, as usual :/

    Oh lets not focus on boring old reality, lets guess what ABC shows could be converted into a game

    How about "The 7:30 Report: The Game"?

    So you'll be making new Mixxy games then? :P That's what I remember playing around 10-12 years ago on the abc website!

    I love the ABC, its basically the only TV channel I watch, with the odd cooking show or doco on SBS. JJJ is the only radio I listen to. So if they start making fun games they've pretty much got me covered.

    Last edited 09/02/13 4:20 pm

    About the only good thing about the ABC is Chris Uhlmann's interviews.
    It'll probably promote global warming action or some other left wing rubbish.
    Can't wait till the Liberals are in government and they can cut the ABC's funding.

    Last edited 09/02/13 5:39 pm

    Is it wrong that my first thought of "Ultimo" and "video games" in the same sentence made me think of a video game based on the comic series Karakuri Doji Ultimo by Stan Lee? ( I'm kind of disappointed that this doesn't sound like something similar to Defiance. It'd certainly make me more interested in TV shows.

    I reckon it'd be some sort of online or iOS tie in with Giggle and Hoot! Though I would love a Mass Effect style game based on QandA (yes there would even be shooting at the end between your 3 man Conservative and Progressive squads!

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