Watch The ABC On Your PS3

Watch The ABC On Your PS3

Buried in the excitement around Sony’s PS3 Slim unveiling on Wednesday was a little announcement around new video on demand content coming to the console.

Sony has inked a deal with the ABC to deliver our national broadcaster’s iView content via the PlayStation Network. A trial kicks off later this year, allowing users to watch high-definition ABC shows streaming on their PS3, including Good Game TV.

ABC’s Director of Television, Kim Dalton, says, “We want to make our content as accessible as possible to our audience. Increasingly, that means extending our online reach so Australians can watch what they want, when they want it. Today’s gaming consoles, televisions and dvd players all have internet capability and we’re excited to be able to team up with Sony Playstation, as the first step in integrating ABC TV content into new online platforms and technologies.”

The ABC press release also contained some interesting stats: ABC iView currently has over 300 programs available on demand. In July 2009, iView averaged 764,000 visits, with 47 per cent of users visiting more than once.

Who’s interested in this?


  • I love the idea, but wonder how my connection will cope. Even the fastest connections seem to stutter here in Australia (or is that just me?)

  • @ Adam

    Nope, mine too. Im on ADSL 2 with Adam (no pun intended) and only about a km away.

    Even AVGN videos still stutter a bit.

    It sucks and its mainly because Telstra pair gained our lines so they can save money on copper in the phone lines. Theyve fixed it but its not very good.

    • I am with internode and i don’t have any shutter or lagging when watching iview.
      Wondering Sony will have the interface hard coded or the stream will come thur psn?

      • Yeah, I have Internode as well and it works fine (unmetered as well). I am almost 7km from the exchange, so i have gone with the naked extreme DSL, but still get not to bad a speed =)

        I actually saw this when watching the GamesCon sony press show in Playstation Home, and i was pretty excited to see that ABC iView is going to be on PS3… I had tried using the built in web browser, but it sucks big time! So i am pretty happy to see that! =)

  • The service works fine on iiNet, and doesn’t count towards my download quota. Perhaps you should consider switching to an ISP with a peering agreement with the ABC or petitioning your existing ISP to set one up.

  • This is great, iView is a such a well done service.


    Ive been using it on three seperate DSL 2 connections and they all worked fine.

  • This is awesome, I watch iView all the time on my computer and would love to watch it on the bigger (and crisper etc) screen of my tv through the PS3.
    How can we get into this “trial” or what’s the deal with that?
    Can you find out because I’d definitely be interested in that.

    oh and @annonie & @Adam:
    It’s definitely just you; I have a pretty patchy 1.5mb connection and iview works flawlessly.
    Unless of course you’re talking about watching it in the PS3 browser in which case that’s just flash player being crappy on PS3 (and iView’s flash player isn’t the best)
    Because it’s choppy as hell in the PS3 browser, I’d call it unwatchable.

  • Always had smooth iView on PC, so am pumped to get it happening properly on PS3. Always figured the PS3 just needed to upgrade it’s Flash. At least I can watch Zero Punctuation on the big screen for now.

  • From various sources from past research, I believe the iView problem on the PS3 is due to flash players (in general) being very memory hungry – and unfortunately the PS3 comes up a bit short.

  • awesome news!!
    i do have 1 question though…
    will the video be coming straight from abc or is it going to be re-routed through sony’s servers and then to us? its just that in the story it states “via psn”. reason i ask is that iview is unmetered data right now on my isp and many others. but if this isnt coming directly from abc it will no longer be free.
    what a great initiative though. sony are really starting to pull their fingers outta their asses when it comes to useful content.

  • Why sony released such a borker browser in the first place that wouldn’t allow this is beyond me.

    Why not just fix the existing browser than make us use another freaking portal which may source the content from elsewhere and not be included in the cap.

    A working flash player in their browser would allow tons of other stuff too.

    Same with the Iphone. Can’t use iview and have to download ABCs crappy app which is double lame on content and look and feel compared to iview itself.

    I hate you sony.

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