This Crysis 3 Commercial Is Great Because It Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

No dubstep, no angry men blowing up other angry men. Just a dude enjoying himself in the jungle, while shooting a crossbow and turning invisible and doing other Crysisy things.

The shooter Crysis 3 will be out on February 19 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For more, check out Tina's impressions.


    I really like the crossbow. Man nothing beats a good crossbow.

    Loved the Hawkeye Avengers reference.

    i came for the ZZ Top. i was not disappointed

    Never noticed that the arrow is fabricated as he pulls back the string. Has that been explained before? I haven't really been following the game, but that caught my eye.

    Kind of looks like the shaft is segmented/collapsible and becomes rigid when drawn... I dunno.

      That would make sense. I mean, where would he keep full sized arrows? He doesn't have a quiver or anything.

      Assuming this Bow is the same as the one in the beta, our view of the arrow is obscured by what I assume is the "magazine/quiver".

        Yeah, but the magazine/quiver is shorter than the arrow, so I'm just wondering what the mechanics behind it are. I assume the word "nano" would pop up a few times.

          Looks like the shaft is telescopic or some nano version of that to make it longer for shooting.

    The ZZ Top in this commerical, just made it so awesome, keep spamming the play button.

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