This Is A Real, Prototype PS4 Controller

This photo, which as far as we can tell first appeared at Destructoid, appears to be a prototype controller for the next PlayStation. From the look of it, it mostly matches up with what our sources have told us about the system.

An industry source familiar with the new system tells us the photo is the real deal. But bear in mind, it may not represent the final form of the controller. Curiously, it seems to not include a "Share" button, despite that button being described in official Orbis documentation that was shared with us a few weeks ago.

We'll learn more next week, as Sony is expected to unveil the new console at an event in New York on February 20.


    I really do hope the final controllers don't have that Madcatz-style combined D-Pad.

    I makes it so hard to pull off finishers...

    Apart from that, the controller looks okay... The light bar at the top has me a tad confounded as to what it would do. (Perhaps a 'move' style light-ball?)

      Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Vita d-pad in there in the final design.

        Vita d-pad is all conected right? I like it.

          I love the d-pad on the vita for two reasons.

          1) It's small enough for my thumb to fit pretty much over it, so it's more like a small analogue really.
          2) it's the only D-pad for the vita~

          When you scale it up to the size of a controller, I dunno... I fumble with them mostly.
          Guess I should practice more. :I

            Or they could just have a tiny d-pad...but then the ham-fists would outrage. I really wish the shapey buttons were back lit sometimes though. You'd think I knew where they were, but sometimes, I do not.

              It looks far too chunky and awkward. Hope they slim it down a bit.

    Looks like PS4 will still cause me a great deal of wrist/thumb pain with the same analogue stick positioning as the other controllers :(

    That is the stupidest and ugliest mother effing controller ever made. My god sony are nigh on brain dead if they release that trollop of a design, its ridiculous.

      Because dev kit prototypes are all about a final product and polish, and not pure, unrefined functionality, right?

      Oh, wait.

        Well, none of the release PlayStation controllers have been about functionality - they haven't been about ergonomics either, which is weird. PS4 was an opportunity to finally improve that controller; they've effectively gaffer taped a Move to a Six axis instead.

        2013, Sony in charge of innovating, etc.

          I'm one of the (apparently quite large) number of people who have never had a problem with the Sony controllers.

          To me, the DS has been fine, and there isn't really a need to massive change a controller "just because" if it works. It works for me.

          Move integration could be cool, could be crap. I'd rather it was included so I don't have to buy new controllers to play one or two games that might look cool that use it; I'd say the inclusion of a touch pad is more of an innovation than the Move integration, but you kind of avoided that part.

          Either way, the point is that this is apparently a dev-version prototype. Of course it's going to be ugly and rough - that's the point.

          I find PS controllers to be the most comfortable.

            Each to their own I guess. I find them too small tbh.

              Yeah, I find 360 controllers a tad big. I can game on either (hell I can hold that uncomfortable Wiimote sideways and play DK) but I prefer PS. Goes back to my love of the SNES controller really, same thing with extras. :)

                I must be ham-handed, I just can't hold any controller smaller than a 360. It just feels like they (smaller controllers) slip out of my hands when I try to press buttons. Having said that, I don't have much experience with any controllers other than 360.

                  DreamCast controllers would be your dream! :p

                  Yeah mate sounds like your like me, dreamcast and original xbox controllers are perfect for people with larger hands.

            PS controller has been good for me.
            Xbox took me a little to get used too but neither have been uncomfortable to me.

        Your insane if you think the finished product will look any different. Sure it might be shiny and less rough but the overall design will stay in place and that is what i was referring too because its shite ugly.

        As stated below too, the ps3 controller isn't ergonomically designed, its basically a pos and a lot of people agree. So for them to make the same design only fatter with a touch pad seems very out of touch with the consumers wants.

          The problem with ergonomics to an extent is that they are not universal.

          Disclaimer: I favour the ps3 controller over others. Because of my carny hands.

            But it is universal, i have fing tiny hands the size of a small women and im like 5 8. Even i find the ps3 controller to be abhorrently small. Its grips are far to short to properly place your hands on the sticks without some contortion, which after an extended period of time causes pain.

            There is also a gleaming lack of real estate to actualy place my hands on it doesn't sit comfortably in the majority of peoples hands. Now considering my hands are well below average in size and its too small for me then that makes the controller woefully small for people with normal sized hands.

            Now the 360 controller might not be favoured by some ps3 fans but at least it doesn't cause pain to those who use it, opposed to the ps3 for those who it doesn't sit well for its nigh un useable.

            When there's a market specifically so people can use 360 controllers for teh ps3 you have to recognise there is an obvious problem with the design. (You'll notice thy can also use ps3 controller on 360 is always a foot note on these devices details).

          Alot of people agree with you that is uncomfortable or too small, but with millions of dollars gone to focus groups filled with likely tons of people they still decide its the way to go. Although to be fair they were probably all Japanese with delicate, tiny hands lol

      look at the box it is plugged into. clearly an early prototype devkit with no design consideration. i would be surprised if that represents the final controller.

    Are you sure it doesn't include the share button?

    The button on the bottom directly underneath the PS button seems too large to be a sync button and too out of the way too be an actual in game function button. Or it simply could be a plug like the headset one on 360 controllers can't really see from that angle but just a guess ^_^

      It looks like there could be a rectangular button at the top left corner of the touchpad

        yeah, bingo. i noticed the same thing.

      I just wonder if anyone is really going to give a toss whether or not it has a "share" button.

    Let's hope that isn't the PS4 its plugged into in the background.

    R.I.P The most perfect controller ever made.

      gamecube controller died years ago, gawd, get with the times :P

        the gamecube controller is horrible, Playstation is way better

    Yay, the new console comes out on my birthday, let's hope it isn't to insanely priced

    The two small squares to the top left and right of the pad (plastic squares, where the centre part joins the rounded sections) are interesting.

    Perhaps those will be for the share function or something else.

    Assuming this is true, I'm glad they haven't changed the analog stick locations, but damn it... That D-Pad looks shocking, if they change it lets hope it's more like the PS3 and not the ultra shit X-Box D-pad.

    I'm thinking that the glowy bit on top will give it the functionality of a Move controller

    You know what it needs? A longer cord to charge with, 360s is about double the length.
    I have a 40inch TV, I just don't sit that close anymore.

      I use a USB extension cord

        me too, works a treat.

          Yes and amazingly Microsoft with their proprietary system charging cable and extra cost for network card, proprietary hard drive and the rest of it actually manage to make Sony (the king of proprietary rubbish) look open source by comparison

            Don't worry, there's still the Vita memory cards ;)

    Rumour time:

    I've heard the new DS actually works with Android and iOS phones out of the box.

      I've heard the new Xbox not only plays your entertainment media, but analyses and rates the content for you. At the moment, it is capable of producing a B- analytical report on any game, movie or TV series (Microsoft are currently working hard to improve that rating to a B+).

      Last edited 15/02/13 9:49 am

        I've heard that the PS4 and new Xbox will have a button that grants your every single wish. It's just a rumor still, though.

          Oh, if that's true....
          So buying the new Xbox and wishing it to be a PS4
          And buying a PS4 and wishing it to be a Xbox.

          ( •_•)>⌐■-■

        I heard the new XBOX sneaks into your room at night and watches you sleep.

    I’ve always hated the stick positioning of the PS controllers, I was really hoping they’d be doing something new this time around instead of having a 1996 controller with 17 years of bits tacked on.

    I know their last attempt at something new was that ridiculous double-ended dildo looking boomerang thing they announced with the PS3 but it would still be nice if they put SOME effort into their controllers.

    If you look over the history of game controllers the Playstation has contributed almost nothing over their 17 years in the game. Have a look over the differences between that controller and the PS1 and work out where inspiration for the additions has come from. Analogy stick (N64), Rumble (N64), Analogue triggers (DC), Motion control (Wii), LCD Touchscreen (WiiU although you could argue for the DC), speaker (Wii U), headphone jack (Xbox 360?).

    Sony do a lot of great things but they always just dial-in their controller updates. Looks like this will be nothing new.

      Dual analogue sticks
      Back touchpad on the vita

        Nintendo came up with the core idea of the second analogue stick however with the C-Buttons on the N64 controller.
        And a back touchpad is a very very minor innovation.

          Nah, c-buttons or d-pad and analogue is poop compared to two analog sticks. especially when they're on the same side...(thanks PSP)

          If a headphone jack is an update, back touchpad is.

        I would give them the duel analog sticks, although that was more of an addition than an innovation.

        The back touchpad is shit though and I also made it pretty clear i was talking about the Playstation controller. I'd seriously doubt the PS4 controller has a touchpad on the back either....

      It's because they don't NEED to change their controller at all. If anything, 17 years of the same thing is a testament to that. Other peoples controllers suck so hard they need to change them around every new console.

      I much prefer the symmetrical analog stick locations of the PS3 controller, I'm glad they haven't changed it (assuming this is actually what it will look like). I'm sure I'm not the only person who thinks the same.

      What I do hope they change is the convex triggers to concave triggers, it looks like they've already modified the analog sticks to be concave too.

    I find fat people have a problem with Playstation controllers.
    No wonder why PS controllers are not successful with American consumers.

    The best thing about move integration is if it can be assumed everyone has move capable controllers devs may actually use it. Like required kinect on the next xbox. That is why Nintendo's gimmicks, love or hate, are atleast supported.

    Looks like they're still using L2 and R2 buttons that curve the wrong way.
    Give us triggers dammit!

    Same here, by the scale it also looks like its still designed for 8 year old hands

    What happened to that controller that splits in the middle, with Move balls on either side? I think that was an excellent idea. If it had all the functionality of a traditional controller, combined with two-handed, independent motion capabilities, I would deem that to be true innovation.
    Kinect has proven that motion controls needs tactile feedback and direct input (for avatar movement, at the very least) and I think a split-controller would be the closest anyone's come to making motion controls that actually benefit hardcore gameplay.
    And even if it was only used for exclusives, so what? Sony have amongst the best developers in the world working for them. I'd like to shoot as Drake, then run up to someone, split that controller, and have a 1:1 fistfight with a goon. Or pull someone's torso in two - myself - as Kratos.

      Best developers in the world? While they may have some good developers, they are hardly the best in the world and they barely matter at all if they don't have the diverse IP's to back them up.

        "Amongst the best developers in the world", not "the best".
        And in the console space, Sony have - without doubt - the best internal studios of the "big three". I would argue that they also have a much greater diversity in their exclusive IPs than Nintendo or Microsoft.

          Misread the amongst, sorry about that.
          Nintendo has fantastic diversity, more so than Sony who only seem to release games geared towards adults recently.

            Nintendo has the best in-house developers hands down, do you seriously thing the Xbox or PS could survive with almost no decent 3rd party games?

              Agreed, that Nintendo's core internal studios rank up there with the best of them. I'm the first to say that Nintendo's 1st party games are insanely well designed and fun to play.
              But Sony's nurturing of, and intelligent investment in studios which are putting together gems like Journey and The Unfinished Swan, as well as studios creating games exclusively for Playstation (such as Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream) has gone a long way towards creating a great series of exclusives in recent years. Way more so than Microsoft and Nintendo - although I'll happily concede that when Nintendo get it right, they get it really goddamn right. The same goes for Retro.

                They do have some nice exclusives, but when all I am interested in as a consumer is HD remakes of PS2 games ( Ratchet, Jak, Sly) and one sequel to one of these, they have serious problems when trying to appeal to everyone. Sony used to have Spyro and Crash exclusive but they lost them. Ratchet and Jak were PS2 greats and they have been abandoned. Sly 4 probably would never have existed if it wasn't for the developers making a prototype. Sony have invested so much money in luring over the 360 crowd with games such as Killzone, God of War and Uncharted that they have almost forgot about the market they used to have for kids. Why was the PS2 a massive success and the PS3 was no where near equal to it? Because the PS2 went after multiple markets and owned both of them.

                  You make a good point. Some of those franchises have been left on the wayside, but in the case of Jak, that's because Naughty Dog were busy with other projects. Personally I'd rather have no Jak at all than one made by another studio which doesn't "get" the gameplay, which is exactly what happened with Crash. And Tools of Destruction, Crack in Time, and Quest for Booty were just as good as the PS2 Ratchet and Clanks. There's also Little Big Planet, and a few others - but that's kind of off-topic.
                  Fundamentally I can't argue with your points about the Sony's approach - or lack thereof - to the younger market. Those games don't really appeal to me, so while a broader install base is healthier for the platform, I still wouldn't be playing those games. I'd rather Sony Santa Monica work on God of War and help out with smaller projects (like Journey) than a new IP for kids.

                  We were once kids and now we like other games, the same will happen with these kids but they need these games like Ratchet to learn how great gaming can be and how diverse it is. At the moment parents are either irresponsible and buy their kids adult games or they get them a 3DS or DS and let them play Mario and Pokemon.
                  If those Ratchet games are as good as the ones of old, I may get them when I get a PS3 next year (waiting for post-gen price drop). I had heard they weren't as good.

                  I personally think the PS3 was a big failure in comparison to the PS2. PS2 was the Wii of it's generation and I think Sony messed up by not trying to get that market again.

                  They do have some nice exclusives, but when all I am interested in as a consumer is HD remakes of PS2 games ( Ratchet, Jak, Sly) and one sequel to one of these, they have serious problems when trying to appeal to everyone.

                  You are entitled to like what you want, but the world doesn't work the way you think it does simply because you are not looking forward to anything.

                  They have a range of games for kids and adults coming (and gone) that have focused on casuals (most Move games), hardcore (Killzone), sports (MLB: The Show is the best baseball game going around, Sports Champions and other move games), action\adventure (Uncharted, God of War, Infamous), artistic (journey, black swan, flow, flower), creative (littlebigplanet, modnation) and interactive (Heavy Rain, the new Quantic Dream one, can't remember the name)

                  Yeah, the problem isn't lack of appeal or a focus on anything specific.

                  I can play Killzone casually, why is it hardcore? I could play Move games hardcore, why is it casual?

                It's just the gaming terms to describer their style.

                  What style? Their style is shooter and motion games. Hardcore and Casual are just terms popularized by modern gaming media to single out Nintendo and name them as kiddy and casual.

                  All consoles get it. Microsoft get the casual label for all their kinect stuff.

              Nintendo has the best in-house developers hands down, do you seriously thing the Xbox or PS could survive with almost no decent 3rd party games?

              Considering outside of CoD and GTA, their first party games are their best sellers. Yes.

    doesnt look that bad
    at least they stick with the normal ps controller design
    better than xbox controller (for me)

    I don't like it. They should just stick with the current controller from the PS3 and make it compatible with PS3 and PS4.

      Aren't you gonna flip balls when they ditch analog sticks completely.

        Yuck. Analog sticks are and absolute must. If they're going with this design, they should replace the d-pad on the left with one, at the absolute least.

        haha wow that would be the worst decision ever if they replaced analogue sticks with touchpads.

        I can remember trying to play Super Mario 64 DS using the touchscreen as a controller and it was terrible.

          Oh god that thumbstrap was the absolute worst

          Want another example? Look at any iOS or Android platformer. Phones don't have controls so they use controls on the touchscreen itself.
          Fingers on the screen mean you can't see the action (a moot point since we're talking bout console controllers).
          Touchscreens response times are usually pretty sluggish.
          Nothing beats the feel of actual buttons. You know where they are by touch and that clickiness means you can tell you actually pressed that button.

        They won't ditch analog sticks, they have been an industry standard for 3 generations.

          If that controller concept is real then I'd hope that it would just be the next version of the Move controller, while there is still a regular controller with sticks

            I would hope so otherwise they will alienate a huge number people.

    I like it, not changing much from the original
    i find ps3 controller much more comfortable and smoother than xbox 360. xbox 360 hurts my hand.

    they should just release a flashy version of the old PSX long handle controllers(they're the original ones if im not mistaken) as i find that they can compete in comfort and ease of use to the 360 controller (my console of choice) and just call them classic controllers with the alternative still available for those darn carnies

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